Amazely: AI Marketing Platform for Small Businesses to Grow Faster


Overview – The World’s First AI Growth Platform for Businesses

Amazely is revolutionizing small business marketing by leveraging artificial intelligence to attract more customers and grow your online presence. This intuitive platform simplifies creating impactful marketing strategies, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional products and services. With Amazely, unlock the potential to elevate your brand and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazely is an innovative AI marketing platform designed for the growth of small businesses.

  • It lets you get the best reviews, engage faster, and rank higher on Google.

  • With Amazely, you can save time and effort while creating impactful marketing strategies.

  • It simplifies the process of attracting more customers and growing your online presence.

How Amazely Works

  • Sign Up: Get started by signing up for Amazely with just a few clicks.

  • Connect Your Business: Link your business details and integrate your existing marketing tools.

  • Collect Reviews: Utilize Amazely’s AI to gather amazing reviews efficiently, boosting your brand’s credibility.

  • AI-Powered Insights: Receive powerful, data-driven insights to finetune your marketing strategies.

  • Automated Campaigns: Launch targeted campaigns that attract and engage with minimal manual effort.

  • Track Performance: Keep tabs on your marketing performance in real time and adjust for maximum impact.

Amazely Key Features & Benefits

Expand Social Channels

  • Create authentic social contents that connect with your audience.

  • Schedule and automate posts for maximum reach.

  • Boost conversions by linking products directly on social media.

Showcase Best Reviews

  • Amazely’s AI technology gathers and highlights your best reviews to boost credibility.

  • Display them on your website and social media for maximum impact.

  • Create custom review widgets to showcase on your website, newsletters, and more.

Automate Review Collection

  • Send automated review requests to customers after their purchase.

  • Customize the timing and messaging for maximum response rate.

  • Receive real-time notifications when a new review is submitted.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Attract More Customers with AI-Driven Ads: Businesses can harness the power of Amazely to craft and distribute personalized advertisements that resonate with their target audience, leading to increased customer acquisition.

  • Real-Time Reputation Management: Amazely enables brands to watch and respond to customer opinions promptly, ensuring they represent their business positively online.

  • Deep Understanding of Customer Sentiments: Analyze and leverage the sentiment behind customer reviews using AI, helping businesses refine their services and communication strategies.

  • Robust Review-Driven Conversion Optimization: Utilize Amazely’s automated collection and display of top reviews to build trust and convert more website visitors into loyal customers.

Who is Amazely For?

  • Local Retailers: Small businesses can amaze customers faster with AI-driven insights and automate the collection of Google reviews.

  • Service Providers: Professionals from plumbers to pet groomers can tailor responses to customer opinions, setting exceptional service examples.

  • Restaurants and Cafes: Owners can use Amazely to spread the word about their culinary experiences and manage their online reputations effectively.

  • E-commerce Startups: Online shops can utilize AI to convert positive Google reviews and user experiences into growth opportunities.

Amazely Pricing & Plans

  • Starter Plan: $0/month. It is free

  • Pro Plan: $49/month

  • Agency Plan: Custom pricing.

What Users Are Saying About Amazely

  • Mike Cannon: I’ve been using separate tools for social media and Google reviews. So glad to have discovered Amazely since it does both in a single app and does both of them well.

  • John: I love using AmazelyAre! The product is easy to use, and the team is super responsive. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Sarah Smith: Amazely is a game changer for my business! The AI-powered insights have helped me optimize my marketing strategies and attract more customers. I was indeed amazed! Highly recommend.

A 5-star rating on ProductHunt.

Amazely Alternatives

  • B2Metric: B2Metric provides AI-based analytics solutions as a turning point for businesses seeking data-driven marketing insights.

  • Blaze: Blaze is an AI marketing platform that can explosively enhance your customer engagement and conversion rates.

  • Kustomer: Kustomer revolutionizes customer service by using AI to understand and notify businesses about their client’s needs in real-time.


How Does Amazely Collect Google Reviews?

Amazely uses AI to automatically request customer reviews after purchase, making the process quick and efficient.

Can I Customize My Review Collection Messages?

Yes, Amazely allows you to personalize the timing and messaging of your review requests for maximum response rates.

How Can I Display My Best Reviews on My Website?

Amazely offers customizable review widgets that can be easily embedded on your website, newsletters, and other marketing materials.

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