GuestLab: Free AI-powered Research Tool for ALL Podcasters


Overview – Every Podcaster’s Tool for Getting Research Done in Minutes

GuestLab is an innovative tool designed specifically for podcast hosts, streamlining the process of creating engaging content. It simplifies guest research, helping you discover interesting topics and craft well-crafted intros that captivate your audience. With GuestLab, finding the information you need to produce compelling shows is easier than ever.

Key Takeaways

  • GuestLab is a free AI-powered tool for getting research done for all podcasters.

  • The tool gives you a head start and generates well-crafted intros, exciting topics, and insightful questions from your guest’s online presence.

  • It allows you to spend more time creating engaging content and conducting less research.

  • The tool is designed with podcasters in mind, making it easy to use and navigate even for beginners.

How GuestLab Works

  • Create an Account: Sign up quickly to leverage the full suite of features GuestLab offers.

  • Input Linked Profile Link: Users, including hosts and event organizers, input their guest’s or friends’ linked social media or professional profile URLs.

  • Generate: The tool automatically generates well-crafted introductions, exciting topics, and insightful questions to facilitate deeper connections between hosts and guests.

Key Features & Benefits

Find Hidden Insights

  • Find topics and questions that you might never have thought of.

  • Introduce an exciting angle to create a great conversation.

  • Get to know your guest before you reach out.

Ask Great Questions

  • Make every podcast episode invaluable by asking insightful and thought-provoking questions.

  • Create a memorable experience for your listeners by asking unique questions that engage them.

  • Gather insights and perspectives from your guest’s online presence to create interesting and relevant questions.

Save Time & Effort

  • No more spending hours researching guests or coming up with topics and questions.

  • Spend more time creating high-quality content and less time on tedious research.

  • Easily access all your research in one convenient location with GuestLab’s user-friendly interface.

Use Cases & Applications

  • For Podcast Hosts Seeking Efficiency: Hosts can use GuestLab to swiftly gather detailed insights about their guests by simply entering the guest’s LinkedIn profile link, making pre-show preparation a breeze.

  • Guest Research with AI Insights: Leveraging AI, the tool analyzes a guest’s online presence, providing hosts with priority access to topics and questions that resonate deeply, ensuring each podcast episode is rich and engaging.

  • Streamlining Content Creation for Podcast Hosts: By automating the research process, podcast hosts can focus on content creation and audience engagement, significantly reducing the time spent on guest research.

  • Networking and Outreach: Podcast hosts can utilize the tool to prepare personalized and informed outreach to potential guests, making first contacts more meaningful by referencing insights gathered from the guest’s LinkedIn profile.

Who is GuestLab For?

  • Podcast hosts looking to engage their audience with thought-provoking questions deeply.

  • Event organizers aiming to create meaningful conversations between guests and audiences.

  • Content creators seeking to leverage friends’ and guests’ online presence for insightful content.

  • Social media influencers desiring to foster connections and dialogue through informed and compelling questions.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: It is a forever free plan

  • Pro Plan: $20/month

  • Premium Plan: $500/month

What Users Are Saying About GuestLab

  • Kevon Cheung: Super smart idea solving a real pain point!

  • Miiko Kyöttinen: Everything was so smooth, from signup to doing the research. After the research was done and I had read it, it took me about 15 seconds to buy the subscription. You could say I was impressed!

  • Justin Jackson: GuestLab did a pretty good job generating questions/topics for me (and a reasonable summary).

  • Erica Schneider: This looks cool. I’ll hop on the waitlist!

  • Vin / Design Strategist: Wow, that’s amazing! Congrats on the successful launch! It’s great to see so many awesome folks joining the waitlist. And whoa, having folks like @lennysan and @arvidkahl on board is a big deal.

GuestLab Alternatives

  • Podcastle: Offers a suite of podcast creation and editing tools with AI support, making it easy for users to transform text into podcast episodes.

  • Descript: Provides podcasters with editing software that includes transcription, voice editing, and video features, allowing users comprehensive control over their content.

  • Auphonic: Utilizes advanced algorithms to automate post-production for audio and video podcasts, ensuring users access consistent, high-quality sound.

  • Clip FM: A platform designed for podcasters and content creators to easily clip, share, and manage podcast highlights, supporting users in enhancing audience engagement.


What Platforms Does GuestLab Support for Gathering Guest Information?

It primarily focuses on leveraging information from LinkedIn profiles. However, users can input links from other professional or social media platforms where applicable, enabling a broader scope of research and insights.

Can GuestLab Be Used for Non-Podcast Content Creation?

Absolutely. While GuestLab is tailored for podcast hosts, it’s a versatile tool that is beneficial for anyone involved in content creation. Event organizers, social media influencers, and content creators can utilize GuestLab to enhance their preparation and engagement strategies across various formats.

How Secure Is the Information I Provide to GuestLab?

GuestLab prioritizes user privacy and data security. All information input into the platform is encrypted and used solely to generate content insights and suggestions. GuestLab does not share personal or guest information with any third parties.

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