Locofy AI: Powerful AI-powered Tool for Frontend Development

Locofy AI

Overview – Frontend Development at Lightning Speed

Locofy AI revolutionizes the design-to-code process, generating production-ready code that propels app development forward. This low code tool simplifies the tedious task of converting designs into fully functional code using an extensive library of pre-built components.
It supports creating web and mobile apps, ensuring seamless integration with existing design systems. With Locofy AI, developers and designers can collaborate effortlessly, making high-quality app deployment faster than ever.

Key Takeaways

  • Locofy AI is a powerful platform app for frontend development

  • It transforms designs into code in 1-click with its large design models

  • The platform provides a clean and accurate modular code

  • Locofy AI supports web and mobile app development with seamless design system integration

How it Works

  • Use Design Tools: Start with tools like Figma or Adobe XD to convert designs directly into high-quality code.

  • Explore the UI Libraries: Tap into UI libraries such as Material UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, or, for mobile apps, React Native CSS modules.

  • Sync to Builder: Sync your screens to the Locofy builder, enhancing your development process with the platform’s powerful features.

  • Collaborate and Extend the Code: Add business logic, bind data, and share prototypes with your team for a cohesive development effort.

  • Export, Deploy or Sync to GitHub: With Locofy lightning speed, export frontend code, import directly to Visual Studio Code, deploy applications, or sync them to GitHub.

Key Features & Benefits

Locofy Lightning

  • Transform designs into code in 1-click with Locofy’s large design models

  • Get clean and accurate modular code for faster development

  • Simplify collaboration between developers and designers, ensuring high-quality app deployment in record time.

Instant Preview and Code

  • Get the code and interactive preview right away

  • Fix issues with design and sync code in no time

  • Prototype and iterate quickly with instant preview of changes made to code.

Responsive Layout

  • Handle different screen sizes with no hassle.

  • Save time on creating responsive layouts with pre-built components.

  • Make effective use of media queries, ensuring consistency across all devices.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Streamlining Mobile Development: Locofy AI is a great tool for transforming Figma designs to React Native code, facilitating the creation of high-quality mobile applications with its user-friendly interface.

  • Enhancing Site Building: With its auto-layout feature, web developers can seamlessly convert designs to HTML and CSS, reducing time spent on overly complicated layouts and allowing the team to focus on other aspects of the project.

  • Integrating with Current Workflow: Designers can integrate Locofy AI with existing site builders, enhancing the user experience without disrupting the workflow.

  • Improving Code Quality: Locofy AI provides an automated solution for generating code with high-quality standards, allowing teams to allocate resources more effectively and streamline the development process.

Who is Locofy AI For?

  • UI/UX Designers: Convert your Adobe XD designs to responsive prototypes without adding complexity with the Locofy plugin.

  • Frontend Developers: Create full apps from React Native, HTML, CSS quicker than ever, avoiding bloated code with our streamlined low code tools.

  • Project Managers: Save significant time on project timelines by leveraging Locofy AI to simplify the design-to-code process.

  • Startup Founders: Rapidly convert and craft prototypes into production-ready code, accelerating go-to-market for new ideas.

Pricing & Plans

It is free. You can use the Locofy Free Beta plan.

What Users Are Saying About Locofy AI

  • I have been getting more comfortable with Locofy and trying to work it into my workflow. I think it is a great tool for speeding up design and dev.

  • A specific dashboard card I designed was fully responsive and exported to the website in just a few minutes.

  • The plugin is very comprehensive, with not much editing to do to incorporate the code into a website.

  • Your product has been excellent and a good reason to learn about React. I have been holding back because of my poor CSS skills.

  • So far, I am happy with how quickly they added the features we requested. It is a lifesaver, and I seriously can’t work without it. It has helped me seamlessly design in Figma and produce production-ready code.

Locofy AI Alternatives

  • Sketch2Code: Convert sketches into HTML with Sketch2Code to create web apps using reusable components.

  • Wizi: With Wizi, you can convert Figma designs into dynamic pages with minimal so many distortions.

  • Coframe: Coframe supports developers with a platform to efficiently create robust code from visual designs.

  • Backengine: Backengine assists teams to convert Figma designs into backend-ready codebases, streamlining app creation.


What Does Locofy AI Do?

Locofy AI automates the design-to-code process, generating production-ready code from designs in 1-click. It supports creating web and mobile apps with seamless integration into existing design systems.

Does Locofy Generate Production-ready Code?

Yes, Locofy AI generates clean and modular code ready for production deployment. It also allows developers to add business logic and bind data for a more customized application.

Is Locofy Plugin Free?

Yes, the Locofy plugin is free to use, with the option to upgrade to a premium plan for additional features. The Free Beta plan allows users to experience the full potential of Locofy AI at no cost.

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