Musicboard: Keep Track of All Your Favourite Playlists Without Stress


Overview – Share Your Love for Music With Friends

Musicboard is a social platform for music lovers who live and breathe melodies. It’s a community where you can share all the music you love, write reviews, rate albums, and express your thoughts.

Based on these interactions, Musicboard offers rankings that help predict what you might want to listen to in the future. It’s the perfect place to discover new tunes and share your passion for music with friends.

Key Takeaways

  • Musicboard is a social platform that lets you keep track of all the music you listen to and grow your passion for music with friends.

  • The tool lets you collect music into lists and show off your favorite albums, rank an artist’s discography, and more.

  • It is free but has a Pro version that costs $3.99/month billed annually.

  • The platform offers personalized music recommendations based on your interactions with the community.

How it Works

  • Create an Account: Sign up for free and set up your profile to start sharing your music taste.

  • Select Your Favorite Artists: Choose artists and albums you love and add them to your lists.

  • Follow Friends and Discover New Tracks: Grow your passion by following friends and exploring their favorite songs and albums.

  • Share Your Thoughts and Request Recommendations: Engage with the community by writing album reviews, ranking tracks, and requesting song recommendations.

  • Grow Your Music Knowledge: Keep your listening experience fun and fresh by continuously updating your lists with new artists and albums based on personalized suggestions.

Key Features & Benefits

Music Tracking

  • Keep track of all the old and new music you have listened to (or start from the day you join)

  • Create and compile lists of artists and albums you love or want to discover

  • Search for specific songs, artists, or albums

Social Features

  • Follow friends and explore their music tastes

  • Share your thoughts on albums and tracks through reviews and rankings

  • Request song recommendations from the music’s fastest-growing community

In-depth Statistics

  • Unlock in-depth statistics about your musical interests and more with Musicboard PRO

  • See your top artists, albums, and tracks in one place

  • Compare your music taste with friends.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Discovering Entire Albums: For users who love music from every corner of the world, Musicboard makes it easy to discover and listen to an entire recently released album. This brings great joy to those who cherish experiencing an artist’s work in its intended sequence.

  • Creating Detailed Reviews: Users longing to express their thoughts on a newly released track or an entire artist’s discography can use the tool to write and share in-depth reviews. This feature taps into a rich database of music data, allowing for detailed commentary and analysis.

  • Navigating Music with Friends: The tool bridges the gap between Android and iOS users by creating a unified platform where friends can share their music tastes, exchange reviews, and explore new songs, regardless of their device.

  • Tracking Musical Journey: Users passionate about keeping a log of their musical explorations will find Musicboard’s ability to track every artist and entire album they’ve listened to invaluable. It compiles a lot of data over time, helping to create a personalized music database.

Who is Musicboard For?

  • Music Enthusiasts: People who live life with a soundtrack, always looking for the next cool artist to add to their playlists.

  • Budding Artists: Individuals making music, seeking a platform to share their tracks and enjoy feedback.

  • Passionate Reviewers: Users who relish dissecting albums and tracks, eager for a chance to share their analyses.

  • Social Butterflies: Those who enjoy connecting with others in terms of music, looking for an app to check out what friends and like-minded individuals have added.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: It is free

  • Pro Plan: $3.99/month

What Users Are Saying About Musicboard

  • Eric: It’s a great community where I can share my love for music with others and discover new artists. The personalized recommendations are spot on!

  • Sara: I love the social aspect of the app. It’s like having a group chat dedicated to music with friends.

  • Mike: The stats on the PRO version are eye-opening. I never knew I listened to that many hours of music.

Musicboard Alternatives

  • A great platform for those who love music and want to explore artist discographies in their intended sequence. It has a nice, user-friendly interface for listing albums.

  • Ideal for users with a keen sense of music critique, allowing them to write detailed reviews and engage with a community that values diverse music opinions.

  • Offers a comprehensive list of albums across various genres, including pop, making it easy for music enthusiasts to review, rate, and discover new and trending music.

  • A niche site perfect for those who love music from the vinyl era. Users can review and create lists of their favorite singles, tracking pop music’s evolution.


How Many People Use Musicboard?

According to a 2020 report, Musicboard had over 5 million registered users.

Is there a Site Like IMDB for Music Lovers?

Yes, Musicboard is like IMDB for music lovers, offering a rich database of albums and tracks.

What is the Website to Keep Track of Albums?

Musicboard is the perfect platform to keep track of albums, allowing users to create lists and share their thoughts on their favorite artists’ work.

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