SeedLegals Review 2023 (Get Faster Fundraising)

Are you a businessperson or an entrepreneur looking for ways to get faster fundraising? The traditional methods of raising capital have been slow and barely adequate for too long.

Still, with SeedLegals, you can now access more innovative and affordable methods to help you get the funding you need. SeedLegals looks beyond conventional measures to provide innovative solutions tailored to your unique company needs.

Their advanced technologies and easy-to-use platform are revolutionizing the fundraising process daily.

Read on as we review all SeedLegals offers entrepreneurs in this comprehensive guide!

What Is SeedLegals?

SeedLegals is a digital platform designed to help investors and businesses raise money for funding.

It is a precious resource in this tech-driven age, and thousands of investors use the platform every year.

The experts at SeedLegals are highly experienced in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster with convenient access to investors and funding.

Their guiding principles being investors and businesses need simple tools to create the documents they need to raise money, so they can move quickly and focus on what matters: success.

Who Created SeedLegals?

Anthony Rose, the Founder of SeedLegals

Anthony Rose, an entrepreneur and thought leader in the tech industry, founded SeedLegals in London in 2016.

Anthony saw a need to simplify the company formation process for startup businesses, which inspired him to create the SeedLegals platform.

This innovative platform enables entrepreneurs to quickly build and manage their own companies – all from the comfort of their homes.

Anthony worked diligently with a dedicated team from the UK to create a product that bridged the gap between legal know-how and company setup.

Thanks to Anthony’s hard work and dedication, he has successfully provided startups with a reliable solution to getting established.

Top Features Of SeedLegals Operating System

1. Automated Legal Documents – SeedLegals has developed an automated legal document creation system to help entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running in no time.

2. Virtual Data Room – The platform is equipped with a virtual data room that provides secure access for investors to view documents, including financials and other sensitive information about the company.

3. Investor Management – The funding platform also offers an investor management system that helps entrepreneurs keep track of their investors and provide them with the latest updates about their company.

4. Fundraising Tools – With this platform, entrepreneurs can use fundraising tools to secure investments from multiple sources, such as venture capitalists, angels, and crowdfunding campaigns.

5. Document Archive – The platform has a document archive that stores all the company’s legal documents in one place, making it easier to locate records when needed.

Best Features Of SeedLegals

SeedLegals is the ultimate investment and funding platform for projects needing to get started or take their business deals to the next level.

It makes the legal process simpler, faster, and more transparent from end to end.

The best features of this platform are its investment and equity management tools that let users quickly, intuitively, and accurately handle entire investment and funding cycles.

With this funding platform, users have access to the powerful technology they need to streamline investment deals faster than ever before so they can focus on their project goals and make them a reality.

Here are some of the best features of SeedLegals:

SEIS/EIS assurance

For startups, this feature of SeedLegals is invaluable. With SEIS/EIS assurance experts on board, their advice and guidance can help businesses ensure a smoother liftoff from the series stage.

A clear indication of this is the ability to choose from several investment options that allow companies to grow faster.

Furthermore, this feature gives business owners extra peace of mind that they have chosen the proper legal course to navigate each milestone along their startup journey.

Raise Before A Round

SeedLegals is an invaluable service for those looking to raise funds for their company. One of this platform’s best features is “Raise Before a Round”.

This feature allows companies in the early stage funding round or boarding stage to raise capital from companies or individuals with fractional ownership stakes.

This unique feature makes raising money for your company before an official funding round easier.

This platform is the perfect way to simplify the legal when preparing for a round.

Create EMI Scheme

SeedLegals’ create EMI scheme feature is the perfect way to get critical investments for your start-up.

The three-step process allows you to raise funding quickly and grow your team with this powerful tool. Imagine choosing from 2,000 eligible employees for this incentive – that’s not something to take lightly!

With EMI option schemes, this funding platform makes it easier to capitalize on investment, ensuring secure funding with legal assurance at every step.

Pitch to Investors

SeedLegals is an invaluable resource for any team launching a startup or seeking an investment this year.

Its incredible features make the entire process from start to finish more accessible, faster, and cheaper.

For example, this feature bridges the gap between legal and financial teams by auto-generating equity documents tailored for startups and growing businesses.

Instead of spending days researching, drafting, and reviewing it by multiple insiders, the funding platform can provide this service in as little as 24 hours.

That’s less time spent researching and more time finding funding and launching your business! Investors can also rest assured that this leading platform handles their paperwork safely and securely.

Manage Cap Table

SeedLegals has this excellent feature that simplifies the management of cap tables.

With this feature, you can easily create and maintain a term sheet that incorporates all your series funding in one place.

Keeping a cap table helps you stay up-to-date with ownership stakes and reporting requirements with just a few clicks!

Plus, this task no longer requires months of administrative work or additional hours – SeedLegals makes this job super easy to run.

Creating and managing cap tables with this feature saves time and resources while ensuring accuracy.

SeedLegals Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

SeedLegals is an affordable, efficient solution for entrepreneurs who want to raise investment and start, raise, and grow their businesses.

Its pricing model makes it possible to run multiple funding rounds without going over budget. With this platform, entrepreneurs can start a raise at a fraction of the cost of using other kinds of services.

This means that no matter what kind of raise you need–whether it’s seed capital, early-stage investment, or something else– SeedLegals can help you manage all the legal docs you require at a fraction of the price.

SeedLegals has two pricing structures:

  • Standard Plan (Pay as you go flexibility): Starts at £49 / month and £499 / year
  • Plus Plan (Save thousands in discounts and perks): Starts at £999 / year

SeedLegals Pros And Cons

SeedLegals is an online legal service that helps startups raise investments to get their projects off the ground.

They provide unlimited support throughout the entire process and have created a simple, straightforward platform that helps close company deals quickly.

Many businesses have been delighted and rave about how this platform has made setting up their new venture almost effortless.

Plus, getting feedback from companies who have already used this service could also be beneficial in making sure you make the right choice for your own business when deciding whether to use SeedLegals.


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Comprehensive legal documents
  • Fast and secure service


  • Limited customer support
  • Difficult to make changes once documents are completed
  • No customization options for documents

Starts at $49/month (standard plan)

SeedLegals Alternatives To Raise Investment

Companies looking to raise investment for their business can now turn to alternative methods outside SeedLegals.

Not only will this enable them to raise and grow faster, but it also presents the opportunity to simplify their funding rounds. Many options could be excellent solutions in these situations.

These solutions allow companies to define equity dilution and total capital raised with much more flexibility than ever before, as well as close deals with relative speed.

All of this will help a company secure the right investor quickly, so they can start investing in their future sooner.

Here are some of the best alternatives for SeedLegals:

  • Givebutter
  • Bloomerang
  • Kindful
  • Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT
  • DonorPerfect
  • OneCause
  • Qgiv
  • Network for Good
  • Donor Drive
  • EveryAction

SeedLegals Case Study: Results Achieved With This Platform

The SeedLegals platform has helped many companies to raise investment and grow faster.

One example is Kitman Labs, a sports performance software company that closed its recent seed funding round in just four weeks using this funding platform.

Thanks to the help of the SeedLegals team, Kitman Labs was also able to reduce the time spent on legal documentation from weeks to days.

This gave them more time to focus on their core business and expand into new markets.

Using SeedLegals, Kitman Labs was able to raise £1 million in just four weeks, which allowed the company to quickly scale up its team and develop new features for its customers.

Overall, the company saved time and money while also getting its funding in record time.

This is an excellent example of how SeedLegals can help companies to raise investment quickly and efficiently.

My Experience Using SeedLegals For Funding Rounds

I have had the pleasure of using SeedLegals for a few funding rounds in the past.

The platform was super easy to use, and the team was always on hand to help if I got stuck.

The legal documents were comprehensive and secure, so I never had to worry about any potential issues arising from incorrect paperwork.

The funding process was also speedy and straightforward, thanks to the SeedLegals platform. It allowed me to quickly close my deals and get the capital necessary to grow my business.

I have found SeedLegals to be an excellent solution for startups looking for quick and easy funding rounds.

The team is always there to help, and the platform is secure and comprehensive, a great advantage for companies looking to raise investment.

I highly recommend SeedLegals to startups looking to quickly and securely set up their funding rounds. It has undoubtedly been an excellent experience for me so far!

Conclusion – Is SeedLegals Worth It?

SeedLegals is an excellent platform for companies and startups looking to raise investment quickly and efficiently.

The platform is easy to use, with comprehensive legal documents and secure service. Plus, its pricing structure is affordable and tailored to small businesses.

Using this funding platform can help companies reduce the time spent on paperwork, allowing them to focus on their core business and close deals faster.

SeedLegals is an excellent tool for companies looking to raise funds efficiently and cost-effectively.

It has been an excellent experience for me, and we’re sure it will also be a perfect tool for many other businesses.