What is Affiliate Asset Solutions

What is Affiliate Asset Solutions

What is Affiliate Asset Solutions?

Affiliate asset solutions is a company that specializes in providing businesses with tools and resources to improve their debt collection process.

The company offers a variety of products and services that can help businesses increase and maximize their debt collection process, by using the information provided from them by the collector.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Asset Solutions?

The company, Affiliate Asset Solutions seems to be a business for entrepreneurs and businesses to invest and make their own presence for debt collection very rigid.

By creating and managing several files and sections of data of individuals in the United States, they can easily help companies track down debtors and get back payments from them using analytics, and important information collection methods.

Is Affiliate Asset Solutions Legit?

Yes, they are a reputable company. Discovered in 2015, they have been in service for about four until now. They are also known as Affiliate Asset Solutions and have been accredited by the BBB since July 2016. headed by Tim Parks, is the name of a vice president of operations.

Meanwhile, they have also received so many bad remarks from potential customers on their products and services.

Are There Any Complaints against Affiliate Asset Solutions?

Currently, affiliate asset solutions, LLC, has many complaints lodged against them. Within BBB, they currently have 46 customer complaints against them. Of those 46, 19 were closed within the last year.

There are 38 complaints against Billing and sales, seven disagreements between a customer and Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, relating to a product or service, and a single allegation against Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC relating to advertising and sales.

Although there are no complaints against Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database outright by name, their names are linked to a few other companies as well.

Does Affiliate Asset Solutions Have a Drug Test Policy?

It is okay to imagine that such company with bad remarks and ravaging customers will scrutinize during testing or employment period. But there are no such news of Affiliate Asset Solutions testing new employees or interviewed customers for drug.

Is Affiliate Asset Solutions Legal?

Ordinarily, most of what they do is not legal in many places in the United States. But there are special lawas that regard debt collections that covers their agencies with certain rules and responsibility to act.

Such rules include; Robocalls or harassing phone calls may use incorrect or false information, harsh and abusive language to victims and customers are traits of these cases.

Also, Created specifically to guard debt holders from being targeted or physically harmed, these regulation mandate that debt holders have some sort of moral force against the harassment inflicted on them, and if elegance is abused, the one who is abusing it is liable and may be subject to lawsuits.

Can I Protect Myself Against the Affiliate Asset Solutions?

If you are thinking about how to stay safe from financial harassment, a seasoned and well-qualified debt collector harassment lawyer will help you. At the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC, our attorneys and lawyers have a great deal of experience with debt collection harassment law that will safeguard you.

Another way to guard yourself is to find out and evaluate every invoice that is being made, and double-check any balance.

If AASK attempts to use you to collect, and demand repayment for a bill, make sure to ask to see confirmations of the debt, in addition to any proof of ownership or verification of interest. Call the bank for any signs of fraud relating to the debt, and inquire about any direct identifiers of the debt.

Once you have the feeling that you are being jilting. Speak up and fight back for your rights.


Affiliate asset solutions is a debt collector company and business that may be used to collect debts from individuals or businesses. In general, the company is hired to collect debts that have not been paid, or debts that have been paid but are no longer being paid.

Debt collector companies like them may also be used to enforce judgments or other legal documents.