9 Best AI Photo Restoration Software in 2023 (Free and Paid)

ai photo restoration

Bring your old photos back to life with AI photo restoration software!

Any of the 9 Best AI Photo Restoration Software will help you restore and bring back those memories. Whether it’s a faded photograph or an old picture that has been reduced in size, we have the perfect solution for you to restore your photos using our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Our AI-powered photo restoration promises precise results with minimal effort.

With their easy-to-use interface and complete tools, you can quickly get excellent results without needing prior image processing experience.

You’ll be able to correct colors, reduce noise, sharpen images, and more – all in just a few clicks! So start bringing those special moments back into your life today with the 9 Best AI Photo Restoration Software.

What is AI Photo Restoration?

AI photo restoration has revolutionized how we can bring old photos to life. Whether the old images are faded and discolored or damaged by water, this service makes it easy to restore the original image.

Through a simple process, VanceAI photo restorer can recognize what parts of the photo need to be corrected and make the necessary changes.

This means that no matter what size or condition an old photo is, it can be restored to its previous glory with minimal effort and time spent. With this tool, you no longer have to worry about discarded memories being lost forever – now, you can give new existence to old photos.

What Is the Best AI Photo Restoration Software?

It is a free tool that can vastly improve the quality of older photos and images in just a few clicks. They also provide a great way to enhance resolution and contrast, which makes them ideal for restoring old photographs.

VanceAI Photo Restorer is one of the top AI-based restoration tools on the market today for old photos online using higher resolution and max size. Its easy-to-use interface offers simple, intuitive editing tools and hours of auto-editing capabilities, so you don’t have to waste time with trial and error.

Plus, you can preview results before applying them, giving you complete control over the outcome. Because of its impressive features and fast results, using VanceAI for photo restoration is sure to breathe new existence into your plagued memories!

1. Luminar 4 Photo

Are you looking to take your photos to the next level? Look no further than Luminar 4 photo, the perfect tool for all levels of editing experience. The award-winning interface makes complicated tasks streamlined and effortless with its intuitive, AI-powered controls.

You can easily remove scratch tones and use features like Accent AI to balance color, saturation, and detail with a short slider. Don’t worry about size or storage costs; upload bigger images up to maximum dimensions without worry!

And when you’re done editing, images look spectacular as it lets you capture your creativity in full resolution. So what are you waiting for? Get Luminar 4 Photo today and let your art shine bright!

Luminar 4 Photo Pros

  • Affordable one time payment
  • Easy to use
  • Faster photo editing results.
  • Easy photo importation

Luminar 4 Photo Cons

  • Low management option

2. MyHeritage

Let MyHeritage bring your family memories back to existence with a click! With MyHeritage’s fantastic deep-learning technology, you can make all your blurred and low-resolution images look their best.

It uses advanced AI techniques to enhance the image quality of your past photos in smaller images and give the best details as to what the people in them may have looked like. The results are amazing, often highly believable and retain clarity even in black & white pictures that were initially taken in color.

Post your restored past with one click, and share it with friends and family to enjoy!

MyHeritage Pros

  • Automatic enhancer
  • Black and white colorizer
  • Face animation
  • Old document explorer

MyHeritage Cons

  • Shows watermark on free image

3. VanceAI Photo

We are introducing VanceAI Photo: the perfect solution for the modern photographer who wants fast and easy restoration, scratch removal, and image restoring.

VanceAI Photo is your one-stop shop for all your basic editing needs. With our API access, you can easily make edits to photos without any extra hassle or fuss – regardless of if you’re operating on Windows, macOS, or Android!

The beta version instantly enhances your face and adds life to faded photos. Even better – it only takes one image to update everything else in your pics!

It even has an AI Portrait Retoucher that lets you smooth skin, remove wrinkles and blemishes, and restore beauty with a single click. Why waste hours agonizing over every little detail? Let VanceAI handle it for you.

For the modern photographer who doesn’t have time for complicated processing methods, VanceAI is here to help – jumpstart your creativity today with us!

VanceAI Pros

  • Value for money
  • Quick colorizer
  • Free version available
  • Deep learning experience

VanceAI Cons

  • Not completely free to use

4. Wordershare Fotophire

Introducing the new Wordershare Fotophire AI picture restorer, the go-to old photo restoration AI for quickly crafting stunning photos! With a mix of AI and cutting-edge editing tools, you can create images with 200+ amazing effects in no time.

Don’t feel like tampering with each element? Use creative filters, frame blurs, or vignettes to enhance an existing photo online or start afresh!

The best part is that you decide the length of your purchase like other free users. Love it and want to keep it long-term? Opt for a lifetime license with Fotophire, like other AI tools, and get free images and updates on the same computer forever!

Alternatively, an annual subscription can guarantee you stay up to date with the latest releases. Both licenses offer great value – so why not get creative today?

Wordshare Fotophire Pros

  • Quick and easy edits
  • Premium feature and trial version available
  • 30 day money back policy
  • Image comparison feature

Wordshare Fotophire Cons

  • Too many watermark for trial version

5. PhotoWorks

Are you tired of spending long hours editing damaged old photos that still don’t look right? PhotoWorks is here to allow you to create professional-level photos through technology easily. Using AI technology, PhotoWorks automatically applies optimum settings to your old damaged photos– meaning no guesswork and no spending extra time refining each scene.

The powerful editor doesn’t just stop there; you can use it to fix glares, missing parts, color casts and improve sharpness. With just one click, PhotoWorks also lets you give your photos a completely new photo look with ready-made effects!

Finally, photo editors everywhere hope to drop photos and kiss digital noise goodbye for good. Get the best photo editing experience; get the photo editor that does it all: PhotoWorks!

PhotoWorks Pros

  • 20 variations for enhancement
  • Authentic branding
  • Great colorization method
  • Easy to use

PhotoWorks Cons

  • Long response for certain features

6. PhotoGlory

Are you tired of seeing your beloved memories fade away? It’s time to restore them with PhotoGlory, the powerful photo restorer that will bring your precious old photos back to life!

We know how important it is to hold onto our photos and preserve each memory as if it happened yesterday. That’s why PhotoGlory can erase scratches, stains, ink splotches, and even tears that seem beyond repair. Plus, you can take advantage of its one-click photo effects and its automatic colorization for those classic black & white photographs.

No more poring over tedious repairs or painstakingly assembling torn photos. With PhotoGlory, you can add vibrancy and details in just a click—or, if you’d prefer, select tones manually! Don’t let your dearest snapshots disappear without a trace—restore them flawlessly with this excellent tool today.

PhotoGlory Pros

  • Lifetime license
  • Countless photo features
  • Technical support; free
  • AI powered tool

PhotoGlory Cons

  • Not available on Mac


Do you love looking through your family photo albums but find that they often contain faded, cracked, or torn old photos? AKVIS is here to help! This excellent AI-powered picture restorer can fix all of those old photos quickly and easily without sacrificing their precious history.

With AKVIS Retoucher, you no longer have to worry about putting dated, damaged photos on display at family gatherings or special occasions. Instead, you can restore them to their former beauty with a few simple steps.

Our software uses manual and automatic algorithms that can be adjusted for different tasks. It can erase small defects from photos, such as scratches and scuffs, as well as larger imperfections like hoes caused by water damage. It also helps remove unwanted details like date stamps or cup marks for a more polished finish.

Put away outdated photo repair methods like scratching or waxing and enjoy avant-garde technology with excellent results – Akvis Retoucher will make all those treasured history appear fresh and new again!

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use; just upload your pictures online and get ready to bring the past back in perfect condition!


  • Comprehensible user interface
  • Effective multitude
  • Severak design preset
  • High customization


  • Highly demanding


If so, NVIDIA NGX is the perfect tool for you. Powered by deep learning and techniques from AI, this revolutionary technology stack provides advanced graphics, image processing, and video processing capabilities that are easy to integrate into your apps using the powerful NGX SDK. With NVIDIA NGX, you can easily upload images and increase your overall performance with improved visuals.

You can even use it to enhance or fix old photos by removing any scratches or other imperfections; AI gives you the power to make it look better than ever! So don’t wait – try NVIDIA NGX today and experience a new level of creativity!


  • Stable drivers available
  • General solutions
  • High graphic imagery
  • Easy to use


  • Highly expensive

9. Colourise

Are you looking for a way to enhance details in your photos? Look no further than Colourise. With powerful technology, you can forget tedious photoshopping and free up more creative energy to create a new photo!

The service is easy to use and 100% automatic. It allows you to transform old photos online, restore old photos, or turn faded sepia shots into vibrant images that look as they did before.

Whether it is a picture of your dreams, get the perfect colorized photo restorer version in just a few seconds! And you don’t even have to download software – everything is accessible within the browser.

So if you want to bring new life to your images, Colourise is here to help! Go ahead and try it – there won’t be any watermarks!

Colourise Pros

  • Effective balck and white colorization
  • Free colorizer
  • Zero watermark
  • Easy to use

Colourise Cons

  • Lack of customization

How can I restore old photos using AI Photo Restorer?

AI Photo Restorer can help restore precious history lost or forgotten due to the passage of time. With a few simple steps, anyone can remove scratches and discoloration from old photos using AI Photo Restorer.

It is a fantastic tool that not only eliminates skin blemishes but even faces enhancement is possible. Using vanceAI’s cutting-edge technology, advanced image restoration will help you remove scratches and distorted colors for renewed clarity.

Take advantage of AI Photo Restorer today to bring authenticity back into weathered photos and restore your cherished history!

What do Users Say About AI and Photo Restorer for Old Family Photos?

Users say that to enjoy removing scratches, tools like VanceAI are absolutely the best tool for old photo restoration.

It uses cutting-edge AI technology to recreate the rich textures and details in old pictures, bringing vibrant uniqueness to your family’s history and photos online.

VanceAI photo restorer is incredibly easy to use and takes only a few minutes – with just a few clicks; you can turn an old, damaged image into a beautiful, modern-looking photo that looks like it was taken yesterday.

To restore old photos, VanceAI photo restorer does something that no other AI picture restorer can: it works with minimal input from an old photo yet produces fantastic results that accurately reflect the original picture’s beauty. Restore those old photos today!


If you need to restore an old photo, there’s no need to spend hours doing it by hand. With any of the free AI photo restoration software, you can have your image looking its best in just a few clicks.

And, thanks to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, these products are free and only getting better and more user-friendly.

So if you still need to start using AI photo restoration software, now is the time to try it out. The results will speak for themselves. Check out any of the best AI photo restorers on the market today and see how easy it is to get high-quality results.