7 Best Eye Vitamin Supplements for Proper Eye Health in 2022

Eye Vitamin Supplements

In this article, you will find the seven best eye vitamin supplements that will protect your eyes against harmful light, help maintain eye function, and reduce the growth of age-related degenerative diseases.

Our eyes play crucial roles in our daily lives. But, like every part of our body, eye cells lose vitality as we grow older. Also, recent work demands involving staring at computer screens for seemingly unending hours put our beloved eyes under a lot of strain. Then, what about our mobile phones? We can’t do without them.

Thankfully, nutritionists have identified several vitamins that can keep your eye cells healthy. For example, vitamins A, C, and E are great for your eyes. Also, foods rich in Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids (to mention a few), improve vision. Recent studies also show that vitamin A deficiency is one of the main causes of blindness. Hence, telling us how essential these nutrients are for good eyesight.

It’s always best to get your minerals and vitamins from your daily meals. Frankly speaking, it’s a bit difficult to prepare meals that always contain these nutrients. To drive this point further, the National Eye Institute also admits supplements provide helpful vitamins in high doses that can’t be gotten through regular meals. That’s why supplements are very helpful.

Several brands on the internet claim to improve visual acuity. Obviously, some of these brands can’t deliver on their promises. Hence, I’ve created this guide to save you from making an expensive mistake.

What Are the Best Eye Vitamin Supplements for Proper Eye Health?

The idea of eye vitamin supplements plants hopes in the hearts of many. But, do they contain ingredients that really work? Or, do they rely on a placebo to do the trick?

Hence, I’ve dedicated many hours to reviewing several eye supplements. Also, I’ve put in considerable effort in getting feedback from several users of these products. So, how did I make the list?

Firstly, I prioritized products with the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin A – helps maintain good vision by ensuring the cornea is clear.
  • Vitamin C – Reduces the likelihood of certain types of cataracts.
  • Vitamin E – Supports natural aging eyes.
  • Zeaxanthin and Lutein – Enhances carotenoid pigments in your retina, and protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light.
  • Zinc – Protects eye cells against damage.

Also, as I’ve mentioned, consumer feedback was highly considered during the research.

If you don’t have time to go through the entire text, here’s a quick summary of my top picks:


Aside from being an effective eye vitamin supplement, there are two other things I like about Lutenol. Firstly, the drug is manufactured within an FDA-approved facility in the United States. And under the watchful eyes of the FDA, you’re certain the capsules you’d take are compliant with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Secondly, the ingredients used in creating the formula are well-studied by health practitioners. I think this is important because you need to take drugs that have been proven to actually work. This saves you time and money because there are dozens of research papers to back the potency of the ingredients used.

Moreover, Lutenol is made primarily of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are powerful antioxidants that protect your eyes from harmful light waves. Other important ingredients include Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc, Copper, e.t.c.

I also commend the fact that this brand included Copper in the mix. Why? Well, when you ingest zinc, it leads to a reduction of Copper in the body. So, they maintain your Copper levels back to normal levels, you need to take some Copper. Thankfully, with this drug, you don’t have to spend money on extra supplements to maintain healthy copper levels.

Who can take Lutenol? This eye vitamin supplement was made for everyone. From those with healthy vision to individuals with age-related degenerative diseases — You can all use Lutenol to improve your vision.

Key Features

  • Improves Health of Retina and Macular – Your eyes need a certain amount of minerals and vitamins to keep the retina and macular in good health. Lutenol provides the required dose.
  • Maintains Healthy Eye Functions – This product supports the lens, pupil, cornea, iris, retina, and other essential parts of the eyes to ensure you have healthy vision.
  • Enhances Brain and Eye Coordination – Without effective communication between your eyes and your brain, your eye health may not be so good. Lutenol works actively to strengthen the nerves connecting the eyes to the brain; hence, resulting in seamless communication between your eyes and brain.
  • Protects the Eyes High-energy Light Rays – We are always exposed to harmful lights as we go about our day-to-day activities. Lutenol provides enough carotenoids to keep your eyes safe.


Each bottle of Lutenol contains 60 capsules which is enough for an entire month. The brand offers three package options for its users. They are as follows;

  • 4 Bottles (plus one free bottle) sold at $97.42
  • 1 Bottle sold at $27.95
  • 2 Bottles sold at $48.9

Final Verdict

Conclusively, Lutenol is a remarkable eye vitamin supplement at a competitive price. Many users of the product admitted the capsules were easy to swallow, without leaving an awful taste in your mouth.

I also considered side effects during my research. So far, users haven’t had allergic reactions to the drug or other health complications as a result.

But, the manufacturers warn against over-dosing the drug, which could lead to headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and other minor issues.

Try Lutenol for Improved Vision

Vision Support+ By NUZENA

Nuzena.com is a producer and distributor of health and wellness dietary supplements. They use all-natural ingredients to produce their medication. Vision Support+ is the brand’s solution to issues of declining vision, inflamed eyes, and others.

So, what’s in the bottle? Like every other dietary supplement for better vision, the main ingredients of Vision Support+ are lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect your eyes against harmful light (as I’ve mentioned previously).

Other essential ingredients include alpha-lipoic acid, quercetin, zinc, and magnesium. Of course, the mentioned constituents are known by health practitioners to be beneficial to eye health. Best of all, these nutrients are gotten from roots and herbs, which are more potent and beneficial than synthetic vitamins.

Vision Support+ is suitable for persons that hope to protect their eyes against age-related macular degeneration. This condition is more common in people over the age of 50.

Key Features

  • Personal Health Specialist – NUZENA includes a free health specialist in all their products. This personal specialist will assess the dietary data you provide and offer nutrient recommendations.
  • GMO-free Composition – Vision Support+ does not contain genetically modified plants.
  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients – NUZENA ensures they obtain every material used through environmentally friendly methods. So, they protect your eyes and protect the environment as well.
  • Non-Gluten Formula – This eye vitamin supplement is gluten-free, making it safe for individuals allergic to gluten.


A bottle of Vision Support+ costs $35 and contains 60 capsules, which is equivalent to a month’s worth of supply.

Interestingly, NUZENA currently offers some special packages that give you more value for your money. The offer is as follows;

  • Buy 2 bottles, get 1 free bottle at $70
  • Buy 3 bottles, get 2 free bottles at $105
  • Buy 4 bottles, get 3 free bottles at $140

Final Verdict

At a glance, I could tell NUZENA pays so much attention to detail. From the look and interactiveness of their website to the product packaging, everything looks very elegant. And, this attention to detail is seen in the product’s performance as well.

Moreover, feedback from real consumers speaks positively about the brand, which is a big plus for the company’s reputation.

Try Vision Support+ to Improve Your Vision

Vitacost Synergy Lutein

Are you in search of a budget-friendly eye vitamin supplement that’ll meet your eye care expectations? Vitacost Synergy Lutein might just be what you need.

Unlike other brands mentioned so far, Vitacost’s eye vitamin supplement doesn’t contain nutrients like vitamins A, B, or E. This product is made of two ingredients — lutein and zeaxanthin. But, they do something different. Vitacost uses FloraGlo Lutein, a patented compound, for their eye supplement.

FloraGlo is extracted from yellow marigold flowers and purified to obtain lutein. The Lutein obtained from this patented process is considered to be more potent than those obtained from other sources.

Vitacost Synergy Lutein is suitable for anyone above 18 years. However, pregnant or lactating women and people with known health conditions should consult with their doctor before taking this supplement.

Key Features

  • Great Value for Money – Vitacost offers cost-effective products that actually work.
  • Accredited Profiles on Public Review Sites – The brand can be seen on many consumer-focused review platforms. This boosts brand reputation and trust.
  • Potent Ingredients – Vitacost Synergy Lutein uses high-quality lutein and zeaxanthin extracts in standardized ratios for optimum results.


Vitacost Synergy Lutein comes in three size options at different prices. They are as follows;

  • 60 Softgels – $8.50 (2 month’s worth of supply)
  • 120 Softgels – $15.25 (4 month’s worth of supply)
  • 240 Softgels – $25.99 (8 month’s worth of supply)

Final Verdict

Generally, Vitacost is a reputable dietary brand with a wide range of supplements for different health issues. The brand’s eye vitamin supplement is affordable and effective as well. However, I think it would have been much better if they included other nutrients in the mix.

Try Vitacost Synergy Lutein for Improved Vision

Vision by Performance Lab

Vision is a remarkable eye vitamin supplement manufactured by Performance Labs. Though this eye supplement is branded under ‘Performance Labs’, the supplement is actually produced by Opti-Nutra LTD. Vision is manufactured in New Jersey, in an FDA-approved facility.

Vision is popular amongst gamers and athletes because it enhances eye-hand coordination and improves reaction time. But, the supplement was made for everyone. Vision supports the macular pigment in your eyes to help protect the eyes from high glare, boost cell recovery, and improve vision.

To add, this eye vitamin supplement also claims to improve contrast sensitivity, night vision, motion detection, and help your eyes adjust to the dark quickly. Based on the mentioned potential benefits of this supplement, we can say Vision is an all-around drug that is suitable for just anyone.

Furthermore, Vision is also made of FloraGlo lutein and zeaxanthin. Other ingredients in the mix include European black currant extract, saffron, bilberry extract, and Astaxanthin.

Key Features

  • Easy to Swallow – The capsules are very small, hence, allowing easy digestion. Also, the capsules are made from plant-based materials which are also a probiotic.
  • Vegan-friendly – Vision is approved by the Vegetarian Society. The supplement does not contain animal-based ingredients.
  • GMP Compliant – Vision is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that strictly complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.


Performance Lab offers three packaging options for Vision. They are;

  • 1 box (one month’s supply) – $49
  • 2 boxes (two month’s supply) – $98
  • 3 boxes + 1 free box$147

Final Verdict

Vision by Performance Lab is an all-natural eye supplement. The brand claims the product can do a lot of things; however, I couldn’t find a consumer that debunks these claims. So, yeah, most users are satisfied with the product.

Try Performance Lab for Improved Vision


VisionMD is specially formulated by 1MD for age-related eye issues. But, you must have noticed that every eye supplement brand I’ve mentioned so far also claims to be a solution to this issue. So, what does VisionMD do differently?

Unlike other products that primarily focus on lutein and zeaxanthin (or FloraGlo lutein and zeaxanthin), VisionMD includes other patented compounds that help to improve eye health.

These ingredients include XanMax, Lyc-O-Mato, Tocopherols, and EVTene. XanMax is a mix of meso-zeaxanthin, zeaxanthin, and lutein extracted from marigold flowers and clinically proven to promote healthy vision. Lyc-O-Mato on the other hand is extracted from tomatoes. EVTene helps slow-down vision decline as we grow old.

To add, VisionMD claims to promote visual acuity, improve visual processing speed, reduce glare, enhance contrast sensitivity, and manage eye fatigue.

Key Features

  • Clinically-tested AREDS2 Ingredients – The ingredients used in this eye vitamin supplement are clinically proven and backed by reputable health research.
  • Subscription Payment Option – You can choose the one-time payment option, or subscribe for regular shipments at lower fees.
  • Easy to Swallow – VisionMD’s soft gel capsules come in small sizes which go down easily.


This brand offers two payment options. You can use the one-time payment option or opt for a subscription. The pricings these payment methods are given below.

For one-time payment:

  • 1 bottle – $44.99
  • 3 bottles – $125.97 (7% off + free shiipping)
  • 6 bottles – $233.94 (13% off + free shipping)

Subscription plan:

This payment option attracts free shipping for all subscribers within the United States.

  • 1 bottle every month – $39.99 (11% off)
  • 3 bottles every month – $110.97 (18% off)
  • 6 bottles every month – $209.94 (22% off)

Final Verdicts

1MD is a reputable brand, and VisionMD is a remarkable eye vitamin supplement. Despite that, some consumers feel the product is a bit pricey compared to other brands on the market. Well, I think it’s left for you to decide whether or not your budget can afford to pay almost premium fees for this product.

Try VisionMD for Improved Macula Health

Advanced Vision Formula

Before I go into more details of this product, I must mention that it’s the most expensive product on my list. Why? You’d find out in a bit. Advanced Vision Formula is marketed and distributed by Advanced Bionutritionals. However, the eye vitamin supplement is manufactured by Formulation Technology Inc. – a leading firm in the dietary supplement industry.

Advanced Vision Formula contains 15 all-natural ingredients sourced globally. To mention a few, this eye nutrient contains ginkgo Biloba, beta-glucan, Cognizin, lutein, zeaxanthin, L-taurine, bilberry, and other clinically-tested constituents.

The manufacturers claim the product can help relieve tired eyes, visual strain, and improve overall eye health. Additionally, Advanced Bionutritionals has an impressive Better Business Bureau profile with an excellent rating. Brand reputation matters a lot, and I think this is a plus for the brand.

Key Features

  • The capsules are manufactured by a reputable company.
  • Advanced Bionutritionals own excellent profiles on Trustpilot and BBB websites.
  • A unique blend of globally sourced ingredients for optimum results.
  • Fast action.


  • 1 bottle – $69.95
  • 3 bottles – $188.85 (Save $21 + free shiipping)
  • 6 bottles – $347.70 (Save $72 + free shipping)

Final Verdict

As mentioned in a preceding paragraph, Advanced Vision Formula is more expensive than other eye vitamin supplements on this list. This premium fee might be a result of more expensive ingredients used and advanced manufacturing techniques employed in producing the vision supplement. Also, most consumers of this product say they’ve noticed considerable change after trying to use the product for a short time.

That said, you can give this supplement a try if money isn’t a constraint and you like the product.

Try Advanced Vision Formula

Vision 20 By Zenith Labs

Yet another impressive eye vitamin supplement is Vision 20 created by Zenith Labs. The company was founded by Ryan Shelton, a naturopath, who runs the Zenith Labs to date.

Since its launch, Vision 20 has grabbed the attention of many. The company even claims baseball teams from Chicago, Boston, and Cleveland have adopted this special formula.

You might ask, “what makes Vision 20 special?” The brand says it’s primarily the source of the ingredients used. Zenith Labs extracts lutein and zeaxanthin from Marigold plants, which are very potent sources of these antioxidants.

Also, the supplement is made of nine other natural ingredients including rose hips (a fruit from the rose plant), bilberry extract, and grape seed extract amongst others.

Vision 20 is mostly targeted at older adults with age-related eye issues, cataracts, and other challenges. Notwithstanding, anyone over the age of 18 can take this capsule for healthy vision. Generally, the drug is not recommended for pregnant women as it might have adverse effects on the baby.

Key Features

  • 100% Natural Ingredients – Vision 20 is made from all-natural ingredients (mostly plant extracts) to give your eyes potent vision nutrients. No synthetic vitamins or preservatives.
  • Gluten-Free – If you react badly to gluten, then you have nothing to worry about with this product. This eye nutrient is made from gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.
  • 180-Days Money Back Guarantee – If after trying the drug for 6 months and you don’t like it, you can request a 100% refund. No questions asked.
  • Quick Results – Daily use of Vision 20 leads to noticeable improvements to vision. Many users admit they noticed changes within the first two weeks of use. However, noticeable changes generally come back within 30 days.


You can buy a single bottle which would last for 30 days or you can order for 6 months worth of supply. Originally, a bottle of this eye vitamin supplement costs $79. But, they’re currently running discount sales.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing;

  • 3 months supply at $39/bottle – $117 for 3 bottles
  • 6 months supply at $33/bottle – $198 for 6 bottles
  • 1 month supply at $49/bottle – $49 for 1 bottle

Final Verdict

Vision 20 sounds really good and most people would jump on it. But, there are other things worth considering.

For starters, the product is only sold from the company’s official website. Hence, we can’t find testimonials by regular folks, like we would if it was sold on e-stores like Amazon.

Secondly, the company does not have an accredited BBB (Better Business Bureau) page, nor are they on Trustpilot.

That said, proceed with caution. If you’re skeptical about the product and its claims, try one bottle. If you like it, order more.

Try Vision 20

Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Eye Vitamin Supplements

There are probably hundreds of eye vitamin supplement brands on the internet. Some products are great, while others do not live up to expectations. That said, I created this mini-buyer’s guide to help you make a good eye vitamin supplement to improve your eye health.

Brand Reputation

A good reputation usually signals a good product. So, before you choose an eye vitamin supplement, try to do little research on the brand behind the product. Find out what people have to say about them. Do they deliver products on time? Do the products arrive as advertised? Does the brand sell effective products?

Finding answers to these questions and similar ones can help you figure out what brands you should consider, and what brands you should avoid.

Customer Service

Things don’t always go as planned. You might find yourself with a defective batch or you may need some information from the manufacturer. In such cases, the brand’s customer reps are your first point of contact. And if they have a terrible team, you’d have a difficult time solving your challenge.

That said, when you research a brand, find out what people have to say about the company’s customer service.

Ingredients Used

It’s important to have an idea of the ingredients in the supplements you take. You might be allergic to some ingredients or there might not be sufficient clinical evidence that a particular ingredient works. To get a better understanding of the ingredients, you can check some top health blogs for information. Or, better still, consult with a health professional.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Vitamin Supplements

Are eye vitamin supplements worth taking?

Generally, our primary source of vitamins and minerals is from our diet. But, our meals don’t offer some vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts to make a difference. Hence, dietary supplements help augment the daily consumption of nutrients. That said, eye vitamin supplements are worth taking, but they aren’t necessary for everyone.

Can eye vitamin supplements improve vision?

Yes, some AREDS2 research shows that some eye vitamin supplements improve vision and reduce age-related macular degeneration in adults.

Can vitamins cause eye problems?

Yes, excessive intake of vitamins may lead to photophobia, eye irritation, retinal pathology, and other side effects.

In a Nutshell

We have come to the end of my round up of the best eye vitamin supplements in 2022. The importance of good eyesight cannot be overemphasized. Our eyes are crucial for our daily lives and interactions with our surroundings. The eye vitamin supplements reviewed in this guide are made by mainstream brands with a good track record.

Most importantly, before you start any new medication, ensure you receive the approval of a professional health practitioner. Doing this may save you from some unforeseen situations that may not be good for you.

Conclusively, here’s a summary of my top picks: