17 Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products in 2022

Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

The best platforms to sell digital products include a long list of some of the most popular and most reliable marketplaces where you can sell products online, there are so many options when it comes to your platform choice, that’s why you have to go with the platform that suits your brand or business perfectly.

What are the Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products?

The best platforms to sell digital products are often called e-commerce platforms, with these platforms you could sell products, online courses, WordPress themes, ebooks and so much more, making a choice might be a knit complicated because of the number of platforms you’ll find at your disposal, because of this challenge, here are some of the best platforms to sell digital products.

1. Podia

One of the Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products.

Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

Podia provides all you could possibly need to sell digital products online, you could sell courses, digital downloads, webinars, and so on. With podia, users get the chance to grow their online business by offering an array of products to their customers.

Podia is really one of the best platforms you could make use of to sell your digital products, it’s on every single list when it comes to the best platforms, it has all the features you could make use of and it helps businesses all over the world.

Key features

  • Podia gives users free tools that help to get first time users up and up when it comes to their digital downloads, you could make use of their template or worksheet if you run into any issue.
  • You could find PayPal, stripe and Shopify features on Podia, this feature alone makes it one of the best platforms to sell digital products because there will also be an in built shopping cart feature that makes payment easier.


They have yearly plans that cost less than the monthly plans when put together. The price is $39 to $179 per month.

2. SamCart

Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

2022-01-19 22:14:25.382000

The whole purpose of the creation of Samcart was to provide an easy way for people to start their own e-commerce and online businesses in the best way possible, it is easy to sell online with this platform and it has so many features that make sure of that.

Samcart has everything a user could possibly need, you could get templates, inventory management, shopping cart features and so much more, this is great for nontech users who want their storefront to be as professional as possible.

Key Features

  • You don’t have to worry about any transaction fees with this platform, and it also has pre designed templates you could use.
  • It has top tier shopping cart features that are very useful due to how professional they are.


Samcart has pricing plans that go from $49 to $99 and then $199, all on a monthly basis according to their different plan options and features. These different plans give users a choice that best suits each of their needs.

3. Payhip

Sell your digital downloads easily

2022-01-19 22:10:40.909000

PayHip has made it to the 17 best platforms to sell digital products because it is focused on allowing users to sell digital downloads easily, this platform allows you to sell software, ebooks, and any other online product.

Your customers will benefit from making use of payhip because customers who buy products can download them securely and immediately, they even get emails on where to find the download page, all for their convenience.

Key Features

  • This is perfect if you want to please your customers because whatever digital product they buy will also be downloaded easily.
  • Other features include a mailing list where you can keep in touch with your customers and you could also offer them coupons.


There is a free pricing plan, then there’s the plus plan for $29 monthly and the pro plan for $99 monthly.

4. SendOwl

Customize your online store

2022-01-19 22:10:49.741000

SendOwl is known for its simplicity, so the creation of your store is pretty simple and you can add it to your blog in just a matter of minutes, it also has features like affiliate marketing, 1 click upsells, abandoned cart emails and so much more.

SendOwl makes things a lot easier for users because they can sell their products without facing the troubles of multiple shopping carts or even third-party software, it has a lot of features that users could look forward to as well.

Key Features

  • SendOwl has the ability to support multilingual and multi currency transactions, all transactions are secure.
  • It has an in built analytics feature that helps you keep a close eye and record all the progress of your store.


The starting plan is $15 per month for the standard plan, the premium plan and business plan are $24 and $39 per month.

5. Sellfy

Best platform if you want to create your store quickly.

2022-01-19 22:10:00.460000

Sellfy is notably one of the Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products, it takes it up a notch as you can also sell physical products once you create your storefront, this works great for social media personalities because they could use this to sell their brand merchandise.

Sellfy has so many features and it is the next best thing after podia, it has an easy method that makes it easy for almost anyone to use, and it is also easy for users that are shopping on your storefront, so you could say it is pretty effective.

Key Features

  • They have a drag and drop editor that makes the usage of the storefront very easy and straightforward.
  • There is a feature which allows you to fix ‘buy now’ buttons on your website, this makes things easier for your shoppers.


Sellfy has different plans, the starting price for the monthly starter plan is $29, or you could pay $228 yearly, there’s also a business plan and premium plan with their various monthly and yearly price tags.

6. Squarespace

Best Website Builder to sell digital products

2022-01-19 22:10:23.565000

Squarespace is a website builder known for its reliability when it comes to selling both digital and physical products, it has easy drag and drops features that give beginners the chance to create professional-looking websites without having any coding skills.

This is a very straightforward platform to make use of, all you need to do is pick a template and customize it according to your own brand, it has a lot of templates you could choose from, especially if you need a template for your storefront.

Key Features

  • This platform is one of the best platforms to sell digital products because it offers users a lot of templates that they could customize to fit their own brand.
  • It also has a feature that allows customers fix appointments on the platform, this makes it easier for the selling of both products and services.


The personal plan to the business plan and the commerce to advanced commerce plan range from $12, $18, $26, and then $40, all monthly.

7. Bigcommerce

One of the best e-commerce platforms

2022-01-19 22:10:32.285000

Bigcommerce stands alone for people who want to sell digital products, it has all the things you could possibly need in one platform, that’s why it is one of the best platforms to sell digital products.

This is another platform that serves all your needs, it works on the biggest content management system in the world which is a huge benefit for WordPress users, it has a lot of other features that are quite beneficial like digital wallets, SEO, cross channel commerce and so much more.

Key Features

  • It has amazing integration features which allow users to make use of third party apps if they want more additional features on their site.
  • It also has a built in mobile optimization feature, this ensures that your phone or tablet wouldn’t be a factor when it comes to building landing pages.


The standard pricing plan is $29.95 per month, there are other plans which cost $71.95 and $269.96 per month.

8. Clickfunnels

Popular software to sell digital products

2022-01-19 22:10:58.797000

Clickfunnels is known to be a popular sales funnel software that is used for selling digital products, they have a lot of tools that users could make do with in order to get their businesses to grow and expand in the online sphere.

They have a wide range of tools you could make use of to make sure your online business grows at a steady and healthy pace, you can also create online mini-courses with this service, you could also create your own customized pages in the best way.

Key Features

  • Clickfunnels has built in marketing tools that help users boost their sales, there’s so much to do with the marketing tools in place, you can make generate sails with their email list, and you could also use the software to promote offers.
  • You can edit checkout features in a personalized way when you’re customizing
  • It has an easy or simple dashboard with everything placed on it, you don’t have to get lost looking for tools or features.


The pricing plan starts at $97 per month and it scales up to the highest plan which is priced at $2,497 per month.

9. Teachable

Best platform for selling digital products in the most suitable way possible

2022-01-19 22:11:26.585000

Teachable teaches other e-commerce platforms a thing or two when it comes to selling digital products, coaching services, and online courses, this is a perfect platform for people who want to sell digital products, it has a lot of features that will come in handy and there are a lot of people who make use of it.

Teachable offers a lot of hard-hitting features that are very useful to all of its users, if you want to have the best online business, this would be a great option to consider for selling your digital products online.

Key Features

  • It has the ability to track sales with its analytics feature, this way, you can track your progress and view the analyzed data when you sell your products.
  • You can also host all you downloads without worrying about them getting stolen.
  • You can also see if your buyers viewed and finished their products, this is great when it comes to tracking progress as well.


The pricing plan starts from the lowest price which is $39 per month and it goes all the way up to the highest plan which is rated at $299 per month, part of the features is that you can offer different payment plans to your customers.

10. Kajabi

Kajabi provides a lot of ways to make money

2022-01-19 22:11:35.744000

When it comes to the best platform to sell digital products, what you’re looking for is the money-making avenue that works best and Kajabi is a great contender in that aspect, it has all the tools you could possibly need.

It also allows you to create your website storefront and you could sell your products and make a lot of money in more ways than one, you don’t even need any experience to make use of this platform.

Key Features

  • The best part about it is that you get a lot of services all in one platform, so you get to make a lot of money just by using this best platform for selling digital products.
  • It has a built in CRM system and it offers a lot of email marketing and other marketing tools that you could make use of.
  • It has a seamless integration with all, if not most of the payment methods it makes use of.
  • It also has a mobile app that allows users to view their digital downloads from any part of the world.


With Kajabi you get a two weeks free trial to start off, then you could pay $149 to $399 per month for any plan of your choice, they also offer a 20% discount if you decide to make use of their annual plan.

11. Gumroad

Best Platform to sell digital products and for online creators

2022-01-19 22:11:46.009000

Gumroad is a unique platform for people who want to sell both digital products and services, it also serves perfectly for online creatives as well, all you have to do is signup for Gumroad and you will be able to sell your products.

Gumroad is a great start for beginners with little to no experience, it is very affordable and users get to quickly sell their digital products without running into any unwanted difficulties, it is quite easy to use but it is also very effective.

Key Features

  • Gumroad has an in built analytics tool that helps you keep a record of all your views and alll your sales.
  • Gumtoad also offers a way for users to customize their platform with the use of CSS


The main starting price is $10 per month for less than 1000 customers

12. Thinkific

One of the best platforms for selling online courses

2022-01-19 22:11:54.094000

Thinkific is a great platform, it is considered one of the best platforms for selling digital products and this is because it allows you to create an e-commerce platform where you can sell online courses and also create them.

It has a lot of marketing tools you could make use of, and the best thing about is you can make use of your own domain name, you can also customize your page in any way you want and let Thinkific do the rest.

Key Features

  • It has an easy to use drag and drop feature that allows you design your site easily, you could also avoid any mishaps with the HTML and CSS code.
  • It supports a lot of features that allows users make private and hidden courses, have multiple instructors, create memberships and so on.


The starting plan is $69 per month, there are other plans to choose from.

13. Memberpress

Best WordPress Plug-in

2022-01-19 22:12:01.709000

Memberpress is a WordPress plugin that gives you the freedom to sell membership to your customers, users are also free to subscribe as well and you have the power to do pretty much whatever you want.

This is a great platform that offers a unique service to all of its customers, with the help of the many WordPress plugins, there’s so much more to expect from this platform, that is why it is one of the best platforms for selling digital products.

Key Features

  • It works with WordPress plugins and there’s also possible integration with PayPal, stripe, active campaign, convert kit and so on.
  • You also have freedom with the configuration of what your members have access to, whether that is posts, videos, pages, categories and so on.


The basic plan starts at $179 per year and then into the next plan which is the plus plan, it costs $299 per year, and lastly, the $499 per year plan for the pro plan.

14. Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress plug-in for selling digital products

2022-01-19 22:12:11.375000

Easy digital downloads is one of the best platforms for selling products because it has a lot of features that make your selling way easier, with it, you have absolute control over your online store and all the selling that goes on within.

You could try using easy digital downloads to sell your digital products, it has everything you’ll need and even more. It offers a lot of features that will be highly beneficial for whatever selling you need to do in the long run.

Key Features

  • It offers a lot of features which includes; discount codes, unlimited file downloads that will be helpful for your users, a shopping cart to make the shopping process fun and easy, activity tracking and other features.
  • Easy digital downloads also has a lot of support for third party integration that include Dropbox, stripe, Aweber, Zapier, mailchimp and so on.


The pricing plan starts with the personal pass which costs $99 per year, an extended pass costs $199 per year, a professional pass costs $299 per year, and lastly, an all-access pass which costs $499 per year.

15. Digitstore24

Regarded as a marketplace for selling digital products

2022-01-19 22:12:25.900000

Digitstore24 is one of the best platforms to sell digital products because it works efficiently to provide a space where people can sell goods online, they can sell software and memberships, asides that, Digitstore24 also provides some form of marketing through affiliates, so you don’t have to worry about doing everything.

With products that are very much needed in the world, all you need is the affiliate marketing that Digitstore24 offers, and all your products will sell at a steady and very fast pace, this store is quite reliable and it functions efficiently.

Key Features

  • With Digitstore24, you don’t have to worry about anything, basically everything you need will be handled by them with all their services and features.
  • There’s also a shopping cart widget for the sales page, this feature is very essential for any platform that intends to sell products.
  • Other features include marketing through affiliates, a way to test purchases before you go live, fraud prevention and so on.


The best part about this digital platform for selling products is that it is free for everyone, which includes both the owner of the e-commerce site and the customers as well, it is a very affordable way of selling digital products.

16. FastSpring

Best platform for selling digital products in a speedy fashion

2022-01-19 22:12:37.102000

FastSpring is another digital product to trust when it comes to selling your products, it is fast and also secure, it allows you to sell your products without struggle or any issues at all, it also comes with a lot of features as well.

There are so many features to look forward to with this platform for selling digital products, it is fast and highly reliable and it offers so many features that will surely come in handy for users everywhere.

Key Features

  • You can create branded checkouts, and sell your files and online products in the most secure way possible.
  • It has an affiliate feature that is built in, this means your marketing problems aren’t going to be an issue when you decide to sell your products online.
  • You will also able to build SaaS software within your FastSpring account, it also generates license for your products.


FastSpring doesn’t give the usual price list on their site, you will have to proceed to other formats that includes a request for a quote, you will also include your work email address.

17. Thrive Apprentice

All in all Best Platform for WordPress

2022-01-19 22:12:48.897000

Thrive Apprentice is quite effective for WordPress because it is a WordPress plugin within thrives suite, it sells digital products due to its very easy-to-use interface that allows you to do all that you need in the easiest way possible.

It has so many features and one of the major advantages that come with using this platform is that it integrates directly with your WordPress platform just in case you don’t want to leave your blog site, and there are a lot of built-in features to look forward to as well.

Key features

  • You could create a ton of amazing templates when you’re making use of this platform, it gives you the room to design all that you will need to make your store the best it could possibly be.
  • You could also build amazing courses with full visual editing and you could integrate with woo commerce, thrivecart, sendowl, and others.
  • It has a very simple setup process that makes it easy for users to set up their sites and stores, this is a great advantage that wouldn’t work for almost anyone.


In order to make use of this platform, you will have to signup for the full site plan which is $228 annually, there is also a quarterly plan that goes for $90 and with that, you could get a number of features.

Best platform to sell digital products?

The overall best platform to sell your digital product will have to be podia, followed by the other platforms mentioned above, they all have what you will need to make you sales high and fast paced, they are highly reliable and have a lot of features to offer.

Podia is top of the list for a lot of reasons, it is a perfect start for beginners who want to sell their products online and it is even better for people who want their businesses to grow even higher and bigger than it is.


There are so many best platforms to sell digital products, there are a lot of options when it comes to this particular subject, which is why this list is carefully curated as a guide on users’ journey to selling all their digital products on an online platform.