White Hat Link Building

Ultimate WhiteHat Link Building Guide in 2022

Whitehat link building is the ultimate way of getting clean high-quality backlinks to your website that increases your rankings on Google and gets you more organic traffic which leads to reaching more people and making more money with your website.

My SEO/WhiteHat Link Building Partner is Markino BYRD. He has done great for me helping me find websites to publish guest posts and build high-quality links to my website.

He handles the entire link-building process on his own, from competitor’s analysis to email outreach to writing the guest post and getting me backlinks from high domain rating (DR) sites. You can check out his profile on Upwork.

How I Plan on Increasing my Domain Rating in 6 months

My plan is to grow my domain rating to 50+ in 6 months with the help of Markino BYRD.

Paul Aroloye Domain Rating
  1. Hire Markino BYRD Link Building Service.
  2. Sit back and watch my domain rating grow (It’s already growing).
  3. He started building high quality links to this website around September 2021.

My WhiteHat Link Building Process (Guest Posting)

1. Competitor Analysis

Markino helps me analyze my competitors by searching through my top pages, taking note of other websites that rank for the same keywords.

These websites are copied into a spreadsheet as a list of competing domains which would be further analyzed to extract their backlink profile and to check which websites I can get a guest post from.

2. Email Outreach

Personalized emails are sent but before that, you have to know the right person to contact and Markino does this excellently. He uses an email finder tool called Hunter to find the email address of people on a website.

White hat link building Guest Posting

He goes a step further by checking every company on Linkedin to find the person in charge of the content of the blog and notes down the name, email address, and also notes down a backup contact person, just in case.

3. Content Gap Analysis

After personalized emails have been sent and a favorable reply is received. It’s time to ask for what topic they want to be published on their website or in case they have no content ideas.

Markino does a content gap analysis to find topics published on competitors’ websites but not published on our guest post client website.

This makes it easier for these topics to be approved because they are directly related to what they already publish on their websites and it’s a good way for them to capture more audience and get more organic traffic.

4. Writing the Guest Post

Markino writes the guest post according to the requirement given to us which usually is word count, what to talk about in the article, images, and links to be added.

5. Publishing the Guest Post

White hat link building Published Guest Post

After writing and formatting the article, it’s submitted for review which can take some days then FINALLY, our guest post gets PUBLISHED and we get a do-follow backlink from a high domain rating site, which is awesome for increasing the domain rating of my website using a white hat link building strategy.

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