15 Best Hosting for Web Designers in 2022 (Cheap and Fast)

Best Hosting for Web Designers

The best hosting for web designers is cheap, fast, and extremely scalable to grow with your design business or grow with your clients.

The very art of web design as a craft depends on web hosting, the best hosting involves the storing of different kinds of data that sums up or adds up to your entire website, web hosting is an essential part of the design, the data in question could be videos, images, code, text, and so on.

Storing these data is beneficial in the long run, that way people with an internet connection would be able to view and interact with what you’ve put on the web, from all around the world.

What are the 15 Best Hosting for Web Designers?

The best hosting for web designers is filled with a number of hosts that are categorized as the top web hosts year after year, these best hosting for web designers allow your website to stay alive for as long as it possibly can.

These best hosting for web designers give people access to your site and they keep your data safe and secure, the 15 best hosting for web designers include;

1. Bluehost

Best hosting for beginners

2022-01-02 19:03:15.229000

Bluehost is not only the best hosting for web designers, it is also great for beginners who don’t really know their ropes just yet, it is also regarded as the overall best hosting for web designers and this is simply because of all the great features it has.

Key features

  • Blue host is simply the best in terms of simplicity, it could work with basically any site you have, whether it is a business site or a website or even a podcast, its simplicity will work well with your sites.
  • Bluehost is very secure, you can trust all your saved data are safe and sound, and if you run into any difficulty, there’s a 24/7 customer expert team at your beck and call to answer any questions you might have.


Bluehost has free domain and site builders, the pricing starts at $2.75 per month and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case.

2. Cloudways

The best unique hosting for web designers

2022-01-02 19:03:26.893000

Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting; it stands out in a lot of ways. It allows users to build sites without spending a dime and it has flexible and powerful servers that allow you to set up the web hosting easily.

Key features

  • There are so many features to look at when it comes to cloudways, for one, it has site cloning and it is very easy to set up.
  • Cloudways also has excellent uptime, with excellent uptime, your customers can still access your services even when your site is down, and it basically allows you select a content management system from reliable sources such as Drupal, Joomla, and wordpress and so on.


The hosting plan for cloud ways begins at $10, if you want more features it will cost you higher in the amount of $1,035. There’s also an hourly billing that goes from $0.01 up to $1.43.

WPX hosting

An excellent option for web developers

2022-01-02 19:03:38.030000

WPX hosting is a very great option when it comes to hosting for web designers, it is an amazing option for designers who are searching for affordable managed WordPress hosting, and it is very flexible and versatile in terms of speed.

Key features

  • It offers so many features like free site optimization, free malware detection and removal and you also get free site fixes in case your site is down.
  • The great thing about WPX is that you get 24/7 support in the speediest way possible, and you get free high speed CDN as well.


The great thing about this hosting is that you get a lot of services for free, your get to have the fastest managed WordPress hosting for free for the first two months, eventually, you will have to look into their annual plans.


Best shared hosting for web designers

2022-01-02 19:03:55.953000

Hostgator has been around for a while, this is why it is one of the top dogs when it comes to conversations about the best hosting for web designers, it is fast, reliable and the company is known to have a whopping 99.9% uptime.

Key features

  • With hostgater, you could get a free domain for an entire year, and on top of that, hostgator gives wordpress hosting to its users and it also has its own website builder.
  • It also has unmetered bandwidth, paired with unmetered disk space and asides the fact that it provides shared hosting, it also provides other hosting services that go from domains to dedicated servers.


Hostgator has three different plans, Hostgator hatching plan that goes for $2.08 per month, HostGator baby plan for $2.98 each month, and lastly, Hostgator business plan for $4.48 per month.

Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting

One of the best when it comes to premium shared hosting

2022-01-02 19:04:07.990000

Hostinger has to be one of the most recommended hosting for web designers, it has everything from speed to, power and it is also super affordable, it is also one of the best cloud hosting platforms you could possibly make use of.

Key features

  • It has three plans for its cloud hosting; the cloud startup, cloud professional and cloud enterprise, and all of these plans give users about 300 websites along with unlimited bandwidth for their account.
  • The plans also come with a free SSL certificate; it comes with free domain, daily backups and Google Ads credit.


The deals vary; you could go for the single shared hosting which goes for $1.39 a month, the premium shared hosting that goes for $2.59 per month, or the business shared hosting for $3.99 per month. There’s the cloud startup plan for $29 from one month to another depending on how long you want the service to last.


Hostwinds is the best dedicated hosting for web designers

2022-01-02 19:04:31.413000

The great thing about hostwinds is that it provides a very vast variety of dedicated server hosting, and it is also known to have a configuration that is so good it could handle any kind of usage you have in mind, whether it is general usage or a more intense and heavy usage, this is the best dedicated hosting for web designers.

Key features

  • The great thing about hostinger is their ideal servers, the servers are very reliable and safe and very high tech.
  • You have options when it comes to the bandwidth you want to go for, and this is because of the 1Gbs network link hostinger has provided.


The pricing for hostinger depends on the dedicated server you choose, there’s a plan that goes for $106 per month and another that goes for $159 per month..


Best hosting for web designers because of its services

2022-01-02 19:04:44.899000

Inmotion is an amazing choice; it was one the best hosting for web designers and this is because it is known to be one of the best reseller hosts that have been around for a long time, so you can expect ideal services because of the experience gained in the hosting field.

Key features

  • InMotion offers wordpress hosting and business hosting to top it all off, on top of that, it offers the best web design services for web designers.
  • InMotion has a reseller plan for beginners, you could get features like 800GB of bandwidth, 80GB of storage and you can host up to 25 accounts with this reseller plan.


The InMotion beginner reseller plan mentioned earlier costs $21.39 per month, you could also check out the other plans that range from $7.99, $2.79 and $4.99, all on a monthly basis.


Dreamhost offers essential features like email hosting

2022-01-02 19:04:54.300000

Dreamhost is one of the greatest considerations when it comes to hosting, it is the best hosting for web designers, this is because of the wide variety features this hosting service provides, one major feature is the email hosting which gives about 25GB of storage to users by default.

Key features

  • This hosting service has a feature that allows the syncing of emails between desktop devices and mobile devices.
  • Another great feature that is attached to the email hosting solution is the ability to filter spam messages because of the anti-spam filter it has.


The pricing is affordable to an extent, you could get a pricing plan from $1.99 a month and if you opt for a yearly contract, the monthly charge is deducted to $1.67 a month.


Best hosting for web designers that offers unlimited features

2022-01-02 19:05:05.428000

Greengeeks is a hosting that is stated to be the most popular green energy web hosting provider, this could work well for web designers that would like to go for more eco friendly choices rather than splurging on other types of hosting that don’t have the same green slogan.

Key features

  • Greengeeks provide a very essential feature that is more or less an entire package filled with a shared hosting plan that provides services like unlimited websites, emails, web space, bandwidth and even databases.
  • It also has nightly backups which will be very useful for data; it has cloudfare CDN integration and a very simple website builder that will come in handy.


You are guaranteed a payment plan of $2.49 per month on the lite plan if you pay an upfront fee that lasts for three years, it hikes up to $10.95 when you want a renewal and you also have the usual 30 days money back guarantee just in case you find faults.

WP engine

Best hosting for web designers looking for managed wordpress hosting

2022-01-02 19:05:25.838000

WP engine is known to be perfect for people who want the best managed wordpress hosting provider they can find, it has a lot of features and it is great when it comes to offering users the managed wordpress service they want.

Key features

  • This wordpress hosting offers you setup updates, troubleshooting, optimization in terms of performance, as well as security.
  • The interface of WP engine is so professional, this is a great feature for people that know what they are doing, and it might not be the best for beginners.


The first plan costs 31USD per month, and then $103 per month, lastly the %261 per month plan; you could choose the plan that best suits your needs and pocket.


The best platform in terms of security

2022-01-02 19:05:35.941000

Domain.com is one of the best hosting for web designers because it prides itself on offering powerful and reliable services to its users, it even takes a step further by ensuring that you get the safety and security you will require.

Key features

  • One major feature is the unlimited storage you will get, storage is a very vital part of hosting and domain.com has that.
  • You can get free SSL certificate along with 10 databases, this service will give you the best bandwidth as well as 99.9% uptime.


The basic plan goes for $3.75 a month for the yearly billing cycle, the deluxe plan goes for $6.75 and then the ultra plan goes for $13.75.

Liquid web

Best managed hosting for web designers

2022-01-02 19:05:51.494000

Liquidweb is a company that offers managed hosting solutions that have been described as high quality, with the services liquidweb provides, web designers will get a lot of managed hosting features that go beyond just the basics.

Key features

  • It is very secure in the sense that it protects users from spam with its spam protection; it also has a lot of other ways to monitor the system to ensure that problems are detected easily and solved.
  • Liquidweb as a company has its own data centers that have fully equipped and managed hardware and network infrastructure.


The price ranges from $1 to $2 and then $10, all per month based on the plan of your choice, it could either be the liquid web standard or the liquid web plus and lastly, liquid Microsoft exchange.


Best hosting for web designers that goes for low prices

2022-01-02 19:06:01.422000

Namecheap is just as the name implies, it provides web hosting services on a budget, but you still get features that are worth it, you just aren’t required to break your bank to enjoy features that are still reliable and great.

Key features

  • With the very first plan, you get 20GB of hard drive space as well as 30 email accounts, this might not be a lot but it is worth the price it costs.
  • If there’s one thing this hosting service provides at the cost it goes for, it would be the effective speed and it also has expert support that will be very helpful when you run into difficulties.


The first plan goes for $2.88 for a month to month basis, the other plans also run on a monthly basis, the first plan is called stellar, the next plan is the stellar plus and it costs $4.88 and lastly the stellar business plan that costs $8.88.


A very trusted web hosting for web designers

2022-01-02 19:06:13.213000

Siteground is trusted by a lot of domains, this number could amount to about two million domains and this is because it is very secure and it provides maximum safety, you can also say that it provides full solution when it comes to choosing your site builder and it offers some of the best features.

Key features

  • It has wordpress features which include wordpress installations, automatic updates, caching and security plugins amongst a lot of other features.
  • You could also count on their expert support to always be there 24/7, even when you want a professional website transfer, it also offers super easy wordpress migration that is automated.


They have a lot of plans, their web hosting plans start with the startup plan which goes for $3.99 per month, and then you have the growbig plan for $6.69 per month, lastly the gogeek plan that goes for $10.69 per month.


The most reliable web hosting solution for web designers

2022-01-02 19:06:27.452000

GoDaddy is great in the sense that it provides the most secure and most reliable hosting solutions, it has a lot of features which will no doubt be useful to a lot of websites and web designers, this hosting solution is valuable to any website making use of it.

Key features

  • First things first, you could get a free domain with this hosting service, along with the free domain; you also get 99.9% uptime and unlimited sites & storage.
  • With this hosting solution, you can have the simplest WordPress, Drupal, and even Joomla installation with just one click, to top it off, you also get a fast page loading time.


For all its great and reliable features, you get an economic plan that is as low as 1.99euros per month, you could also go for the deluxe plan for 6.99 Euros a month and the last plan is the ultimate plan for 9.99 euro.


The great thing about all the 15 best hosting for web designers is that they all offer different features at different prices, when going for the best hosting for web designers, you will have to take a few considerations into mind, considerations as; the features, security, and then the price as well.