25 Best Terraria Server Hosting of 2022 (Free and Paid)

Best Terraria Server Hosting

The best terraria server hosting with help you get the most high-value action-adventure sandbox game that takes place in a 2-D world, it has a lot of features like mining, survival, combat, and so on, all for the gamer’s enjoyment, it gets even better because it’s the type of game that could be more interesting with multiplayer.

What are the Best Terraria Server Hosting ?

In order to enjoy the maximum level of fun and adventure when it comes to playing terraria without any delays, you will need the best game server hosting you can find, this enables you to play the game without any interruptions at all.

1. Aleforge

Best Terraria server hosting with a lot of features

2022-01-15 13:47:42.689000

AleForge’s Terraria server hosting takes your gaming to the next level, it provides a whole lot of features to ensure that your gaming is as magical as it could possibly be and it also ensures that your servers are managed easily so you could avoid any hassles.

Key Features

  • This best terraria server hosting has a control panel that will definitely perform in all the best ways, it also has auto backups and mod installers, you also get up to 99.9% uptime which ensures optimal performance.
  • It has a lot of features that include: a free 10 day trial, the fastest customer support, an interface that is super effective and proficiently easy to make use of regardless of your expertise level.


The free trial plan gets you 1CPU, 5 users, 5 GB space as well as 1GB memory, there’s also the starting plan of $0.60 per slot and a plan that goes for $4.5 per month for a CPU, unlimited space, 5 players and 1GB memory.

2. HostHavoc

Offers absolute high performance

2022-01-15 13:47:57.000000

Hosthavoc could easily be considered as one of the best terraria server hosting you could find in 2022, with this, you could easily start up your terraria hosting immediately because of the service HostHavoc provides.

Key Features

  • HostHavoc has its network spread across cities in the most tactical and productive way possible, it has networks in 11 cities that are global and thriving.
  • It has a highly functional file manager that allows access to users who want to manage their own servers.


The starting price for this heat terraria server hosting starts at $0.70 per slot or users could opt for $16.80 per month for 24 slots.

3. Bisect Hosting

Get the best out of your server with bisect hosting

2022-01-15 13:48:39.905000

The great thing about bisect hosting has to be their versatile server, you can get it up and functional in a matter of minutes, and to top it all off, you have full control of your server when it comes to customization.

Key features

  • You get daily backups with this best terraria server hosting, you don’t have to worry about any system mishaps while enjoying your game.
  • With bisect, you get the latest and updated version of your gaming, this server hosting aims to please gamers in all the best ways.


Bisect hosting provides terraria server hosting in four different packages, the starting price is $2.99 per month with unlimited slots and other features.

4. XGamingServer

Best terraria server hosting with vintage features

2022-01-15 13:48:25.409000

The great thing about this xgaming server is that it provides you with the best features that takes you back into a more vintage or retro feel when it comes to gaming,

Key features

  • It is super easy to use and the control panel is also effective with all the features that you could possibly need.
  • It provides automated backups and also protection from DDOS attacks, in the plus side it provides consistent monitoring of the system to fix any failures it might encounter with immediate effect.


This terraria server hosting could be gotten at $15 per month with a lot of great features attached.

5. Indifferent Brocolli

Best Terraria server hosting to indulge creative minds

2022-01-15 13:48:13.072000

If you’re on the creative spectrum when it comes to gaming, this server hosting is just what you need. With indifferent brocolli, you get to build, explore and craft on your server.

Key features

  • Their expert support team could be reached as quickly as possible, they could also be found on different platforms such as discord or even through mail.
  • The set up of your terraria server hosting would be pretty instant because all you need is one click.


You can get a free trial with this terraria server hosting for two days, asides from that, you pay $12 per month for a terraria server.

6. Fragnet

Offers the best Terraria server hosting features at affordable rates

2022-01-15 13:48:51.923000

Fragnet Is one of the best terraria server hosting if you want to play your games with the most affordable packages you can find, this server gives you absolute freedom when it comes to features and you don’t have to pay high prices.

Key Features

  • They have a control panel that provides you with complete access, this enables you manage the server easily and speedily.
  • You get instant server set up as well as a free voice server, you also get infrastructure monitoring that is completely on a regular basis.


The starting price is $0.76 per slot, and you can choose from an array of payment methods.

7. G-Portal

Gives gamers the best gaming experience

2022-01-15 13:49:02.287000

With G-Portal, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions that will hinder your gaming flow, you could even make the best out of the G-portal terraria server to build the best buildings and engage in the best battles ever.

Key Features

  • This server hosting offers about 50GB worth of backups for all your saves games and even your configurations.
  • They have so many options or medium for users to contact them through, it could be through a forum, wiki, telephone, emails, a ticket or so many other options, you can ask for assistance at any time.


The starting price is €4.25 for four slots and that lasts for 30 days, there are other price ranges for different slots, like 6 slots for €5.95.

8. CitadelServers

Enjoy the best Terraria gaming with the best terraria server hosting

2022-01-15 13:49:14.634000

Citadel servers has a lot to offer in terms of feature, it allows you customize your server to your choosing thanks to its reliable control panel, you can also manage your servers quite easily in order to have the best gaming experience.

Key features

  • You can connect with players from all over the world when playing multiplayer gamers, this is because of terraria and its global network coverage that covers around 18 locations.
  • It also has instant back ups that don’t really require any sort of schedule, that way all the data in your server is safe and secure.


The starting price is $0.16 per slot.

9. LogicServers

  • Bsst Terraria server hosting with the best hardware
2022-01-15 13:49:26.160000

LogicServers is an excellent choice for players who are looking for the best gaming experience when it comes to their terraria and other games as well. It has all the best features that ensures the best gameplay.

Key features

  • The best hardware is used for logic servers, so it has good processors and an equally good SSD storage and other features that makes it have the best performance.
  • Their server locations cover 11 global locations, all around five different continents, this means the server would be great for players all around the world.


You could choose from the starting price of $0.67 for a slot or you could go for the $9 per month for 10 slots deal, anyone that is more of your speed.

10. Nodecraft

Best Terraria server hosting with quality and affordability

2022-01-15 13:49:41.368000

Nodecraft happens to have a lot of amazing qualities while maintaining certain affordability, it also has a high-performing server that will host your terraria games in the most exciting and reliable way possible.

Key features

  • One of the best features is the 32GB ECC RAM that ensures stability and speed for all your server hosting needs.
  • Another feature is the DDoS protection that guarantees security, this is a feature that all the best terraria server hosting have.


The pricing begins at $9.98 per month and you also have a money-back guarantee that is valid within a 7-day period.

11. GTX Gaming

Best Terraria server hosting with experience

2022-01-15 13:49:53.726000

GTX Gaming has been in the game for quite a while now, it offers high gaming performance for people who want to host their game servers, it gets even better because the price isn’t bad and it also offers a lot of features.

Key Features

  • There are so many upgradable options for their server hardware, you could update the server’s memory, CPU and others.
  • It has a lot of locations tied to its name for the best and wisest coverage you could possibly imagine.


The pricing is based on the number of slots, you could get each slot for $.60


Best Terraria server hosting with 24hours money-back guarantee

2022-01-15 13:50:06.827000

Pingperfect is another close-to-perfect server hosting for terraria, it has minimum slots of six and maximum slots of 32, it also provides free web hosting with the game server and you can definitely enjoy high performance.

Key Features

  • You get a free 48 hour trial as well as free rebranding.
  • It has global location coverage in six different continents.


You get one slot for $0.97, you can get six slots for $5.82 per month.

Streamline servers

Best Terraria server hosting with free server file migration

2022-01-15 13:50:17.491000

This server hosting has so many great features to long forward to, it is over 10 years old as a server so you can expect the best experience, and it has FTP access for maintenance.

Key Features

  • The control panel type is TCAdmin, and it has free rebranding as well as free DDoS protection.
  • You can access the customer support 24/7 through a ticket system that is very reliable.


The starting price is $0.75 per slot, the amount you pay depends on the number of slots.

Gameserver kings

Best terraria server hosting with maximum capacity

2022-01-15 13:50:28.141000

Gameservers kings has a capacity of 6 to 64 slots, it has a one day money back guarantee that allows you get your money if you’re not satisfied.

Key Features

  • It also comes with free debranding and it has DDoS protection as well.
  • The customer support is very reliable and they can be reached through emails or a ticket system.


one slot is $0.99, for 8 slots you’ll pay a price of $7.92 per month, and so on.


Offers top notch hardware

2022-01-15 13:50:36.764000

Low.MS makes sure there is no lagging in your server, you get high performance and it is also trusted based on all the good reviews online.

Key Features

  • The DDOS protection is free but the debranding costs $1.92
  • The customer support option is quite broad, you could use an email, a ticket system or a chat based option.


One slot is $1.06 , and you could get a minimum of 8 slots and a maximum of 70 slots, all at a fixed price per month.

Blue fang solutions

Best terraria server hosting with in-house technology

2022-01-15 13:50:46.775000

Blue Fang has global location coverage which makes the gaming experience even more thrilling and worthwhile, it also has other features that make it one of the best, this feature includes the in-house technology.

Key Features

  • It has a custom panel that is tagged as overseer 2.0, this custom control panel type offers the best services for your server.
  • The customer support operates on a day to day basis, there are options in case you need to reach out to a representative for help.


The price per slot is $1.25, $12.50 gets you 10 slots per month and for 32 slots you pay $40.00 per month.

Nitrous network

Offers free web hosting

2022-01-15 13:50:57.272000

This is another server hosting that could be considered as one of the best terraria server hosting, you could get from six to thirty slots, depending on the price you’re willing to pay.

Key Features


You’ll pay $1.06 per slot, $6.36 per month for 6 slots and so on.


Offers game switching

2022-01-15 13:51:05.114000

With this you have no restrictions when it comes the number of minimum slots and a high number of maximum slots, there are a lot of cons when it comes to using this best terraria server hosting and a few cons as well.

Key Features

  • iIr has a full on customer service that functions on a 24/7 basis, the medium options include email, ticket system and chats.


With a minimum of 4 slots and maximum of 200 slots, one slot is $1.30 and $0.84; for four slots and 200 slots respectively.


Globabally covered with a number of locations

2022-01-15 13:51:23.455000

Gameservers has quite a reach when it comes to its global location coverage, it is known to have an exceptionally large location network which means people from all over the world get high performance.

Key features

  • It has a custom control panel that is pretty easy to use and is designed in a way that all members could easily understand.


The starting price for a slot is $1.00


Best Terraria free server hosting

2022-01-15 13:51:42.006000

Skynode is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to host their terraria game servers for free, it is a great choice and offers unlimited features for gamers.

Key Features

  • It offers 10 NVMe storage with cloud backup and a custom Skynode panel.
  • It also has an instant setup, so you can configure your server and start playing in a matter of minutes.


The first plan is for $3.19 for the first month, for 8 slots.


2022-01-15 13:51:55.528000

Shockbyte is a hosting platform for Terraria games, they offer so many packages with a lot of features attached.

Key Features

  • Shockbyte has servers that are super fast so they’ll provide you with the highest performance.
  • It also offers 24/7 online support, and free subdomain.


The starting price is $4.99 per month for 4 slots and there’s a plan for $11.99 per month for 15 slots.


Best Terraria server hosting with low prices

2022-01-15 13:52:05.868000

This is another good server hosting with an amazingly low price, you don’t need to pay any heavy fees to enjoy the features, they are more than enough for basic gaming needs.

Key Features

  • They have the latest hardware and one click updates as well.
  • They offer 24/7 support.


The starting price is $9.46 per month for 8 player slots.


Build your own adventure with Linode

2022-01-15 13:52:15.444000

Linode is one of the best terraria server hosting for gaming in the whole terraria world, it allows you focus on your entire gameplay when going through your adventures.

Key Features

  • It supports a lot of one click modes to make every aspect of the configuration and set up as smooth as possible/


They have various packages with different pricing plans to choose from, their pricing list could be found on their website.

Fatality servers

Rent cheap Terraria servers

2022-01-15 13:52:51.883000

Fatality severs make sure you have a lag free game, once you rent this server you’ll be sure to play with a lot of players online without any slow performance.

Key Features

  • It has 99.9% uptime to provide high performance when you’re playing your game.
  • It has worldwide locations to make sure there is fast performance for users all around the world.


The pricing is quite low for the number of features you’re going to get from fatality servers.


Host your terraria servers easily

2022-01-15 13:53:01.670000

This server is quite easy to make use of, all you need to do is launch the remote.it app and then sign in to your account, after which you can proceed to choosing terraria as the service type.

Key Features

  • It allows you to play terraria games securely as long as remote.it is running smoothly, you also play terraria without port forwarding.


There aren’t any notable pricing plans for remote.it.


The best terraria server hosting have a lot of features in common but the pricing might be quite different among the different hosting servers, it is best to go for features that will meet your gaming needs along with the best price to fit your pockets.