11 Best Space Engineers Server Hosting of 2022 (Free and Paid)

Best Space Engineers Server Hosting

The Best Space Engineers Server Hosting of 2022 will give you a smooth gaming experience as you explore the world of space and life on different planets.

The intricacy of space engineers lies in the fact that it is a quite unique and exciting Sandbox game that takes place in space or on planets, it is the kind of game that could be described as a dream come true for people who had dreams of becoming astronauts or spacemen.

The game could be played on a single-player or multiplayer mode and it is very popular among gamers.

What are the best space engineer servers hosting to choose?

If you want to have the best gaming experience, there are so many choices to be made, if you want to play space engineers through a hosting platform, you will need to choose the best hosting platform in order to avoid issues like lagging or delays, with the best server hosting like the following, you could get the most fun experience possible.

1. HostHavoc

The very best for space engineers

2022-01-04 19:23:15.868000

HostHavoc is the best space engineer server hosting, this is because it has the experience and consistency to back it up.

HostHavoc has been around since the release of space engineers, it helps you build all the planetary props you will need, whether that is the spaceship or pilot ships, it also helps you explore the entire gaming realm and collect supplies you need to survive.

Key Features

  • The server has a speed that is extremely fast, this speed is very helpful in a game like this, ad with the number of data centers it has, and you are ultimately guaranteed high network and 99% uptime.
  • An important feature that could be underrated is the fast support team users get, once a gamer makes a complaint, they can be rest assured that their problem would be addressed within a few minutes.


The pricing comes with a refundable agreement, you can get a refund within 72 hours if you’re not satisfied, and the price of this hosting server begins at $15 per month for 20 slots.

2. ServerBlend

Provides you with the most uninterrupted gaming

2022-01-04 19:23:37.484000

Serverblender is one of the best-dedicated servers you could possibly use for space engineers, it will provide the best gaming experience because the software developer for space engineers is keen on software, and server blender happens to work closely with keen, so you can expect the best and the most mirrored experience.

Key features

  • The control panel is very efficient when it comes to the usage, this means that you wouldn’t run into any mishaps when you’re creating or managing your game server.
  • Serverblender has DDos protection and you also get the best expert support just in case you have any difficulties.


The pricing isn’t particularly extravagant; you could get all these great features at a starting price of $11.48 for each month.

3. RoxServers

Dedicated servers with a lot of services

2022-01-04 19:24:04.847000

Roxservers offers the best space engineers server hosting service when it comes to quality, the service itself, and the pricing, there is a lot that can be gained from using roxservers; it has 99.9% uptime which ensures great performance.

Key features

  • It has a professional customer support that is available seven days a week, and twenty four hours a day, the customer support provide fast response because the team is filled with experienced and professional staff.
  • It has other features such as the DDoS protected networks that ensure security and safety; it also has one of the best control panels, along with updates that are carried out with as little as 1 click.


The pricing plan begins at 5.99 euro per month; there is also a 24-hour money-back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the services provided by the server.

4. Survival Servers

Best space engineers server hosting at a lower price

2022-01-04 19:23:27.459000

Survival servers are another great option for your space engineers game, the only difference between this and the previous server hosting is the difference in pricing, you could get a lot of great features at a more affordable price and you get ultimate performance as well.

Key features

  • The way the control panel has been designed, gives you a lot of space to make changes to your location, you can also modify your server settings and to add to all of that, you could install plug-ins and mods and even enable server setups instantly.
  • All their data centers are known to be DDoS protected, this ensures maximum server security and they have seven server stations in total that make the entire process easy and super speedy as well.


The pricing is quite affordable considering the features it has; the pricing begins at the price tag of $8 per month.

5. GTXGaming

Best server hosting with an official connection to space engineers

2022-01-04 19:23:53.333000

GTXGaming has to be one of the best space engineers server hostings, it has an official relationship with the developers, this means that gamers will definitely get the best quality from the hosting service; this is one of the best choices to make when it comes to hosting services.

Key features


The pricing is quite reasonable and you could ask for a complete refund within the first 24 hours after purchasing the server.

6. LogicServers

Provides excellent speed and performance

2022-01-04 19:24:16.811000

Logicservers will serve space engineers enthusiasts perfectly with the speed it offers, this is one of the best space engineers server hosting out there because of the peak performance it provides to the users and lovers of the game.

Key features

  • Logicservers is fully protected with DDoS security, this security ensures that gamers play their games without any interruption.
  • You get to play your games as quickly as possible because the server setup is fast; you also get to install fast mod installer on the servers you play on.


Logicservers is one of the best space engineers hosting servers and the pricing begins at $9.38 per month for ten slots.

7. GameServers

The best server hosting with an instant activation system

2022-01-04 19:24:34.075000

GameServers is another great hosting service for space engineers, the website has an instant activation system that deploys your space engineers server and it keeps it online 24/7 even when your PC is turned off.

Key features

  • The control panel allows gamers to configure and customize your space engineers server, gamers can upload files using FTP, they can install plug-ins and mods, and they can also switch locations easily and add additional admin.
  • This network has been designed by gamers, so it is basically known for its low ping game hosting, it offers multiple locations in a users geographic region, this thereby ensures that there is a lag free space for their space engineers hosting.


The pricing starts at $7.95 per month for eight players, the pricing list goes on and on from 9 to 60, each with their different pricing that go from $8.95 per month for nine players, consecutively till you get to 60 players, and that costs $59.95 per month.

8. PingPerfect

Perfect for space engineers server hosting

2022-01-04 19:24:45.295000

Pingperfect is one of the best space engineers server hosting, this isn’t just because of the name, it also bags a lot of useful features and the pricing is quite affordable, there are so many things about pingperfect that are sure to serve space engineers gamers perfectly.

Key features

  • It has instant server setup; their systems are practically automatic so gamers will get instant installation of their space engineers server rental once they have made their purchases accurately.
  • Their space engineers server hosting comes with the easiest game panel, it has a pretty straightforward and easy to use game panel with simple configuration options and the best design.


The pricing starts at $1.08, the prices for space engineers go for each slot, they have discounts that could be based on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual payment basis and the discounts are 5% discount, 10% discount or 15% discount, accordingly.

9. Streamline servers

Streamline provides super fast server set up

2022-01-04 19:24:56.759000

The great thing about this server hosting is that it is set up just minutes after the payment has been confirmed, the server is conveniently suitable for gamers to have the best gaming experience, this is why it is regarded as one of the best space engineers server hostings.

Key features

  • The control panel alone houses a lot of great features, it allows you to control the settings of your sever and you can also install add-ons immediately with the help of the mod manager. The mod manager configuration editor is available and you can see the status of your server.
  • The server has been designed with the gamers in mind; this provides a smooth gaming experience, along with the data centers it has around different continents, gaming for everyone is guaranteed to be great.


This hosting server is regarded as one of the best space engineers server hosting because of its features and the affordable pricing that goes along with it, you can get this hosting server at the starting cost of $2 per slot.

10. Nitrado

Best space engineers server hosting with high quality server hardware

2022-01-04 19:25:07.873000

When it comes to server hardware, Nitrado has one of the best, they are high quality and fully functional, the hardware basically gives an assurance that users will get the most awesome performance in their gaming.

Key features

  • Nitrado is said to have links to AMS IX, LINX and DE-CIX, this is to ensure the lowest pings around the globe. It also has an integrated file browser that allows users to upload mods and files the easiest way possible.
  • Nitrado also performs daily backups for servers files, users can rest easy knowing they won’t incur any loss of files and data when it comes to their gaming, and this server hosting also has one of the best customer assistance in nine languages.


It is pretty affordable as the price of this server hosting goes for $3.25 for ten players, it has a 3-Day term, there’s also an alternative pricing option that is identified as custom pricing, and the price starts at $5.20.


Provides gamers with a lot of benefits

2022-01-04 19:25:19.226000

Making use of this server hosting for your space engineers will be highly beneficial, there are so many benefits to gain when you rent your space engineers server from Gportal, it is really one of the best space engineers server hosting of 2022, and with a lot of good reasons.

Key features

  • It has features like the 50GB backup for configurations and saved games, it also has some of the best and latest hardware; it has other features like its unlimited mod storage and the easiest game switching.
  • Gportal also provides gamers with a very fast server performance, the best part is the automatic power upgrades it has to boost the space engineers server, with this best server hosting, you will get high performance.
  • Gportal also offers automatic power upgrades for you and the server you’re making use of for space engineers.


Their payment methods include PayPal, credit card, Paysafecard and a lot of other options, the pricing starts at $1.40 per slot, you can get 10 slots for 30 days at $14.00, and you can also get 10 slots for 90 days at $37.80, and so on.


Space engineers as a game are quite unique and you need to have the best space engineers server hosting in order to enjoy every single part of your gaming experience, the server hosting services mentioned are the top best when it comes to satisfying your space engineers gaming needs.