How to Dm on TikTok

How to Dm on TikTok

If you’re new to TikTok or want to know how to DM many followers at once, this is the best guide. Read carefully, as some FAQs will be answered.

To DM someone on TikTok, you only need your temporary phone or a PC. You also need to recognize the TikTok messaging icon.

Meanwhile, let’s answer some faqs about how to dm on TikTok.

What Is a Direct Message on TikTok?

Direct Message on TikTok is a feature that allows users to send messages to anyone, even if they don’t follow each other.

This makes it different from other social media platforms, where direct messages can only be sent between users who follow each other. Few people are aware of this feature, and as such, it’s not used very often.

What Happens When I Send a Dm on TikTok? A Frequently Asked Question.

This is a frequenly asked question about TikTok. When you send a DM on TikTok, nothing bad happens your account or the user you messaged.

The person you sent it to will get a notification. If they’re a creator, they cannot see your DM unless they turn off their notifications. To communicate with someone on TikTok, you can chat with them or leave them a speech bubble. Some people limit who can send them DMs so that only people they know can contact them.

Meanwhile, you can also send messages to others and not get a restriction, if they allow anyone to message them.

Can You Send Direct Message on TikTok Without a Phone Number?

Yes, you can send direct messages on TikTok without a phone number. However, there is a limit to how many direct messages you can send without a phone number.

This is to prevent spam and limit the amount of messages that users can send. You must be 16 years old or older to use this feature.

Can You Dm Someone on TikTok Without Following Them?

No, you cannot DM a TikTok user without following them. This is a restriction set by the app in order to limit messaging to users who are 16 years old or older. Just like Instagram and other apps, TikTok doesn’t allow anyone to send a message to another user unless they are following them first.

This is for the privacy of the TikTok user and to prevent anyone from sending them unwanted messages. There is no way to send a message to a TikTok user unless you are following them first.

Can I Stop People on TikTok From Messaging Me?

Yes, you can stop the user from messaging you by going into your message settings and privacy settings. Without getting into too much detail, there is an icon with three dots that let you send and receive messages.

If you enable it, another TikTok user can not message you out of the blue.

What Are the Best TikTok Inbox and Message Settings?

The best TikTok message settings are the ones that allow you to receive messages from anyone, regardless of whether or not they follow you. To do this;

  1. go to your profile page and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Then, tap “Privacy and Safety” and scroll down to “Message Settings.” Tap the aeroplane icon next to “Allow Messages from:” and select “Everyone.”

This will allow anyone on TikTok to send you direct messages, regardless of whether or not they follow you. This is a great setting to use if you want to be able to interact with people on this social media platform.

DMs on TikTok and Its Limitations

There are some limitations on TikTok DMs. Users under 16 are not able to send messages. Also, users on TikTok are not able to send a message to another user unless both users follow each other or have their phone number saved in their contact list. TikTok also restricts the ability to receive messages from unknown or unverified users.

How To Send a Dm via the User’s Profile

To send a DM via the user’s profile, simply click on the “Message” button and type out your message. If you’re having trouble finding the Message button, it’s usually located near the user’s name and profile picture. Once you’ve found it, just click on it and type away!

Can I Send Multiple Dm’s at Once on TikTok?

Yes, you can send multiple DMs at once on TikTok. To do this, simply go to your messages and select the people you want to message. Then, type your message and hit send.

Your messages will be sent to all of the people you selected. Keep in mind that if you send too many messages at once, you might be flagged by TikTok. If this happens, you will be asked to confirm that you want to send the messages before they are sent.

How to Dm on TikTok

To direct message someone on TikTok, first make a list of people you’re following. Then, find their profile and click on the message icon. You cannot send a message unless you search for the name and go to their profile, that’s if its your first time of messaging them.

But if you have messaged them before, simply click the message icon on your TikTok’s page and message them again.

If you follow these steps, you will be guided through the process of sending a direct message to anyone on TikTok.

Why Can’t I Send a Message Through TikTok DMs?

If you’re wondering why you can’t seem to send a message through TikTok DMs, it’s likely because you didn’t read the guide properly. You can only DM people that you follow, and they can only send you a direct message if they’ve also chosen to follow you.

Also, try checking if your TikTok is the latest version. If its not, then try updating the application.


To conclude, in order to DM on TikTok, you must first update the application. After that, you should make sure the list of people you want to dm are on your following list.

Once you have done that, you can start sending messages on TikTok. Lastly, if you follow the guide, you’ll be able to DM anyone on TikTok.