LeiaPix: Convert Your 2D Images to Captivating 3D Animations in Seconds


Overview – Bring Your Images to Life

LeiaPix is a cutting-edge tool designed to breathe new life into static images. With the LeiaPix converter, transforming 2D images into captivating 3D animations has never been easier.

It adds unprecedented depth to your static images, turning them from flat visuals into immersive 3D experiences. Ideal for personal projects or professional presentations, it facilitates an instant conversion process, making 2D to 3D conversion both simple and swift.

Key Takeaways

  • LeiaPix is an AI-powered tool that converts static 2D images into captivating 3D animations.

  • The tool has many helpful features, including a Depth Map generated by AI for seamless conversion.

  • LeiaPix offers four pricing plans: Limited Export (Free), Premium Export, Pro API (5 credits per request), and Credits Pricing ($5/500 credits & $7.99/1000 credits).

  • It is for commercial and non-commercial uses, making it an ideal tool for many animation designers.

How LeiaPix Works

  • Create an Account – Start by signing up on Leia Inc.’s platform to access LeiaPix and its features.

  • Upload Images – You can upload your image in various formats, making it user-friendly for digital art enthusiasts.

  • Customization – Use custom animation settings to add depth and convert your static image into a dynamic depth animation or lightfield animation.

  • Depth Map Generation – The AI-driven technology creates a depth map to seamlessly integrate LeiaPix’s capabilities directly into your image, enhancing it without extensive manual adjustments.

  • Export and Share – After customization, export your transformed images in various formats, ready for commercial and non-commercial use, catering to professional users who need to integrate compelling 3D animations.

Key Features & Benefits

Depth Map Generated by AI

  • Leia Inc. stands at the zenith of 3D technology, and LeiaPix is no exception.

  • AI technology creates a depth map that brings your static image to life.

  • With this feature, you don’t need any prior experience or extensive knowledge of 3D modeling, as the tool does all the heavy lifting for you.

Control Your Storytelling

  • Utilize preset options or customize using advanced settings to create your ideal 3D depth animation.

  • Adjust the depth layer to control the intensity of your animation, giving you complete control over your visual storytelling.

  • This feature allows you to add depth and dimension, setting your animations apart from traditional 2D images.

Depth Map Editing

  • Unlock the next frontier of 3D imaging with game-changing depth map editing features.

  • With the ability to edit depth maps, users have full control over their animations, resulting in high-quality and realistic 3D visuals.

  • Make edits such as adjusting the focal point or adding motion for a more dynamic animation experience.

Use Cases & Applications

  • For Digital Artists and Designers: Professionals find LeiaPix a game changer when exporting their portfolios. The transformation from 2D to side 3D depth adds a new dimension to their artwork, making LeiaPix ideal for commercial purposes and showcasing in the digital art world.

  • Marketing and Advertising: By using LeiaPix to create captivating lightfield animations and depth animations, marketers can present products more engagingly. This innovative approach helps in capturing consumer attention more effectively than traditional 2D images.

  • Education and Training: Educational professionals use LeiaPix to create interactive materials that leverage side 3D depth, bringing concepts to life. This immersive experience makes learning more engaging and understandable for students.

  • Real Estate and Architecture: Architects and real estate agents harness the power of LeiaPix to offer virtual tours of properties and architectural designs. The Leia image format side 3D depth adds a realistic touch, offering potential buyers and clients a detailed perspective before the visit.

Who is LeiaPix For?

  • Professional Creators: For those seeking to enhance image resolution and explore novel dimensions with 3D lightfield images.

  • Photographers and Digital Artists: LeiaPix is a useful tool for photographers to showcase their work in a new and captivating format.

  • Businesses Owners: For businesses looking to enhance their marketing materials and add a touch of innovation to their product presentations.

  • Developers: For developers who want to integrate dynamic 3D visuals into their applications or websites, LeiaPix offers a simple and efficient solution.

Pricing & Plans

  • Limited Export Plan: It is free.

  • Premium Export: Free

  • Pro API: Custom pricing

  • Credits Pricing: $5/500 credits & $7.99/1000 credits.

What are Users Saying About LeiaPix?

  • Benny: I love LeiaPix. It’s a great tool for creating interactive and engaging images, and the depth map generator is incredibly accurate.

  • Ade: I’ve been using the tool for my digital art portfolio, which has helped me stand out in the competitive market. The customization options are impressive, and the export process is quick and easy.

  • Tom: Being a real estate agent, I’ve found this tool invaluable for showcasing properties to potential buyers. The side 3D depth adds a realistic touch that traditional images cannot match.

LeiaPix Alternatives

While LeiaPix offers a comprehensive suite of features for 3D conversions, there are several alternatives available in the market that cater to various needs, including frequent exports, support for numerous file formats, rest API for developers, and more:

  • Rentoor: This company specializes in high-volume, frequent exports for businesses and individuals needing quick turnaround times. Supports a wide range of file formats.

  • Designify: It offers a user-friendly interface for creating 3D images and animations, with support for multiple file formats and explicitly designed for digital artists.

  • ImgCreator.AI: It is a powerful AI-driven tool that generates 3D images, providing an easy-to-use rest API for developers looking to integrate 3D image creation into their applications.

  • AutoRetouch: Focuses on automating the editing process for 3D images, which is ideal for photographers and digital artists who need efficient workflow solutions. Supports a variety of file formats.


Is LeiaPix Converter Free?

Yes, the limited export plan is free to use. However, premium features such as higher resolution and advanced editing tools may require a subscription or credit purchase.

What is LeiaPix Used for?

Using depth mapping technology, LeiaPix primarily converts 2D images into realistic and dynamic 3D images. It is ideal for digital artists, photographers, businesses, and developers looking to enhance their visuals and storytelling capabilities.

How Do I Download Pictures from LeiaPix?

Images can be downloaded from LeiaPix by exporting them in the desired format. The tool offers various export options, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. Users can also purchase credits to export images with a higher resolution or access advanced editing tools.

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