RoomGPT: Powerful Personal AI Interior Designer for Your Home


Overview – Your Personal AI Interior Designer

RoomGPT is your revolutionary tool to turn the dream room you’ve always envisioned into reality. The platform connects you with AI-powered interior designers specializing in industrial style and modern decorating techniques for your bedroom or any area you wish to transform by simply uploading a photo of your current space. 

With RoomGPT, you’re not just redecorating but crafting your dream space. This intuitive tool lets you visualize your room’s potential and bring your vision to life.

Key Takeaways

  • RoomGPT is your personal AI interior designer that lets you create and design your dream room.

  • The tool is packed with different themes to help your design process and give your room an appealing appearance.

  • It is free for all users; sign up, upload your room, and let the AI work its magic.

  • RoomGPT connects you with AI interior designers specializing in industrial-style and modern decorating techniques for your bedroom or any area you wish to transform.

How RoomGPT Works

  • Create an Account: Start by signing up for RoomGPT. It’s quick, easy, and free for all users.

  • Upload Photos: Simply upload images of the space you wish to transform, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or any area needing a redesign.

  • Select Your Style: Choose from various styles that fit your vision and preferences. RoomGPT offers diverse styles to match every taste.

  • AI-Generated Designs: Based on the photos and style selected, our AI designers generate inspiring designs showcasing various furniture, lighting, and layout possibilities.

  • Review & Customize: Explore the initial designs and tweak them according to your needs. Adjust furniture placements, lighting options, and more to match your vision perfectly.

  • Finalize & Transform: Once satisfied, finalize your design. RoomGPT’s effortless process ensures users can easily envision and execute their room’s transformation, turning inspiration into reality.

Key Features & Benefits

Different Themes

  • RoomGPT offers diverse and unique themes to match every individual’s taste, style, and personality.

  • It simplifies the design process and gives your room an appealing appearance.

  • From industrial-chic to contemporary minimalism or cozy bohemian, you’ll find the perfect theme to fit your aesthetics.

Instant Designs

  • RoomGPT eliminates the wait time by instantly generating AI designs based on your specifications.

  • This feature makes it an efficient and fast way to revamp any space without the hassle of long design processes.

  • With just a few clicks, see countless design possibilities for your room and choose the one that best suits your style.


  • RoomGPT is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring a professional interior designer.

  • With its AI-powered technology, RoomGPT helps users save time and money by providing efficient design solutions.

  • Users can experiment with different designs and layouts without breaking the bank, making it affordable.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Transforming a Dream Home: Users can upload an image of their current room and utilize AI tools to transform it into their dream home, exploring various themes and ideas to achieve the desired aesthetic.

  • Collaboration Among Friends: Friends can test different designs on RoomGPT, sharing images of their rooms, getting feedback, and replicating ideas that resonate with everyone’s style preferences.

  • Professional Use by Interior Designers: Interior designers can use the tool to show clients how their ideas can transform rooms. It’s a powerful tool for replicating visions into realistic designs, ensuring client satisfaction before proceeding.

  • Experimentation and Learning: Individuals interested in interior design can use RoomGPT to experiment with different styles, understand space utilization, and see how small changes can dramatically transform a room’s appearance.

Who is RoomGPT For?

  • Homeowners dreaming of renovating: Leverage AI tools to integrate their vision into pictures of their current spaces seamlessly.

  • Interior Design Enthusiasts: Explore AI-generated designs to support their curiosity and learning in home decor.

  • Professional Interior Designers: Utilize RoomGPT for efficient project visualization and client presentation support.

  • Software Developers in Home Decor: Experiment with RoomGPT’s API to innovatively integrate and enhance AI tools in developing dream home projects.

Pricing & Plans

It is free to use.

What are Users Saying About RoomGPT?

  • Rob Attfield: I haven’t changed my room layout for 5 years, but this app may change that. Great job.

  • Eve Porcello: So good! I need this right now. Congrats on the launch!

  • Paul Hindes: I was using this today – the best AI room photo reimaginer I have seen!

  • Ade Dada: This is incredible; you no longer need an interior designer.

  • Koda: You can now see your rooms in different themes before you renovate. How cool is that!

RoomGPT Alternatives

  • Dreamhouse AI: It is an intuitive app that transforms pictures of rooms into interactive 3D models, enabling users to visualize and design their spaces easily.

  • AI Room Planner: Helps users reimagine their living spaces by uploading pictures and applying different design themes through AI technology.

  • Spacely AI: This app provides a user-friendly platform for transforming the picture of any room into a virtual space, complete with furniture and decor suggestions.

  • ArchitctAI: Specializes in using advanced AI to help users plan and visualize architectural changes before they are made, turning any room picture into a blueprint for transformation.


How Do I Get Started with RoomGPT?

To begin using RoomGPT, simply create a free account, upload photos of your space, select your desired style, and wait for the AI to generate custom designs.

Can I Use RoomGPT for Any Room Type?

Yes, based on the photos you upload, it can generate designs for any room type, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more.

What If I Want to Change the Design After Finalizing?

It allows for customization even after designs have been finalized. Users can tweak their designs at any time to ensure satisfaction with the outcome.

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