70 Powerful Short Prayers for Good Luck Every Year

short prayers for good luck

Boost your chances for success this year with these 70 powerful short prayers for Good Luck!

Discover a collection of 70 powerful short prayers for good luck in the upcoming year. These heartfelt words will guide you toward success and blessings, igniting positivity and hope in your journey.

70 Powerful Short Prayers for Good Luck Every Year

  1. “Dear God, please bless me with good luck and guide me towards success.”
  2. “May good luck follow me wherever I go in all that I do.”
  3. “Lord, grant me the strength to overcome obstacles and the good luck to achieve my goals.”
  4. “I pray for a stroke of good fortune in my life.”
  5. “May every step I take be blessed with good luck and prosperity.”
  6. “God, please let your favor shine upon me and bring good luck into my life.”
  7. “I trust in your divine providence and ask for your blessings of good luck.”
  8. “May the universe align in my favor and bring me good fortune.”
  9. “Dear God, I pray for a fortunate turn of events in my life.”
  10. “Guide me towards opportunities that bring me abundance and good luck.”
  11. “Please remove any negativity or bad luck from my life, dear God.”
  12. “Grant me the wisdom to recognize lucky moments and seize them.”
  13. “As I embark on new endeavors, please bless me with good luck and success.”
  14. “With faith in your plans for me, I ask for your blessings of good luck.”
  15. “Dear God, please bless my efforts with unexpected moments of good luck.”
  16. “In times of doubt, may your hand guide me towards favorable outcomes, Lord.”
  17. “I pray for an overflow of positive energy and endless opportunities for good luck.”
  18. β€œDear Lord, may every decision I make lead me closer to happiness and success.”
  19. Dear God, please guide me toward success and prosperity in all aspects of my life.
  20. May I be blessed with good luck and abundance in everything I do.
  21. I pray for the strength and courage to overcome any challenges that come my way.
  22. Help me make wise decisions that will lead me to a bright future.
  23. May the universe align in my favor and bring blessings into my life.
  24. I trust in your divine plan for my life and believe in the power of good luck.
  25. As I embark on new ventures, I ask for your guidance and blessings.
  26. Dear God, may every opportunity that comes my way be filled with good luck and success.
  27. Keep me safe from harm’s way as I pursue my dreams and goals.
  28. Help me stay positive and hopeful, even during difficult times.
  29. May good luck follow me wherever I go, bringing blessings along its path.
  30. As I take risks, may they turn into favorable outcomes with your divine intervention.
  31. Guide me toward the right path to happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment.
  32. Bless me with the wisdom to recognize opportunities for good luck when they arise.
  33. Surround me with positive energy and people who support my journey towards success.
  34. Dear God, bless every step of my journey with good luck and fortune.
  35. May every day bring new opportunities for growth, success, and abundance.
  36. Help me attract good luck by being grateful for all the blessings in my life.
  37. Fill my heart with faith and positivity as I face any challenges or obstacles ahead of me.
  38. Give me the strength to persevere through tough times and emerge stronger.
  39. Shower upon me your abundant blessings of good luck so I may prosper in all areas of my life.
  40. As I work towards my goals, may luck be on my side and lead me to victory.
  41. Bless me with the courage to take risks and seize opportunities that come my way.
  42. May good luck always find its way into my life, bringing joy and fulfillment.
  43. Dear God, guide me towards the right people and circumstances for a stroke of good luck.
  44. Help me let go of any negative thoughts or doubts that may hinder my path toward success.
  45. May every day bring new blessings of good luck, happiness, and prosperity into my life.
  46. I am grateful for your constant presence in my life, bringing me endless opportunities for good luck.
  47. Protect me from any misfortunes and bless me with a smooth journey towards achieving my dreams.
  48. Dear God, please open doors of opportunity for me where there seemed to be none before.
  49. Bless me with abundant financial resources and opportunities for wealth and prosperity.
  50. Fill my heart with gratitude to attract more blessings of good luck into my life.
  51. As I step out of my comfort zone, bless me with the courage and confidence to succeed against all odds.
  52. May love, support, and positivity surround me as I pursue my passions and goals in life.
  53. Grant me the strength to overcome any challenges that may come in the way of my success plan.
  54. Guide me through difficult decisions so that they may lead to favorable outcomes filled with good luck.
  55. Help me focus on the present moment while watching future opportunities for good luck.
  56. Give me the wisdom to see beyond setbacks and view them as stepping stones toward success.
  57. May every door closed be replaced by a better one filled with abundance, blessings, and good luck.
  58. Keep negativity at bay as I work towards creating a bright future filled with happiness and success.
  59. Dear God, bless me with the ability to recognize and appreciate the good luck in my life.
  60. May I be an instrument of good luck for others, spreading positivity and blessings wherever I go.
  61. Help me cultivate a positive mindset that attracts even more good luck.
  62. Bless me with the strength to let go of things that no longer serve my highest good and welcome new opportunities.
  63. As I embark on new journeys, may they lead to bountiful rewards and good luck.
  64. Keep my mind and heart open to possibilities, knowing that anything is possible with your divine guidance and good luck.
  65. Give me the courage to chase my dreams and turn them into reality through hard work, determination, and good luck.
  66. Bless me with the patience to wait for the right timing for things to fall into place with a stroke of good luck.
  67. Thank you for all the blessings, and good luck in my life. May they continue to pour in abundantly in 2024 and beyond.
  68. May each day be filled with miracles, synchronicities, and unexpected blessings of Good Luck.
  69. May I experience good luck in all ramifications?
  70. Dear Lord, accept all my prayers with good luck.

How Powerful Are Short Prayers for Good Luck?

Short prayers may seem insignificant compared to long, elaborate prayers, but they are just as powerful. The length of a prayer does not determine its strength; instead, the sincerity and faith behind it genuinely matter.

Short prayers for good luck can profoundly impact one’s spiritual life and positively change situations. They serve as a reminder to stay connected with God and trust in His guidance. Therefore, short prayers for good luck hold immense power in their simplicity and heartfelt intention.

How to Pray for Someone?

To pray for someone, find a quiet place to focus and connect with God. Then, think about the person you want to pray for and their specific needs or desires.

Speak from your heart and ask God to bless and guide that person in their journey. End by thanking God for listening and trusting He will answer your prayers according to His will. Remember, prayer is a powerful tool that can bring comfort, healing, and strength to those we love.

What is the best prayer for good luck?

The best prayer for good luck comes from the heart and is sincere. It should express gratitude, positivity, and a belief in the universe’s ability to bring blessings and opportunities. Asking for guidance and protection can also be included.

What is the best short prayer?

The best short prayer is one that is sincere, heartfelt, and personalized to your own beliefs. It can be as simple as saying “thank you” or asking for guidance and strength. Ultimately, the best prayer comes from the heart and connects you with a higher power.

How do I pray to God for success?

Prayer to God for success involves asking for guidance, strength, and wisdom to make the right decisions and overcome obstacles. It also includes expressing gratitude for past blessings and having faith that God will provide what is best for us. Additionally, praying with sincerity, humility, and a pure heart is crucial. Finally, it is essential to trust in God’s plan and surrender to His will.


In conclusion, incorporating short prayers for good luck into our daily routine can bring good luck and blessings. Whether for a specific goal or to invite positivity into our lives, these powerful prayers remind us of our faith and gratitude. May we all find success and happiness in the coming year through prayer.

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