How to Unpin Someone on Snapchat (How to pin and unpin on Snapchat)

How to Unpin Someone on Snapchat

One of the best features on snapchat is how to pin conversations and how to pin people, in this article, you will learn how to pin a Snapchat conversation and you will also learn everything you need to know about unpinning someone on Snapchat.

When you unpin someone on Snapchat, it means that you are no longer following them and their snaps will no longer appear in your feed. You can unpin someone at any time, but if you do it sooner rather than later, it will make room for someone else that you may want to follow.

Unpinning someone is easy to do and there are many reasons why you may want to do it. If you want to unpin someone on Snapchat, simply go to your list of friends and find the person you want to unpin.

Tap and hold on their name until a menu pops up, then tap on the Unpin option. This will remove them from your list of pinned friends, but you’ll still be able to see their streaks, pictures, and conversations if you’re friends with them.

What Does It Mean To Pin Someone On Snapchat?

Pinning someone on Snapchat means that you have selected a particular user as a featured chat partner. This means that their snaps will appear at the top of your chat screen, making them easier to find and view. You can pin up to three people at a time.

What Does “Pin Conversations” Mean on Snapchat?

The “Pin Conversations” feature on Snapchat allows users to pin their favorite chats to the top of the app, making them easy to find and access. This is a useful feature for both Android and iOS users, as it helps keep important conversations organized and accessible. To pin a conversation, simply open the chat and tap the pin icon at the top of the screen.

Why Don’t I Have the Option to Pin Someone on Snapchat?

There are a few reasons why you might not have the option to pin someone on Snapchat. One reason could be that you’re using an iOS device and the app doesn’t support that feature on iOS devices.

Another reason could be that the person you’re trying to pin is not a registered user of the app. If you’re sure that the person you’re trying to pin is a registered user and you’re still not seeing the option to pin them, it’s possible that they’ve blocked you or that their account is set to private.

Purpose Of Pinning A Conversation On Snapchat

The purpose of pinning a conversation on Snapchat is to keep it easily accessible so you can quickly chat with that person again. To pin a chat, simply tap the pin icon on the profile of the person you want to pin.

A notification will appear letting you know that the conversation has been pinned. The emoticon next to the chat will also change, indicating that it is now a pinned chat. This is a great way to keep in touch with your Snapchat friends and make sure you never miss a message from them!

Unpinning Someone On Snapchat

Unpinning someone on Snapchat is quick and easy, and you’re free to do so whenever you want. Simply open up the chat screen in the Snapchat app and tap on the person you want to unpin. Their name will then be unpinned from the top of your chat screen, and you can continue chatting as normal.

How do you unpin someone on Snapchat that blocked you?

If someone on Snapchat blocks you, you won’t be able to see their profile or snaps. However, you can still unpin them if you want. To do this, go to Snapchat Support and search for the user. Then, click on the “Unpin” button next to their name.

Unpin Someone On Snapchat Who Has Deleted Their Account

If you unpin someone on Snapchat who has deleted their account, the chat will be deleted and you will no longer be able to see that user’s snaps. If you want to delete the conversation, you can do so by going to the app’s settings and deleting the chat.

How to Customize the Snapchat Pin Icon

To customize the Snapchat Pin Icon, go to your settings and select the “Edit” option. Here you can change the color, shape and size of your icon. You can also add or remove text, and change the font style and color. If you want to keep your changes, be sure to tap “Save.”


It is very easy to pin and unpin someone on snapchat. To unpin someone on snapchat, simply go to their profile and tap the pin icon. This will remove them from your list of pinned friends.