21 Free Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

who called me from this phone number

Do you ever get calls from unknown numbers and wonder who called me from this phone number? If so, you’re not alone. Many people receive calls from unknown numbers, which can be frustrating when you don’t know who is calling.

Luckily, several free websites allow you to do a reverse phone lookup and find out the name and address of the person who called you.

This blog post will discuss twenty-one free sites to help identify who called you!

How To Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Finding out who called you from an unknown number can seem daunting. Still, reverse phone lookup services have made it easier to discover your unknown caller’s identity.

All you need is access to an online free reverse phone lookup service and the mystery number the caller used to reach out to. Then, you will receive an extensively detailed report about the individual behind that phone number in just a few minutes.

This report may contain their name and address and additional contact information such as email addresses or alternate phone numbers.

With reverse phone lookup services, you now have the ultimate tool for identifying mysterious callers so you can carry on with life without any additional worries.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

A Reverse Phone Lookup Service is a powerful public records search tool for identifying unknown callers or researching scam calls.

Individuals can use this service to access public court records, giving them insight into case types, history of incidents, and any associated fines. Users of the service also have access to criminal records if either public or private information is available.

Such an extensive resource can be invaluable if you are receiving unknown calls that could potentially be from unregistered businesses or scammers.

With a Reverse Phone Lookup Service, individuals are given the tools to take charge of their security.

21 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Have you ever received a phone call from an unknown phone number and wondered who it was? If so, try a phone number lookup service.

These services are free of cost and allow you to quickly find out information about phone numbers, such as the name of the contact, address of residence, past phone numbers, and more.

With 21 excellent free reverse phone lookup services, you’ll never again have to worry about receiving mysterious phone calls from unknown numbers.

Now you can find out who is calling simply by entering their phone number and getting detailed information right away!

1. Intelius

Are you looking for a way to find out who called me on this phone? Intelius offers the perfect solution – our free reverse phone lookup service can help you find out everything you need to know about anyone quickly and easily.

With Intelius, you can find someone’s phone number, carrier information, business details, and more. All you need is their name and address, and you’re good to go!

Intelius Best Features

  • Unlimited Phone Reports
  • Unlimited Person Reports
  • Unlimited Address Reports

Intelius Pricing

  • Intelius Free Trial: $0.95 for a 6-day trial
  • Intelius Paid Plan: $34.95/month

Intelius Pros

  • Free Trial
  • Extensive Database
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Unlimited Search Results
  • Downloadable Report Files
  • Intelius Identity Protect

Intelius Cons

2. TruthFinder

They are worried about who is calling you. TruthFinder has the answer. With their phone number lookup service, you can find the name and other public records associated with an unknown number.

This report includes address lookup, criminal records, business records, dark web monitoring, employment history, financial records, social media profiles, and more. You can even use their lookup service to find the name of a person’s spouse or significant other!

Knowing this information can help you feel safe and secure when answering calls from unknown numbers. You never have to worry again about who is on the other end of the line.

Get your comprehensive report today and rest easy knowing TruthFinder has your back.

Click here to get started with a free trial of TruthFinder!

TruthFinder Best Features

  • Full background check
  • Robust reverse phone number lookup service
  • UNLIMITED Phone Reports
  • UNLIMITED Phone Number Lookup
  • U.S. Based Customer Support
  • Private and Secure Report Access

TruthFinder Pricing

  • TruthFinder Free Trial: $1
  • TruthFinder Reverse Phone Lookup Tools: $4.99/month


  • $1 Free Trial
  • Unlimited Phone Reports
  • Has add-ons like Downloadable Report Files and Dark Web Monitoring
  • Extensive Database


  • Full reverse number lookup is behind paid walls.

3. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a free reverse phone number lookup that provides users with an easy and efficient way to search unknown phone numbers, whether landlines, VOIP, or cell phones.

It works like this — enter any number, no matter how suspicious it looks, and Spy Dialer will provide you with the user’s identity. Your searches remain confidential, so there’s no fear of exposure or vigilante justice.

You can use Spy Dialer for work purposes, such as checking out a business contact, or for personal reasons, like confirming any unknown number calling that’s not in your contacts book.

The information is accurate and accessible from almost any device in seconds!

Spy Dialer Best Features

  • Free Phone Records Search
  • Find Who Any Unknown Number Belongs To with accurate information.

SpyDialer Pricing

  • $0

SpyDialer Pros

  • Completely free reverse phone lookups
  • Missed calls searches
  • Unknown call searches


  • Contains basic information

4. Spokeo

Spokeo is a beneficial reverse phone lookup tool. Whether looking for the phone number of a long-lost friend, trying to identify who is behind an unwanted phone call, or simply looking for additional information about a caller using their phone number, Spokeo can come in handy.

With the help of the website’s public record search capabilities and other available filters, it can easily find phone numbers and display owners’ names and further registered contact details.

The service allows users to access business contact information on top of residential phone directories.

Spokeo’s up-to-date online directory and address histories have made it one of the go-to websites for any phone number search or Caller ID lookup.

Spokeo Best Features

  • Time-Saving and Hassle-Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup
  • Quick and Efficient Phone Search Engines
  • Advanced Filtering and Scam Call Updates
  • Industry-Leading Reports contain phone number searches, complete addresses, personal details, location histories, court records, email addresses, criminal records, etc.

Spokeo Pricing

  • Spokeo Free Plan: $0
  • Spokeo Professional Plan: $69.95/month

Spokeo Pros

  • Block Telemarketers calls
  • Identify spam calls
  • Block unwanted calls
  • Identify the person calling

Spokeo Cons

  • The professional plan only comes with 500 monthly searches.

5. People Finder

Are you constantly getting calls from unknown callers and want to know who they belong to? Try People Finder!

People finder is an online tool that can help you locate important information about who is calling.

You can quickly discover who called you from a particular number using a reverse phone lookup. While it can sometimes be used to find an address or full name, the primary purpose is to help identify who called you and gain peace of mind.

People finders are becoming increasingly popular among those bombarded with unknown phone calls. So, stop worrying about who called me from this phone number.

Best Features

  • People Search
  • Background Checks
  • Phone Number Search


  • $0


  • Unlimited Searches
  • Public Records Search
  • Address Lookup
  • Finds Mobile Phone Numbers


  • It uses another reverse phone lookup tool
  • Phone Lookup Service takes time

6. PeopleSearchFaster

PeopleSearchFaster is an excellent resource for discovering who called you from a mystery phone.

With their reverse phone lookup search, you can find out quickly and efficiently who called you, where they live, or find details about their background.

PeopleSearchFaster goes above and beyond when it comes to helping its users find the information they need by providing accurate real-time data.

If you ask, “who called me from this phone number,” PeopleSearchFaster has your back!

7. WhoCalledMe

If you have ever received an unknown phone call and found yourself asking, ‘Who called me?’, WhoCalledMe is the perfect answer.

With their helpful reverse phone lookup services, finding out who called becomes easy.

Instead of wondering in frustration if it was a wrong number, WhoCallsMe allows you to find out who called and even provide more details on the caller, like where they are located, helping put your mind at ease.

All you need is a phone number to find out who was calling—no special software is required!

8. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is an online service that allows you to find out who called you from any phone.

By simply entering the number, you can find information such as a caller’s full name, address history, age, relatives, and associated phone numbers.

It provides a fast and reliable way for individuals to find the identity of the mysterious caller on the other end of the line.

With a few clicks, this powerful reverse lookup tool reveals all kinds of data that can offer solid evidence of someone’s background or suspicious activity.

Take advantage of this user-friendly tool now and find out the person behind the phone call!

9. Numlooker

Are you wondering who called you from an unknown phone number? Numlooker is the answer to finding out who it was!

With our unique reverse phone lookup, you can find more than just a name.

They have real-time data collected by experts and specialized tools that can quickly find out any other information related to the caller, such as their address, occupation, and even relatives.

It provides detailed background checks beyond primary reverse lookups, and every search can be done anonymously and in just minutes.

To find out who called you today with Numlooker!

10. CocoFinder

When it comes to finding out who called you and finding the information behind a phone number, CocoFinder is the ultimate solution.

Their reverse phone lookup feature lets you quickly find out who called you from any phone number.

Using CocoFinder to discover the identity behind an unknown caller, you can protect yourself and your family from potentially dangerous or suspicious callers.

Moreover, our comprehensive online directory offers thousands of contact records, helping you find people in just a few clicks.

Take control of your privacy today with CocoFinder’s powerful reverse phone service.

11. USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook is the perfect choice if you’re looking to conduct a reverse phone lookup or answer the standard google search of “who called me from this phone number?”.

This service not only traces unknown calls, allowing you to find out who was disturbing you in the middle of the night but also offers more useful features such as a comprehensive directory for businesses and people throughout America, access to cell numbers, and an Unlisted Resident Search between others.

With its unbeatable accuracy and up-to-date resources, USPhoneBook saves you time and gives back your peace of mind.

12. Find People Fast

Are you getting unknown calls? It is easy to find out who’s calling you with the help of a google search.

Just type in “who called me from this phone number,” followed by the mystery number, and get your answer right away!

Find People Fast’s reverse lookup service can also be very helpful, providing accurate information on the caller even if they use an unregistered cell phone.

With these steps, you can easily find people first and never have to worry about those pesky unknown callers again.

13. RealPeopleSearch

Have you ever looked at the incoming call on your mobile phone and been stumped by an unknown number?

With RealPeopleSearch, you can quickly find out who is behind that unknown caller.

All you need to do is enter their number into the search engine and get a detailed report with great search results.

Whether it’s a loved one or a bothersome nuisance, RealPeopleSearch helps identify who needs your attention.

14. TruePersonFinder

Are you worried about an unknown caller who keeps calling your mobile phone?

TruePersonFinder is the answer to all of your worries. A simple search can find accurate information, such as the name and address associated with an unknown number.

The search results can also point you in the right direction if you’re trying to identify a person that may be behind the call.

Plus, TruePersonFinder provides additional features to help keep you safe, so it’s worth checking out!

15. Easy People Search

Finding accurate information about unknown callers can be tricky, especially for a phone company– search engines may search through hundreds of unrelated web pages before showing the results you were looking for.

Luckily, with Easy People Search, you don’t have to worry about meaningless search results.

They provide accurate data by just typing a name or number into their search bar, so no matter what your needs are, it can quickly and easily help you out.

Easy People Search has the answer to whether you need details on an unknown caller or an unknown number.

They make it quick and convenient to search for details you need without wasting time searching through pages of irrelevant search engine results.

16. RealPeopleFinder

Finding accurate and good information on someone or something can be difficult using search engines.

That’s where RealPeopleFinder comes in, as it allows you to search anyone, anytime, anywhere; all you need is a search bar!

With only a few clicks, you can search through billions of records to uncover unknown callers or even search by an unknown number.

Regardless of the situation, RealPeopleFinder allows users to find invaluable information quickly and easily.

When it comes to locating people or searching for specific data, RealPeopleFinder offers the best reverse phone search engine!

17. Fast People Finder

Dealing with unknown numbers can be daunting and often inconvenient, especially when unsure if the call is essential.

Thanks to the Fast People Finder service online, you’ll no longer have to ignore calls or guess who could be on the other line.

With a few clicks, this service will quickly provide you with all sorts of details associated with incoming phone calls.

Not only will it bring you a sense of security when receiving phone calls, but it also functions as a caller ID service that shows your name and other background information in real time.

Take advantage of the feature today and ensure your peace of mind.

18. FastPeopleSearch

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an incoming call from an unknown number? It can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially if you can’t pick up.

Thankfully, there’s now a fast, easy solution: FastPeopleSearch. With basic information such as phone number or email address, you can quickly search and find out the identity of your caller.

This search engine collects over 100 million records, constantly updating and providing the most accurate basic information.

You no longer have to worry about not picking up unknown numbers on your caller ID – as long as you have all the essential information handy, People Finder will do the rest!

19. Google

Google is the best search engine that answers almost any question, but if you’re trying to find out who is calling you from a specific phone number, google search is not the most efficient way.

Instead, use google’s reverse phone lookup feature! This tool will save you time and energy by giving you access to information about a mystery caller quickly and accurately.

The reverse google lookup offers identities for thousands of numbers so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out who called from an unknown number.

Don’t search “Who called me from this phone” when google can give you the information with just one click!

20. Social Media

Social media has become an increasingly popular way to communicate in the 21st century. Activity on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok is commonplace.

The use of social media enables us to find mobile numbers and profiles of those unknown to us or reconnect with those it has been a while since we have connected with.

While social media can be a great blessing, it also has disadvantages. We must exercise moderation when using social media and caution when interacting with those we do not know.

It is essential to keep our information safe and secure, especially personal data such as addresses and phone numbers.

By being smart about social media usage, we can ensure that it provides us with all its benefits without any negative consequences.

21. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a powerful reverse phone search engine and a must-have tool for protecting yourself and your family from unwarranted calls and unknown numbers.

With Instant Checkmate, you can quickly review the background of any phone number that contacts you, find out their address, learn about their family members, and more.

You don’t have to answer calls from unknown numbers ever again; with Instant Checkmate, all your detective work is done with just a few clicks.

The Federal Trade Commission recommended that everyone use Instant Checkmate to protect themselves from unwanted calls and ensure peace of mind when answering or returning calls.

How to Find The People Behind Phone Numbers?

Use a reverse phone number lookup service.


If you are trying to find out who called you from an unknown phone number, you can try a few online services mentioned above.

Reverse phone lookup online is one way to determine who the potential caller is. You could also try doing a simple Google search of the phone number.

If all else fails, you can always call the number back and see if anyone answers.