9 Best Blog Post to Video AI Generators in 2023 (Free and Paid)

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Are you looking for an easier way to create high-quality YouTube videos from your blog posts for a YouTube channel? These 9 Best Blog Post to Video AI Generators is here to help you turn blog posts into short clips with good video tools.

With these innovative tools, you can quickly generate short clips with key points by extracting relevant critical issues from each post into a video script and adding a professional voiceover or video description with a natural conversational blog video tone.

Our automated video description feature will ensure the right keywords are included in every video so it appears higher in search engine results.

We guarantee that this YouTube video will take your YouTube channel or website’s traffic to the next level! Our comprehensive service provides everything needed to create good quality online and YouTube videos that draw attention and engage an audience while still being optimized for SEO.

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What is a Blog Post for Video AI Generator?

If you’re looking to add a new script to blogging, or a video summary, look no further than the Blog Post to Video AI Generator. This powerful tool gives instant access to compelling video summaries of existing blog posts. It can transform them into stunning YouTube videos with music tracks, even adding images.

Not only will this help you create stunning video marketing in a fraction of the time it would take manually, but it can also help elevate your blog post content by introducing new visuals and sounds. Plus, the AI generator is capable of recommending soundtracks that are tailored to each video! Leverage the power of the Blog Post to Video AI Generator today for high-quality video summaries of all your blog posts.

What Are the Best Blog Post to Video AI Generators?

Utilizing video AI generators to turn blog posts into video content is a smart way for businesses to take their promotional material to the next level; of all the different types of online media available, YouTube videos reign supreme when it comes to trustworthiness and user engagement as they easily convert blog posts into videos. Videos convey more information than text and are, therefore, more likely to lead to an extended retention period from the audience.

With new video AI technology, creating videos doesn’t need a large budget or access to professional editing software like YouTube videos– they can turn any blog posts into engaging videos in minutes with minimal time or effort required! People are always looking for fresh, exciting content, and these AI generators can help attract more traffic with eye-catching videos that appeal to an audience.

Whether you’re creating animated infographics or hosting an online course for a video, utilizing the best blog post to video AI generators is an excellent example of how your business can leverage cutting-edge technology and make its presence felt in the digital landscape.

1. Pictory

We are introducing Pictory – a revolutionary video marketing strategy designed to transform long-form content and blog posts into videos. With Pictory, you can quickly and easily create a shareable online video in video format. No technical skills or software download is required, making this the most cost-effective solution for quality online video.

You can use Pictory’s cutting edge AI technology to automate your entire video production process and save time covering various topics through custom STORY topics by selecting specific keywords. From a PowerPoint slide to engaging videos, Pictory takes care of it all in one click – with no camera needed!

Pictory offers a winning combination of cost effectiveness and convenience while giving you complete creative control over the look & feel of your blog video. Unlock new levels of creativity with intuitive controls today – revolutionize your long-form content with powerful video marketing from Pictory!

Pictory Pros

  • Can create highlights
  • Article based video
  • Text creation tech
  • Caption and summarizer

Pictory Cons

  • Limited feature in free version

2. Elai.io

We are introducing Elai.io, the all-in-one solution for creating stunning AI videos with text. With Elai.io video editor, you can use uploads to edit AI videos and increase engagement with a virtual presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio, or greenscreen!

With Elai.io, you can add your stock footage or source from large stock libraries – making your video unique. Add your text to create powerful scripts that enhance the proven power of video and drive traffic to your website or post on YouTube. You can also add a voice over and music to make it interactive!

Our state of the art video editor allows you to control and customize the look easily, feel and customize each video, ensuring that it’s precisely how you want it–helping many bloggers and online influencers increase engagement with their audience and followers effortlessly. Quickly make amazing video content with a link – Try Elai.io today!

Elai.io Pros

  • Blog video creation
  • Unlimited scalability
  • More than 60 languages
  • Training video available

Elai.io Cons

  • Higher learning curve

3. Synths

Synths are the ultimate video creator for anyone looking to stand out online. With just a few minutes, Synths allows you to create videos in a snap and take those creations straight to Youtube, Facebook, or any other central platform – no advanced skills are required. Through this revolutionary product, you can convert your blog posts into professional-looking videos with human avatars and voiceover with the click of a button.

Manual work is no longer necessary – Synths makes it simple to create and upload content quickly and easily. In short, Synths was made to make video creation a breeze so that you can focus on getting your main point across. Look no further than Synths for all your video needs!

Synths Pros

  • Lip movement available
  • Human avatar function
  • Text to video function
  • Easy to use

Synths Cons

  • Too many automation

4. Veed.io

Behind every great blog post, email campaign, and social media post are even better hosting videos. With VEED.io, you can easily create amazing videos to set yourself apart from the competition. Create stunning visuals with our drag-and-drop tools. Everything you need to start making a great video is available.

VEED makes your life easier by allowing you to upload content from different platforms, like YouTube SEO and Instagram. The key points remain to find an existing clip and add it right into your project in a single click – no more switching back and forth between tabs! When it’s time to publish, VEED will optimize it for SEO on YouTube or let you post directly on any of the popular social networks – driving more people to view your ideas.

So take your viewing experience to the next level – create breathtakingly professional-level marketing materials with Veed.io!

Veed.io Pros

  • One click transcriber
  • Add text and comments
  • Good for beginners
  • Value for money

Veed.io Cons

  • Not too good for expert

5. Synthesia

We are introducing Synthesia – the revolutionary AI video creation platform that helps companies save time and money when creating videos. With its intuitive website interface and advanced intelligence, Synthesia makes it possible to turn your text into a stunningly beautiful video editing experience with key takeaways.

First, paste the article or script, and start writing the goals to drive traffic to your website, like Ana Hoffman reels. Once you are happy with the result, you should then be able to quickly upload your masterpiece to popular websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and social media sites with just a few simple clicks. On top of that, Synthesia allows users to add a soundtrack to express their unique creativity while ensuring robust engagement from their audience.

Powerful yet easy to use, Synthesia is the perfect solution for anyone looking for AI-powered blog posts to video generators. Get ready to drive traffic more efficiently while expanding your reach like never before!

Synthesia Pros

  • Varioud templates
  • Multiple language
  • Multiple avatars
  • Good for begginers and expert

Synthesia Cons

  • Pricing is high

6. Lumen5

At Lumen5, we make it easy to create unique Ana Hoffman level video content without needing any design or video experience! Our software works with content marketing for your website once a script is available with the main points to create engaging Youtube videos.

A link from the paster might be needed to turn your blog posts into videos.

Using our advanced AI technology, Lumen5 takes the text from your content and creates a script ready for editing. You can also choose from over 1 million free media clips and images from our extensive library, customize with a few clicks of your mouse, and produce shareable videos in minutes.

From designing stories to publishing them, Lumen5 makes creating high-quality content simple. To get started, all you need to do is paste the link of your blog post into our website. From there, Lumen5 works its magic and turns the words into visuals that capture your audience’s attention.

With us, you get more than just a video – you’ll have an engaging tool that will help tell your story and grow your brand awareness like never before. Boost demand for your business with professional-looking videos at scale today by signing up with Lumen5!

Lumen5 Pros

  • Text to video function
  • Easy to use
  • Template available
  • Script customization

Lumen5 Cons

  • No better voice option

7. InVideo

InVideo can help you create incredible videos in three simple steps: Choose your template, customize the look and feel of your project, and export it.

InVideo offers an extensive library of templates covering virtually any kind of content imaginable, from blog posts and articles to Facebook posts and product demos. Plus, our intuitive interface lets you quickly edit text and add music and visuals without needing any complex software or coding knowledge. It includes several example videos so that you can get started in no time flat!

So don’t spend another day struggling with software solutions that are difficult to navigate—try InVideo today and see the results for yourself!

InVideo Pros

InVideo Cons

  • Audio might need tweaking

8. Wisecut

Wisecut is an excellent AI-powered video editing tool that will revolutionize your content creation. You no longer need to spend hours seeing a video creation example on Facebook with Ana Hoffman, a script, and images.

Our easy-to-use platform makes it super simple to start writing or create an article automatically

stunning sound in no time!

Wisecut’s automated video editor takes your written content, such as blog posts, and creates videos or quickly turns blog posts into video content. Our software uses advanced AI techniques to recognize the tone of your writing and suggest the most suitable template for your project. With Wisecut, you don’t need to be a professional editor – creating engaging videos has always been challenging!

In a short while, your audience will say they enjoyed reading your articles and, even more, watching you turn your blog posts into videos.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make awesome videos with minimum effort and maximum quality, choose Wisecut today! Download our free trial version now and see what this revolutionary online auto video edit solution can do for you!

Wisecut Pros

  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Interactive interface

Wisecut Cons

  • Less quality

9. Design.ai

Design.ai is the perfect solution for creatives, freelancers, and businesses looking to generate high-quality visuals without the headache of spending time or money on design processes or software. With Design.ai’s revolutionary A.I.-driven system, you can quickly and easily create logos, videos, banners, mockups, and more – all with just a few clicks!

With Design.ai’s user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, users can create stunning visuals that are second to none with record speed and accuracy. Get scripted videos in minutes ready for Youtube or other platforms, generate blog posts with unique content tailored to your specific audience needs, and create eye-catching custom logos that instantly capture your brand’s essence.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t compromise on visual quality or efficiency, look no further than Design.ai – the ultimate A.I.-driven solution for creating stunning visuals with maximized time investment!

Design.ai Pros

  • Good templates
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Good AI integration

Design.ai Cons

  • No mobile apps

Reasons Why You Should Transform Blog Posts Into Youtube Videos

Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to turn your blog posts into videos and reach an even bigger audience. Publishing your blog posts in the form of videos on YouTube not only expands your visibility but also gives you more opportunities for engagement.

From increasing engagement with comments, building brand loyalty, reaching new audiences, and having an additional platform, there are plenty of reasons why turning your blog post into a video is beneficial.

Through YouTube, you can establish yourself as an authority or expert in the field while engaging with people who might have yet to see your written content. If you’re looking to take your blogging efforts further and make them even more successful, turn your blog into a video in no time!

How to Turn a Blog Post to a Youtube Video?

If you want to expand your internet presence, turn your blog posts into videos. Doing this will help increase exposure with YouTube’s 1.9 billion active monthly users, giving your post more chance of being seen.

Plus, it gives readers another platform to watch what you’ve created so they will get all the information, even if they initially passed over the article or post. It doesn’t take much effort and can dramatically increase engagement on your article and youtube channel.

All you have to do is create some slides, gather visuals that correlate with the topic you chose, and record a YouTube video speaking about the information in the article or post – voilà! Now the audience can watch and be entertained by what you have to say rather than spending time reading through a long post.

How Blog Post can be Good for Video Marketing Purposes?

Blogging is a fantastic way to enhance video marketing and reach new viewers. Writing a post related to your youtube content can add more context to your youtube channel and make your videos stand out from the rest.

With carefully chosen words and creative writing, you can make them more eager to watch your youtube videos.

Furthermore, another great idea is adding some of the content from your blog post in a video or onscreen for those who choose not to read your post. This strategy gives you an edge by allowing you to identify with readers and viewers, increasing engagement from all parties.


Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, and by using blog posts to video AI generators, you can easily convert any blog post into a video. Video is a great way to capture attention and keep people engaged. Using a blog post to video AI generator, you can ensure that your video is high quality and contains all the information from your original blog post.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to create a video blog, check out any of the Best Blog Post to Video AI Generators websites today to make good videos!