9 Best Sublimation Blanks for Printing in 2022

Sublimation Blanks

The Sublimation blanks are a thing now because sublimation printing is becoming one of the most lucrative small businesses to start in 2022. That is why there has been much research about one of its most important parts: the best sublimation blanks.

Apart from getting the right sublimation printer, sublimation software for design, and sublimation paper, one of the most important parts of the process is to also ensure that the best sublimation blank is used for the project.

Sublimation blanks are materials specially designed and produced by manufacturers for sublimation printing by a suitable heat press. Sublimation blanks must be able to allow for any type of design and graphic on them.

In recent times, they have gained notice from a larger part of the sublimation population, and they have been suited such that the best sublimation blanks are made important due to things like

  • Client demand
  • Design compatibility
  • Mock-up test

Notwithstanding, the best sublimation blanks must consist of one of the following raw materials, no matter their relation to client demands, design compatibility, and mock-up tests.

  1. Polyester
  2. Polymer coat
  3. Ceramics
  4. Spandex
  5. Bodysuit
  6. Nylon
  7. Linen
  8. Metal
  9. Glass
  10. Apparel

Once a material has one of those ten raw materials in its production constituents, it can be considered one of the best sublimation blanks.

Printing on any Best Sublimation Blank

Sublimation printing is one of the best processes in sublimation creation. This is because it works as a thermal process and it involves three sequential steps of the production process. which is design creation, printing, and heat pressing.

The first step is to create a design that will be needed for the final stage. The required design might be a logo, mark, brand name, or brand photo. This can be accomplished using any major sublimation software design program, such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Gimp, or Canva.

After the first step, the second production phase will be to print the design on paper. This should be done on any paper size, be it A3, A4, letter size, or more. However, you can try printing it on regular paper to see the spacing and margin line. But the major process states that the design should be printed on a sublimation paper or a gloss photo paper, as the case may be.

Now to the third step: this is where the need for some of the best sublimation blanks comes in. This step involves a vigorous thermal process and should be done by an adult or at least a person capable of controlling the process. 

The sublimation blank is the material that the design will be pressed onto for a permanent imprint. Once the design has been printed on the appropriate sublimation paper with any sublimation printer such as Epson, Saw Grass, Mac, Brother, or Xerox, the paper is placed on the sublimation blank and pressed with enough pressure to make the design permanent on the sublimation blank.

Best Sublimation Blanks for Beginners

The list of the best sublimation blank consists of many materials made from several resources. They can be made from materials as hard as ceramics of igneous rocks, and they can also be made from raw materials like synthetic rubber, or polythene.

1. T-shirt

Out of all the best sublimation blanks that will be listed in this article, T-shirts are the most popular and commonly used material for sublimation. They have been in use for many years, even before sublimation came to the printing limelight. Through them, many brilliant sublimation creators have been able to create special clothing lines with exceptional sales margins. 

Brands like Versace, Lacoste, and Ralph Laurel are a few of the many impacts of sublimation printing. In sublimation printing, there are two major printing methods meant for printing fabric materials, which are screen printing and direct garment printing. Both of these are very much applicable to T-shirts.

One of the major elements that distinguish T-shirts from other prints is the fact that they are accepted by most individuals. The volume of people interested in the usage of T-shirts as a sublimation blank ultimately qualifies them as one of the best sublimation blanks.

In 2022, T-shirts will still rank as one of the best sublimation blanks, as they are one of the best materials for optimum profit and quick sales in the sublimation industry. 

They can be printed with different graphic colors and designs. They are also woven with polyester fabrics. Also, it is noted in many publications that the particular T-shirt needed for sublimation printing must contain the following in the right proportion.

It should contain 100% raw materials in proportion to 60% polyester and 40% cotton garments. If the material doesn’t contain those raw materials in exactly that proportion, there might be a drawback in the after-effects.

T-shirts of this make will start to fade off after a few washes. They are best printed with printers like Saw Grass, Mac-Brother, and Epson.


  • T-shirt blanks can last for up to 10 years post-sublimation.
  • T-shirt blanks can be pressed at about 400F.
  • T-shirt blanks can be pressed for 45 to 60 seconds with a heat press.
  • T-shirt blanks are best made with white or light-colored material.
  • T-shirt blanks with sublimated prints are sold for between $10 and $30 or more.

2. Mug

After T-shirts, mugs are the most popular product for sublimation printing. They have been used by many people in various walks of life to carry designs as small as motivational words or as large as company brand names or sales copies.

Despite this, coffee cups are the most commonly used cups for sublimation, and this ultimately counts them as very vital amongst the best sublimation printers. The need for coffee mugs is a daily prompt, so it is only business-intuitive to do more sublimation printing using mugs as the sublimation blank. 

Furthermore, as a sublimation beginner or expert considering what the best sublimation blank for 2022 is, this particular sublimation blank will give you a run for your money once utilized with a perfect design. They can be sold as custom-made mugs or as specially-made mugs for mini-brands and large establishments.

Meanwhile, many types of mugs will pass as perfect for sales. But only a few will pass muster for use in sublimation printing. The mug used for sublimation must be made of pure ceramic, porcelain, or a smooth ceramic coating, just like many other products on the list of the best sublimation blanks.

Mugs for sublimation must be light-colored or preferably white-colored. And mugs that are not of these colors must be printed with a design that is created in the mug’s polar opposite color. It is sold in singles and sometimes dozens on a website like Amazon.


  • Mug blanks can only be made with a mug press holder.
  • Mug blanks can only be sublimated at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Mug blanks can only be sublimated for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Mug blanks with sublimated prints are sold for around 25 to 30 USD or more.

3. Phone case

Phone cases are the third most used and most suitable material for sublimation printing. Despite their massive size, they are still among the best sublimation blanks available today. When considering a sublimation blank to use for printing, blank phone cases are a very good option to consider.

They are in immense demand all around the world, both in design pairs and for singular design needs for special preferences. Mobile phone cases are a very strong contender on the list of the best sublimation blanks for use.

Most of them come in lengths of 3.5″ to 4.5″, and they are made of recycled plastic, leather, silicone, synthetics, and some other polymers.

They have a high potential for sales after sublimation and can be made in more than one color. Because blank phone cases are mostly sublimated with very bright colors, any design used on the phone case must be an alternate color to that on the phone case, with more saturation to aid in color sharpening.


  • Phone cases can only be sublimated at temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and above, depending on the material.
  • Phone cases are only heat-pressed for 45 seconds.
  • Phone cases are sold for not less than $20 after sublimation on different affiliate websites.

4. Backpack

Backpacks are more like regular fabrics, only stronger with a little or more water-resistant membrane. Bag packs are also a very popular sublimation blank. However, some factors deter its optimum success when used for sublimation sales.

Most of them are based on the fact that they are seasonally and location-based. Adults do use bag packs, but they are mostly bought by students at home or in an academic environment. 

In their pre-production, bag packs have a certain feature that qualifies them to be listed amongst the best sublimation blanks of 2022. That is its detachable blank flap. That is the white area that has been specially made for sublimation purposes. That does not mean other bag packs of different standards can not be sublimated. 


  • Bag pack blanks are recommended to be sublimated at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Bag pack blanks are less durable so, they are pressed for about 90 seconds in the heat press. 
  • Bag pack blanks are sold at $200 or above, after sublimation, on many affiliate websites like Alibaba.

5. Facemask

Ordinarily, sublimation blanks are meant to be made with light materials that can not withstand the high amount of heat needed to imprint the design on the blank material.

But with the inception of COVID-19 in 2020, the need for sublimation prints on any material has increased over time. That is why subtle clothing materials like the ones used in making Covid-19 nose marks are now required by many clients to have certain designs, marks, and logos.

Believe it or not, face masks are now one of the best sublimation blanks in very high demand. It has been used by a clan of students, kids, youngsters, adults, and many other groups of individuals.

One of the very important facts about facemask sublimation is that it is not sublimated like other sublimation blanks. Because of the light cotton material used to make them, they must be sublimated with a lint roller, scissors, Teflon sheets, transfer papers, and less heat pressure.


  • Facemask blanks cannot be heat-pressed above 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Facemask blanks cannot be heat-pressed during sublimation for more than 50 seconds.
  • Facemask blanks are sold for less than $22 after sublimation.

6. Apron

Aprons are more or less like regular clothing materials. But yet, they are one of the most used sublimation blanks. According to the norm, aprons are taken as less suitable materials for sublimation blanks But in recent months, the influx of demand for aprons has gone through the roof.

Most aprons are made from polyester canvas, just like tote bags, and are ideal for business brands. These materials can be tough and very well customizable.

The sublimation process of an apron sublimation blank is not very vigorous. It involves the following process:

  • Place the apron on a heat press for a few minutes.
  • Use a lint roller to remove the extra remaining fibers on the apron.
  • Place the transfer graphical sublimation paper on the surface of the apron.
  • Cover the entire apron with protective paper.
  • Press the heat press on the apron blank.
  • Lift the pressure off after the appropriate time.
  • Remove the protection paper from the sublimation blank.


  • Apron blanks can only be pressure pressed for between 50 and 60 seconds.
  • Apron blanks can only be sublimated at no more than 394 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Apron blanks can be sold for between $25 and $100 after sublimation.

7. Mouse pad

Just like the numerous best sublimation blanks of 2022, mousepads are also in high demand. Not just for use by computer operators, but by individuals, brands, and startup companies.

That is why they will undoubtedly make the highest list of the best sublimation blanks in 2022. They are materials used to soften the movement of a computer cursor control or mouse. It allows for the easy and smooth movement of the mouse in controlling, editing, and complex design movements.

Many old and modern mouse pads are made of one or two constituent materials like rubber produced at lower density, fabrics, recycled rubber, neoprene, cork, wood, aluminum, stone, and stainless steel.

Most of the individuals requiring the need of a sublimation print using a mousepad sublimation blanks are mostly creative designers, programmers, tech website users, freelancers, and constant computer operators.

Some feel the need to have a personal brand look for all of their gadgets, while others have ulterior motives towards the use of mouse pad sublimation blanks for sublimation prints. All in all, this is a great contender on the list of the best sublimation blanks of 2020.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal to users, some sublimation experts confirm that certain designs and colors on the mousepad give it more speed, more precision, comfort, and more rubbing motion while in use. Also, they become more rigid and tougher than their initial free rubber state.

In addition, regardless of the revolution in the use of mousepads, the development techniques in recent sublimation processes have been able to match sublimation prints on mousepads made by old or new generations.


  • Sublimated mousepad blanks are heated at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Mousepad blanks are pressure-pressed for about 40 seconds.
  • Mousepad blanks can be worth well over $7 to $10 after sublimation.
  • Mousepad blanks can be made with printers similar to Epson and Saw Grass.

8. Photo tiles

Photo tiles are one of the costliest sublimation blanks used in 2021, but they are still in proper use in 2022. They are sold for about $100 on websites like Amazon.

Photo tiles are required by many users for the use of personal galleries and many memorials. Whether it is to be used by many people or just a few individuals, photo tiles are now in high demand. 

Their materials are sublimated at very high temperatures and can be used to make mixed tiles ranging from 6″ by 6″ to 8″ by 8″ in size. They are used to make things stick on walls and for general interior decoration.

Mostly, their basic raw material is ceramic, which gives the photo tiles a white, glossy finish. They have a smooth surface that allows for plain printing. Their surfaces are smooth and clean enough to absorb the ink that will stay permanently for a long time.


  • Photo tile blanks are sublimated at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Photo tile blanks are pressure-pressed for about 250–400 seconds.
  • Photo tile blanks can only be sublimated with a heating pad.
  • Photo tile blanks can be worth well over $219 after sublimation.
  • Photo tile blanks can be made with printers similar to the Roland Texart XT-640.

9. Glass items

Glass materials were not originally used as sublimation blanks when technology development came into place. Nevertheless, as of today, they are now ranked amongst one of the best sublimation blanks to be used for sublimation printing in 2022.

Meanwhile, most of the glasses being used as sublimation blanks are usually water bottles, glass photo covers, watch covers, clock protective covers, flower holders, and mostly beer cups.

Because of the brittleness of the glass material, when sublimating a glass material, there is a need for intensive care. It can break or crack at any point, regardless of whether it gets to the heat press stage or not.

Nevertheless, even with the fragile nature of glass sublimation blanks, they can also be successfully sublimated, but it has to be done in a very controlled environment. It uses a special type of heating machine used for round or oval-shaped materials, and it utilizes a concentrated degree of heat to avoid irregularities in the blank surface after sublimation. 


  • Glass sublimation blanks are heat pressed at less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the thickness of the glass and the colors of the design.
  • Glass sublimation blanks are heat pressed for at least 240–350 seconds.
  • Glass sublimation blanks can only be cooled after a few minutes of heat pressing.
  • Glass sublimation blanks after heat pressing can be sold for well over $50 and above.

Sublimation blanks-FAQS

What other materials do I need to start sublimation printing?

Indeed, sublimation blanks are not the only materials needed for sublimation printing. The process is simple but quite tedious as it requires the collection of many materials and supplies for use. There are many other materials needed for sublimation printing other than one of the best sublimation blanks, and they are as follows:

What is the best sublimation blank?

Just like the article stated, there is more than one sublimation blank that can be termed as the “best sublimation blank”. 

The phrase “best sublimation blank” is not restricted to only one material. It can also be many other products, way more than what has been mentioned in this article. Once the material is ready, it can be printed on with a heat press. Then it is classified as a sublimation blank.

What must all of the best sublimation blanks possess?

All the sublimation blanks mentioned in this article are capable of being used as sublimation prints. However, the specific material or property that any best sublimation blank must have is much more than what has been mentioned.

Firstly, any good sublimation blank must be made of a material that can withstand heat. Not just regular heat, but the heat that is gotten from a heat press, which is capable of ten times the heat of boiling water. Thus, the material must be strong enough in such a way that it resists a certain quantity of heat, thereby causing only the required heat measure to permanently imprint the design on the material.

Secondly, any of the best sublimation blanks must possess a printable body. It means the sublimation blanks must be plain in color. They should either be white or a less confident color. colors that can allow for proper pigmentation when the heat press is finally used for imprinting the design on them.


Any of the mentioned 9 best sublimation blanks for use in 2022, should be taken with the same importance, as other sublimation materials that allow the whole sublimation process of any product to be less stressful and very productive.

The best way to go with sublimation is to utilize proper sublimation materials and go through the required sublimation indications for each material. That is the best way to have a successful sublimation business in 2022.