9 Best Sublimation Paper for Quality Printing in 2022

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation printing has become one of the most prestigious practiced professions which is not possible without a sublimation paper. A career that pays more than many other careers. It exclusively involves the use of the best sublimation papers.

Who prints without a standard sublimation paper?

No one will do that. Only prints that are not meant for sublimations purposes will be made on less quality sublimation papers or different printing papers.

Once a printing process aims to later utilize the paper for the sublimation of any blank material, then the users should strictly adhere to the usage of any of the best sublimation papers for quality printing.

Besides, many sublimation creators consider them less important when carrying out the basic sublimation process. But sublimation papers are also meant to be reviewed and properly researched.

A dent in your sublimation paper selection can simply alter the perfection of the job at hand. Therefore, you should only carry on with sublimation printing when you are using one of the best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022.

What are the features required of any best sublimation paper?

It is never too early or too late for a sublimation novice or expert to request an examination of the required features that any of the best sublimation papers should have before being selected for printing.

The features they possess will be majorly based on their manufacturers, type, size, and many more specifications. But mainly, they will all have some simple features in common that put them at the forefront of sublimation printing.

They come into use just after the design creation stage, and before the sublimation blank heat press stage. That means that it holds a vital space in the functionality of sublimating any material. This is why it should possess certain intact features. Some of these features will be evaluated below.

  • The color quality of paper
  • Paper drying period.
  • Paper durability
  • Paper transfer rate
  • Paper compatibility
  • Paper thickness

What are the 9 best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022?

During sublimation, the papers utilized are in the bests interest of the creator. The sublimation creator works specifically with the paper, as it is the tool with which the designs are transferred from the computer design software to the heat press on a blank surface.

1. Hemudu tale paper

Paper overview

Hemudu sublimation paper is one of the very best sublimation papers to exist, with top usability quality and very high market availability. If there is one thing that the Hemudu sublimation paper is known for, it is quality. No matter the condition of use and the volume of work to be done, Hemudu’s sublimation paper always comes out with good performance.

It gives that performance level in a short period. Apart from its general impression in the sublimation market, the Hemudu paper has good compatibility with many inkjets, and this is usually because of its size, which is about 11 by 8.5 inches.

Amongst the other best sublimation papers, the Hemudu paper has one of the fastest drying times, which is almost less than half a minute. It has a standard performance of up to 97% when transferred from printer to heat press.

Many sublimation creators face the issue of deciding where it is best to use their sublimation paper, but with Hemudu sublimation paper, you are allowed to print in any regular condition. Either in a colored material with a different content away from the norm, the Hemudu paper will perform extensively well. It can be used on materials like louse pads, pillows, ceramic plates, etc.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a high compatible rate with different inks.
  • It can be used for sublimating polyester materials properly.
  • It has a quicker drying time.
  • It has a high transfer rate.
  • It has a wide scope of use.
  • It is very durable after use.


  • It gets jammed easily just like other papers.
  • It can be sometimes scarce in the market.

2.Koala paper

Paper overview

This is one of the best sublimation papers in the sublimation printing business. It is one of the best picks of any sublimation expert. Most sublimation creators are very surprised at the title of this paper, just because it is named as one of deep China’s animal forests.

It is one of the best-offered options of sublimation papers present in today’s world, and it is preferable for printing different materials. Also, it has different sizes ranging from small sizes of 11 by 8.5 inches and big sizes of about 17 by 11inches. In any of these sizes, the koala sublimation paper can produce the same amount of quality.

When weighed inappropriate grammage, koala sublimation papers are very appropriate and very heavy. They are much thicker in rougher on the surface than the other best sublimation papers.

The only best sublimation paper that shares the same level of thickness as them is the A-SUB sublimation paper. They both weigh up to 120 and 130 Gsm in their pack.

The essence of the thickness it possesses is to extensively disallow any folds in the paper while transferring the printed design onto a blank material. It is also a very economical paper type, it is sold for less than $20 on most online stores like Amazon and some physical stores, with a rating of over 4 stars.

Lastly, it is very good for use by beginners. It allows the learning process of sublimation printing very easy for newbies in the sublimation industry.


  • It can be used for different projects.
  • It has very fast drying time.
  • It has a standard transfer rate.
  • It has a record of standard quality.
  • It holds color very well.
  • It brightens image and makes them clean.


  • It only works with heat press machine.
  • It can sometimes jam like other papers do.

3.Dye master

Paper overview

When in need of a paper type amongst the listings of the best sublimation papers to use for quality printing in 2022, the Dye Master is the best option to use. This paper has a wide range of economic and multi-dimensional applications.

The dye master paper is used for working on different items. It doesn’t have a slick name for its brand. This makes it less purchased by a lot of sublimation creators. But it is one of the most advanced sublimation papers that can produce quality printing.

Apart from its strength in being used for different project types and its ability to be sublimated on several material blanks, it also gives the same advantages known to other best sublimation papers.

It has advantages like the fact that it prints fast, it has standard quality, and it dries up very fast after printing. It takes less than 5 seconds to get ready for use after printing. That is almost immediately after it comes out of the printing machine.

Also, the dye master, just as its name implies, gives perfect compatibility with inkjets and, in essence, produces colors from designs with lively reflections. Therefore, it is useful for different designs and prints.

Meanwhile, one of its obscure disadvantages is that it is very hard to differentiate the front of the paper from the back.


  • It is very versatile to use.
  • It is the best for printing high quality images.
  • It reflects colors brilliantly.
  • It is economical and durable.
  • It also dries fast.


  • It is complex to use.
  • It is not easy to differentiate the front of the paper from the back.

4.Tonha sublimation 8.3 by 11.7

Paper overview

Versatility is what comes to mind when thinking of the Tonha sublimation paper because it can be used for printing on various types of materials. It is one of the unique papers sold on the market, with its red-marked packaging paper bag.

This paper is also a high performer when printing. It gives the same amount of quality on every print, even when done a thousand times. It has a well-coated surface that makes it suitable for heat transfer. Amidst all the groups of the best sublimation papers, the Tonha sublimation paper is the only paper that uses only a small amount of ink for heat transfer. It easily reflects prints on the surface.

This paper has proper compatibility with different inks and printers. Because of its small size, it can be printed on any printer. It has a size of 8.3 by 11.7 and contains a total of 100 sheets in one pack.

Unlike some of the best sublimation papers that make it hard for creators to recognize their front or back, the Tonha sublimation paper is manufactured such that the front face for printing is an easily recognizable phase. It is the white part between the two sides of the paper.

When used in printing, it is best suited to materials containing up to 30% cotton.


  • It has a standard heat transfer ratio.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It is used for many surfaces.
  • It has a standard paper quality.
  • Just like most papers, it is very easy to use.


  • It could get jammed in rigorous situations.
  • It is not very standard compared to other best sublimation papers.

5.Text print dye

Paper overview

The Text print Dye sublimation paper is also a very ideal option for running several print graphics on sublimation products. After packaging, this paper has a simple design showing its basic specifications that help gives the buyer a certain trust level while purchasing and before use.

This paper is mostly used for printing on different sublimation blanks like key chains, mousepads, and phone cases. Through all those processes, it has a special coating that makes it hard to break and makes it very compatible with sublimation inks of all types.

The exact feature that makes it stand out from all other best sublimation papers is the fact that it can be recycles. Likewise, it has a high possibility of holding ink and a high transfer rate from the printing stage to the sublimation stage.

Like most sublimation papers, it adds high visuality to the design from the computer software, and it dries quickly before complete sublimation.

When purchased from the right store, it comes with up to 110 papers, weight of 120Gsm, and a free thermal heat tape. This makes it very easy for newbie sublimation creators to handle the sublimation process.


  • It produces work on different range of surfaces.
  • It is very durable.
  • It has an average fast drying time.
  • It creates bold and bright colors.
  • It allows for recycling.
  • It has an average transfer ratio.


  • It jams sometimes when in rigorous conditions.
  • It may leave marks behind.
  • It has the possibility of going out of stock.

6.Color sublimation paper

Paper overview

The sublimation color paper, is one paper that totally gives itself away. Even with the look of the paper at the store, you already know what you are in for, which is that it is a very high standard paper.

This is a paper that is of the same size as many other best sublimation papers weighing close to 100Gsm in weight. It is very versatile in production. It can be used for the sublimation of materials like T-shirts, metallic cups, glasses, ceramics and many more sublimation blanks.

When in use, the color sublimation paper works well with a heat press machine, and works less with an oven or pressing iron.

Regardless of its high quality, it is also manufactured such that it helps saves an amiable amount of ink when in use. It also produces images that don’t crack with quick drying ability.

Convincingly, it is the most suitable paper for any sublimation day to day business, because it works on a large variety of printers and several types of sublimation blanks with the same level of performance. It produces vivid colors as well.

NB: It works well with printers that have piezoelectric print heads. It is rated on most online sales stores above 4 stars.


  • It produces excellent vibrant colors.
  • It has a fast-drying rate.
  • It has a high transfer rate.
  • It is suitable for use in different inkjet.


  • It only prints certain colors well.
  • It can also get jammed in rigorous situations.
  • It doesn’t perform too well on all materials.

7.Hayes sublimation paper

Paper overview

Hayes sublimation paper is one of the best sublimation papers, and it is manufactured by the Hayes Paper Co. This is one of the papers that gives a superb quality and standard when in use.

The Hayes is one sublimation paper to use when producing sublimation blank materials for a special client or very standard job. It is very economical in price, and it comes in pack off almost one hundred and two sheets, weighing up to 120gsm in a size of 8.5 by 11 inches.

In addition, the Hayes paper is almost the only paper that uses a special manufacturing/production technology to help aid its drying process. During its manufacturing stage, it has been incorporated to use a patented technology to enhance its drying process such that it works uniformly on both phases of the paper.

The after effect of this technology is always positive such that, it helps to protect the paper, and allows the inflow of only the needed printing ink. Thus, causing a proper reflection of the designs on the paper.

Quite frankly, the Hayes paper is a very well manufactured paper. To ascertain its quality and high standards, it has been produced with a microporous technology to provide a high transfer rate of heat running up to about 99% of performance. That is the highest heat transfer amongst all the best sublimation papers.

On online stores like Ubuy and eBay, this paper is sold for less than $25 per pack.


  • It is made of top gloss quality.
  • It has a high transfer ratio.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It dries fast enough for use.
  • It allows for maximum creativity.


  • It could get jammed in rigorous situation.
  • It leaves scratches on prints.

8.S-RACE sublimation paper

Paper overview

When in need of an all-around sublimation paper, the S-RACE sublimation paper is the best option for you. This paper gives its regular users the option of building various qualities that make production very easy.

If purchased from a reputable store, the packaging paper for the S-RACE consists of 100 sheets of paper that are 8.5 by 11 inches. The paper package box has the directions of usage on it and other specifications of the paper for confirmation by the user.

The S-Race paper is a high-quality paper that is ideal for polyester-coated areas like wood, metals, ceramics, and glasses. The paper also has an almost immediate drying ability. Once printed on, it dries up almost immediately, thereby making the sublimation process very fast and easy.


  • It provides vivid colors.
  • It works perfectly with different kinds of inkjets.
  • It has a rough surface that makes it hard for designs to fade away.
  • It is a standard sublimation paper.
  • It is not too costly.


  • It jams like other papers in rigorous situations.

9.A-SUB sublimation paper

Paper overview

This sublimation paper is also one paper type that stands firmly amongst the list of the best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022. The A-SUB sublimation paper has the quality and features that all basic sublimation paper has.

This paper has been thriving well for a while after its inception into the paper market in the last few years. The A-SUB paper is also intentionally manufactured for use in inkjet printers because they are needed to produce super high-quality, vibrant colored designs. If purchased from online stores like Amazon and U-Buy, it comes in packs of over 100 sheets with a rating of over 4stars.

Meanwhile, the A-SUB sublimation paper is useful in many ways and has been confirmed to have some features similar to other quality papers. It possesses features like almost immediate drying time after regular printing.

It is best printed with Epson printers because most of its sizes are among the two types supported by Epson printers. Thus, they are best used in situations where Epson printers are the only printers available for use.


  • It has a super-fast drying time.
  • It works properly with different sublimation printer inks.
  • It has a standard print reputation.
  • It has a surface shear strength—It doesn’t tear up easily.


  • It is only best used for materials with few cotton percentages.
  • It could get jammed in rigorous situations.

Best sublimation paper- FAQS

As fragile as papers are, they are also very important parts of sublimation printing. Hence it is totally okay to ask any question about sublimation papers. Here are few answered FAQs about the best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022.

What is the perfect sublimation paper ever?

In sublimation printing, the materials used for production are gotten by many factors that encompass their size, type, make, duration of use, the purpose of use, and so on. It is the same for materials like papers.

There are no perfect or best papers out there. All you can get is a piece of paper suitable for your project purpose because the paper to be used for your sublimation project is only determined according to the project type, the project goals, and the project capacity.

Therefore, when talking about the best sublimation papers for quality printing, they are only referred to as papers that best suit a particular project or specification.

How to know if a sublimation paper is good for a project?

Yes! It is not enough to realize that there are no perfect sublimation printing papers but to also know which exact paper will be compatible with a particular project.

The best way to know if a sublimation paper is the best for a project is by

  • Doing researches.
  • Making samples.
  • Asking from expert sublimation creators.
  • Checking reviews.

Meanwhile, before doing any of these, you should be sure to have evaluated your facts right in terms of the purpose of the project, the aim of the project, and the quality of print you want.

What are the best sublimation paper sizes?

Just like every other sublimation preparation material, sublimation papers are also very vast in type and form. All the sizes of sublimation papers mentioned in this article as the best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022 are all scalable and job-action.

This means that the paper size is dependent on the project you are carrying out or the sublimation blank you want to print on. Certain sizes will only suit a T-shirt sublimation blank, while other precise sizes will only be suitable for a regular glass-sized sublimation blank.

When is the right time to use the printed material after printing?

It is almost impossible to think that any sublimation printing accessory will perform properly without special timing for its process.

That is because the sublimation process itself is a thermal process, so most stages in the whole process are temperature-based, hence most materials have to be cooled for a few minutes before use.

As for papers, they have little to no waiting time. Once you print out your design on any of the best sublimation papers, it can be used immediately for the next step.


One of the most under-celebrated sublimation materials is sublimation papers. Most individuals see them as not too important and take them with levity. Meanwhile, there is no sublimation project that will be possible without one of the best sublimation papers for quality printing.

All of these papers are to be taken with more importance and be well investigated because they hold more importance than they are given. They could make or mar the quality of any sublimation project.

Give more importance to your papers today and get one of the best sublimation papers for quality printing in 2022.