9 Best Sublimation Shirts for Printing in 2022

Sublimation Shirts

Many materials are attached to the sublimation process, but no material holds more importance as one of the best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022.

Sublimation shirt creators are aware of the importance of sublimation shirts in the total sublimation printing process.

Consistently, since the arrival of sublimation printing technology, the whole human creative race has been happy and content with the development that comes with it. We can now print any idea we have in our minds on a shirt or any other sublimation blank. We can now print the logo of our business on a mug or put our picture on a throw pillow.

This technology has been accepted with the warmest welcome and has since transpired into not just the sublimation of cotton materials, but now into the sublimation of many other materials that seemed rather impossible to print on. Materials like metals, polyester, polythene, plastic, etc. are now possible to print on.

Meanwhile, all of those materials are printable, but in recent years, there has been a high demand for sublimated prints on shirts. Mainly because it is the basic clothing material used for design by many people. 

Some individuals want their picture on a shirt, while others want their company logo on it, and some other individuals need their handwriting font on it.

Those admirations are made possible by technological advancements in the creative world. Before printing on any sublimation shirt, there are a series of steps that have to be taken to further ensure that the right design is printed on the shirt, or that the printing sticks permanently to the shirt and does not pull off after a few trials.

These steps include:

  • Purchasing and using sublimation software to create a design
  • Buying and printing the design with a suitable sublimation printer
  • Accepting and printing the design on sublimation paper
  • Taking and applying a sublimation paper on the sublimation shirt through a heat press

Those are the steps to take before considering using any of the soon-to-be-evaluated best sublimation shirts.

NB: Not all shirts are suitable for sublimation.

In essence, there are some features that every usable sublimation shirt should possess.

What are the features required of any best sublimation shirt?

The printable shirts suitable for sublimation are more than enough in the sublimation market. That is why certain features are required in all sublimation shirts.

Are all shirts printable?

Of course!

All shirts can be printable and, there are certain shirt materials or makes that will resist sublimation printing at high quality.

Some of the features of sublimation shirts are seen in most of the best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022. But here are some of them.

  • They should have a plain color.
  • They do not usually have a tag, though some can be tagged shirts in some cases.
  • They should consist of cotton or polyester.
  • They, like other sublimation blanks, should have a large printable area.

What are the 9 best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022?

There are many suitable best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022, but here is an evaluated list of 9 out of the many best sublimation shirts for printing that exists in the market.

1. Gildans men

T-shirt overview

The Gildman shirt is a good contender in the group of the best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022. Most times, it is sold as a short-sleeved shirt, but it is in use and less expensive. Therefore, it is very suitable for sublimation.

When in need of a profitable quality shirt for sublimation printing, the Gilman shirt is a very suitable option. It is made mostly of very few plain colors, which makes it perfect when sublimating designs of more than one color.

It is also not just a shirt but also an elastic shirt as it contains a small amount of spandex that gives room for further expansion should the user pull in more weight after purchase.

It is a very light shirt and has not been purchased by many users, hence the price is still very low. That makes it a good choice for sublimation shirt printing beginners.


  • It is an importable branded material
  • It is made of cotton and spandex.
  • It is a pull-on closure shirt.
  • It is tag-free, hence very good for newbie sublimation creators.
  • It can be washed by hand or machine.
  • It is made of moisture drying technology.
  • It is suitable for classic wear and some formal wear.


T-shirt overview

The Jerzee shirt is the most intuitively made shirt. This is the most averagely perfect made t-shirts in the pack of the best sublimation shirt. It was constringed with this term by the many reviews of its buyers, because it contains of an equal percentage of both cotton and polyester in its make.

This shirt is available in many colors like white, black, green and some other secondary colors. Its perfect production material makes it one of the best shirts for any purpose, from sport, to casual wears, and also for special usage like for sublimation.

The plain made models like black and white are the best for sublimation because they van provide vivid and clearer colors of the prints when transferred with heat. Regardless of its average perfect make, it has one very vivid disadvantage, which is that it is heavy when compared to other shirts. It is a long sleeve shirt and not very iron friendly. It is sold between $7-$27 dollars on Amazon.


  • It consists of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.
  • It is easily machine washable or hand washable if the need arises.
  • It is a branded imported material.
  • It is knit weaved.
  • It has a flat collar which gives comfort.
  • It has a multi-dimensional use.


T-shirt overview

The Augusta shirt is one of the most economical sublimation shirts for printing in 2022. It is sold at an unbelievable price of $8 and less than $19 on websites like Amazon and U-Buy.

Regardless of its lower price compared to other sublimation shirts for printing in 2022, the Augusta shirt is very suitable for sublimation in terms of its manufacturing constituents. This shirt consists of one hundred percent polyester material, and it has little to no closure.

When required to make quality sublimation prints on a less costly shirt material, the Augusta shirt is the best pick for this. It gives the users a perfect fit when worn, and it is sold in semi-primary colors that still cause a vivid and bright sublimation result when printed with alternated color designs.

It is rated at 3.5 stars but also qualifies for use as a casual or less formal look. It is often used by older individuals.


  • It consists of 100% polyester.
  • It has a model with a high-temperature tweak.
  • It is machine washable and also hands washable if need be.
  • It is decoration friendly.
  • It admits dye migration, which makes it suitable for sublimation printing.
  • It is also an imported branded model.


T-shirt overview

Unintentionally, this shirt was made by its manufacturers for sublimation use. Although it qualifies as a regular plain shirt, most buyers purchase it for sublimation purposes. The Hane men’s t-shirt is a perfect mix of purpose and intent.

It consists of polyester materials, which makes it a perfectly made shirt for sublimation, and it is also a plain shirt. These further cements its ability to bring out vivid colors when sublimated properly.

It also has a very surprising advantage that makes it so perfect and well sorted out by sublimation creators. The tag on this shirt is either easily removed or, in most cases, not on the shirt. Hence, it can be easily rebranded by the sublimation creator.

When printing for a company or a brand, the Hane men’s shirt is the best shirt to purchase, as you will have the best opportunity to brand the shirt to your taste. In terms of colors, logo, further printing, or tags. This shirt is very legit. On Amazon, it is rated by over a thousand buyers at about 4.7 stars, and it is sold for $36.


  • It is an original and imported branded shirt.
  • It consists of 100% polyester.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is sometimes tagged less of tag-removable.
  • It has a double-knitted neckline.
  • It has more than a 50UPF rating for UV protection.
  • It has a rapid dry technology that makes it easier for sublimation.

5.Clavin Klein

T-shirt overview

Although this shirt is sold as three in a pack, it remains one of the costliest best sublimation shirts. That is because of its branded quality. The Calvin Klein shirt manufacturers are known for creating special and very authentic cotton materials, ranging from shirts to shorts and much other clothing.

Its plain white color makes it perfect for sublimation, plus it is one of the most sellable best sublimation shirts out of the list of the best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022. This shirt is not just made of ordinary kinds of cotton, like all other shirts, but it is also manufactured as ring-spun cotton. That is a feature that makes it very sellable to product-infused sublimation clients.

When gotten at an authentic physical online store, the Calvin Klein shirts consist of three shirts in a pack and are sold at a whopping $50, with a 4.7star rating in most stores. Most importantly, it is consists of a certain percentage of elastane, which makes it not just casual wear but also sportswear when the need arises.


  • It consists of full cotton and a few elastane materials.
  • It is a branded imported material.
  • It is very stylish and in vogue.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It consists of a classic ring spun cotton.
  • It has a mark of embroidering logo for authenticity.


T-shirt overview

The Dickies shirt is usually sold in a pack of twos. Meaning if you are only intending to sublimate one shirt, then be aware that there is an extra shirt in the bunch once purchased. This is also one of the many best sublimation shirts that exists and that are good for printing in 2022.

This shirt is available mostly in basic primary colors like white and black, hence it is very suitable for sublimation and will bring out vivid colors for whatever print is made on them.

They have a stylish neck that makes them perfect for casual events. They are also branded and are of special cotton quality. The dickies t-shirt is not so popular when compared to some of its counter parts in the list of the best sublimation shirts, but it has a special advantage that sells it out.

It is a unisex t-shirt and is created in different sizes. Available to both adults and kids. On websites like amazon, it has a convincing review and it is rated at an almost perfect 5 stars. It is sold well below $31 and a little above $19.


  • It consists of cotton
  • It is not so costly.
  • It is suitable for casual events.
  • It has a primary color that makes it perfect for sublimation.
  • It is double-packed in one.


T-shirt overview

Sold on many online stores at prizes ranging between $12 and $40, the Champion shirt, is a household name amongst the many numbers of t-shirts that are suitable for sublimation.

For many sublimation creators, the champion shirt is one that is very lucrative to produce and a perfect idea for sublimation sales. This is because it is an already branded shirt, and it provides the feel of originality and comfort for use. Although most of its sublimation have been known to be done on, a personal basis.

The Champion shirt possess the same qualities like other best sublimation shirts. But in most cases, it is usually tougher to create sublimation prints on it. Because its most available model contains, little to no polyester, most of its production constituents are basically cotton. But recently, there have been productions of Champion shirts that carries a certain percentage of polyester.

It is sold in oxford grey, blue, gold, green and many other branded colors to best suite your sublimation prints.


  • It sometimes contains more cotton materials and a few percentages of polyester.
  • It also has a pull-on closure.
  • It is a branded material.
  • It can be hand washed and machine washed.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to sublimate.
  • It has a c-patched logo cuff.
  • It has a softback neck tape.


T-shirt overview

When a client is in need of an elastic yet quality T-shirt for sublimation purposes, the Aiyino is the perfect T-shirt for this make. It is one of the most suitable shirts amongst the best sublimation shirts for printing in 2022. It is required mostly by clients who have a high intent for elastic shirts.

This shirt is a branded shirt and it is almost the only best sublimation shirt with three major constituents in its make. It consists of three major constituents in its production which are in different proportion. One is the cotton percentage, the other is the polyester percentage which makes it very sui9table for sublimation, and the third is the spandex which makes it very elastic.

Just like most of the other best sublimation shirts, it can be easily washed with hands or machine. It takes almost the same required sublimation time taken by the other best sublimation t-shirts.


  • It consists of 60% cotton, 5%spandex, and 35%polyester.
  • It can be washed by machine or hand.
  • It is very light in weight compared to other t-shirts.
  • It is very stylish and in vogue.
  • It consists of different sizes.
  • It is an athletic and formal T-shirt.


T-shirt overview

The Carhartt shirt is one of the most worn shirts in the whole pack of the best sublimation shirts in 2022. It is branded with the name Carhartt. Although it is not always authentic if purchased from the wrong store. However, if it was obtained in the proper location, it would be of the highest quality of its kind. Its manufacturers take pride in the originality of this shirt in its name.

Meanwhile, the Carhartt shirt is not as formal as all the other best sublimation shirts, but it is very useful when in need of a quality sublimation outcome.

It contains up to half of its total constituents in polyester and the majority of its remaining constituents in cotton. That makes it a very suitable material for sublimation. It is mostly used by classy individuals for classy users.

In addition, the Carhartt shirt is a brand name shirt, so it cannot be well regarded when sold as a sublimation shirt because it carries the logo of the maker on it. But it is a very suitable sublimation material. It is available in different colors and is sold for $10-$49 on Amazon.


  • It consists of full pull-on closure.
  • It is an original branded shirt.
  • It is easily hand or machine washed.
  • It has a loose fit for better ventilation.
  • It has a rib-knitted neck.
  • It has a tag-less label neck.

Best sublimation shirt for printing in 2022-FAQS

Almost all shirt types can be sublimated once they consist of cotton or polyester. That is a justified fact in the article.

Even after that, you must now have some questions that you want to be answered. Here are a few FAQs about sublimation shirts.

Are there any alternative to the sublimation of a shirt?

There are alternatives to the use of sublimated shirts. There is, however, an alternative to sublimation. The most popular alternative to sublimation is tie and dye, and it involves submerging the shirt in a chemical mix that would imprint a desired color on the shirt.

The process is much more strenuous and less multi-dimensional. One cannot add images, logos, or patterned colors to a shirt with this alternative. Therefore, sublimation is a very advanced technology that has helped increase the scope of shirt printing creativity in a well-technologized way.

How to know if a sublimation shirt is the best for a project?

Sublimation shirts, like the process itself, are best known for their unique styles and designs. For example, in the above-evaluated list of best sublimation shirts, some of them are made with a certain percentage of cotton, while others are made with more polyester, and a few consist of spandex and elastane.

Thus, the best way to determine if a shirt is perfect for a sublimation project is to evaluate its properties, read reviews like this, and know what the client requires. Some clients might need the shirt for sports usage, while some might use it for casual purposes.

The best sublimation shirt for any project will be determined by one of these features: either its manufacturing constituent or the users’ needs.

What is the duration time of a sublimated shirt?

Sublimation printing duration on a regular best sublimation shirt doesn’t take too long. It is usually dependent on the type of material being pressed. In most cases, it doesn’t take more than 1.5 minutes to heat press any sublimation shirt.

Although, for guideline purposes, materials made with 100% polyester should be heat pressed for 45-60 seconds at about 385degree Fahrenheit and cotton materials should be heat pressed for 15-30seconds at 356degree Fahrenheit.

What are the different sizes of sublimation shirts available?

Most sublimation shirts are printed in the same set of sizes all around the world. They all have certain sizes for kids, young and old adults. The sizes ranges between small, medium, and large depending on the body circumference of the users and other measurement picks.

Regardless of the sizes, any of the best sublimation shirts can be reshaped when needed.

When is the right time to use the printed material after printing?

Sublimation materials can be used almost immediately after been sublimated. Once they are sublimated with the right amount of heat, and a protection paper. Then they can be used almost immediately. But mostly, it is advised a waiting time of about 10mins should be given, before using the sublimated shirt.


Generally, any material that has been sublimated should be taken with great intent and care so that the process can yield high profitability and less stress. In terms of shirt blanks, that is why it is good to use any of the best sublimation shirts evaluated in the article.

It is not enough to use the appropriate sublimation shirt for your project but to also get the best sublimation shirt.