13 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer in 2023

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

These best anonymous Instagram story viewers will allow you to view other people’s Instagram stories without your account showing up on the list of Instagram accounts that viewed the status; pretty impressive, right?

The ability to publish photographs and videos as 24-hour stories are one of Instagram’s most popular features. When a person uploads a tale, it is immediately shared with everyone who has viewed it. There are a variety of reasonable reasons why someone would wish to read another user’s narrative yet keep their existence hidden from that person.

Instagram stories are entertaining, but keeping up with them all is difficult. It’s especially aggravating when you miss an IG story because you were preoccupied with work or anything else. Now, you have a way to download Instagram story for free.

It’s vital to remember that the user who uploaded the story may see who viewed it while watching it on Instagram Stories. In most cases, this isn’t an issue, but there may be times when you wish to read someone’s Instagram Stories privately.

Everyone has “crept” another Instagram account at some point in their digital lives.

You’ve probably wanted to check out someone’s Story material at some point, whether to keep tabs on an ex-partner, a former acquaintance, or your professional competition… While you’re at it, keep it on the DL.

If the person you’re digitally stalking has their accounts set to public and hasn’t blocked you, creeping is simple.

The most challenging part of Insta-stalking someone is avoiding being caught when viewing Instagram Stories by circumventing the Instagram Story viewer list. (Because liking someone’s Stories accidentally is almost as terrible as someone’s old Instagram photo.)

So… how do you watch someone’s Instagram Stories without them realizing you’re spying on them? Is such a thing even possible?

That’s true.

Fortunately, some solutions allow you to remain anonymous when reading Instagram stories or accessing a private profile. Instagram Story Viewers are online services that allow you to browse Instagram and its many user profiles anonymously.

We’ve come up with a solution for your Instagram viewing problem that’s entirely free!

These programs include several capabilities that allow users to view Instagram accounts even if they are not joined the famous social media network.

What’s the best part? Without having to open the Instagram app, these Instagram story viewer applications allow you to browse through the most recent stories, highlights, and download stories anonymously. These tools can also be used to reuse content and see it on other social media platforms like TikTok.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 13 best anonymous Instagram story viewers. Take a look at them below.

How do you Anonymously View Instagram Stories

If you wish to begin secretly viewing Instagram videos or stories, you should use an Instagram video viewer app.

You may download them for free and use them to watch videos or stories on Instagram anonymously without logging in to your Instagram account.

13 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

When it comes to being anonymous when utilizing an Instagram story viewer, there are a number of service providers to choose from.

If you’re looking for the best Instagram story viewer app, make sure it can search and watch stories directly from the website.

Some of the top story reader applications even let you store stories for later or download them straight to your phone without needing to screenshot them! Here are some of the best anonymous Instagram story viewer.

1. StoriesIG

StoriesIG lets you view, download, and save Instagram stories or highlights. It’s really easy to use, and there’s no need to install anything to get started.

This website is ideal for anyone interested in downloading stories and repurposing them on other social media platforms such as TikTok or Twitter.

With the touch of a button, you can use StoriesIG on your PC, Mac, or phone, and did we mention you can see stories without anybody knowing? Yes of course! You can do that.

Try StoriesIG

2. Glassagram

Glassagram provides superior internet spyware to its consumers. The software is designed for an anonymous Instagram story viewer, allowing users to peek inside any account.

You’ll have complete access to profiles that have been set to private mode. Among the many options available, the user may watch a person’s story in private mode, see all of their followers’ responses, receive direct messages, and so on.

The Glassagram surveillance tool allows users to see the stuff that the targeted individual likes the most. Because screenshots are updated every few minutes, no critical information will be lost. This malware may be a very useful tool for tracking Instagram accounts.

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3. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer is one of the most user-friendly and straightforward Instagram story viewer applications. The user interface is simple and attractive. From the homepage of our website, you may rapidly search for a username.

Once you’ve found the Instagram username’s stories you’re looking for, you can effortlessly download or save them to your smartphone. Anon IG Viewer also allows you to bookmark your favorite Instagram stories so they are easily accessible the next time you visit the app.

Try Anon IG Viewer

4. iGram

IGram is a popular Instagram tool for downloading videos and photographs. All you have to do is copy the URL to the item you want to watch and then click a button to download it.

You may download IGTV, Reels, Stories, Photos, Highlights, and Carousels with iGram. You are not required to login to your profile and there are no restrictions to the number of downloads you may make.

Try IGram

5. Stories IG

Stories IG is the latest in a long series of excellent story viewers that value simplicity above a crowded design. You are immediately confronted with a text box in which you must paste the username of any account you wish to access. You enter the login; the web program processes it and allows you to view all of the stuff on that account anonymously, as long as it is public.

It’s incredibly straightforward and uncluttered. With this program, you may not only browse and download stories, but also photographs, videos, and other information from an Instagram account. You may also share the tales you record here across other social media sites, in addition to the benefits listed above.

Try Stories IG

6. Hoverwatch

For quite some time, Hoverwatch has been the go-to phone tracking software. It used to be just compatible with a few social networking apps, but it has since developed significantly, with the most recent upgrade allowing you to watch someone’s Instagram page, including their conversations. Hoverwatch is also a fantastic SMS and call tracker.

It will also provide you notifications for any incoming and outgoing calls. Hoverwatch may also be used to monitor a target device’s user’s full browsing history.

The program can also track a smartphone’s location via GPS, WiFi, and cell towers. Furthermore, the software is well-hidden on the target device, allowing you to snoop completely anonymously.

Try Hoverwatch

7. Dumpor

Formerly known as SmiHub, Dumpor’s exquisite interface is the first thing that strikes you. It’s simple, clutter-free, and allows people to get right to work. It greets you with a text window that prompts you to immediately enter a username.

When you supply the online service with a login, the program works to offer you quick access to that account. You may now access news anonymously, search for anything you want, and download stuff with just a few clicks.

You may also use the tool to examine a specific account’s likes, comments, and number of followers.

Try Dumpor

8. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is the story viewer you’ve been looking for. You may see material on an Instagram account without having an account of your own, view it anonymously, and download it to your mobile or computer device.

It’s built with eye-catching graphics that make it easy to understand. There is a prominent textbox where you must paste the username you wish to access. To read the stories you want to see, you don’t need your own Instagram account or to fill out any superfluous registration forms. Plus, you’ll be able to download photographs and movies in their original quality.

Try StoriesDown

9. Quoob stories

Qoob Stories is a powerful Instagram Story viewer and downloader that allows you to download anything uploaded on the social media site in bulk. It allows users to download nearly anything they post on Instagram. Stories, images, and videos are all included. Furthermore, it is capable of doing so from both public and private Instagram accounts.

You simply need to enter a username to gain access to Qoob Stories, and you’ll be able to view their stories anonymously right away. You may also quickly download high-quality videos and photographs from Instagram accounts that include metadata.

By just connecting your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader, you can automate the entire story saving procedure. It will begin downloading stuff from that account to your mobile or computer device automatically.

Try Quoob

10. mSpy

mSpy is a parental control mobile phone tracker and monitoring program. Its Instagram tracker will allow parents to keep an eye on their children’s accounts. You can see all of the Instagram chats and shared links. It might assist you in keeping track of popular messengers. It leaves no app symbol on the phone and is absolutely undetectable.

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11. Inflact

If you’re searching for a solution to browse Instagram stories for marketing purposes, Inflact is the way to go. Inflact is more than just an Instagram story viewer; it’s also a full social media marketing tool.

As a user, you can leverage the greatest Instagram features to target your audience with Inflact. With Inflact’s extensive selection of tools, you may expand your Instagram reach and engagement rates. You may use Inflact to do in-depth research on your market and competition. You may not only watch someone’s Instagram stories, but you can also download photographs and videos from their profile.

Try Inflact

12. InstaDP

InstaDP makes it exceptionally easy for people to browse and download stories from their friends and favorite celebrities before they vanish. It employs the tried-and-true method of copying and pasting a username, which, once processed, allows you to browse around a profile of your choice anonymously and download content without the knowledge of the account owner.

The stories aren’t the only thing this web-based business has to offer. You may also save images, movies, and reels at their original resolution. The program also has a user interface that corresponds to the popular minimalism idea.

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13. Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram is for you if you simply need to see Instagram stories anonymously. This app was created with one goal in mind: to anonymously explore Instagram accounts.

When you first visit Anonymous Instagram, you’ll see a text box where you may input your Instagram username.

Type the username of the account you want to access into the search box and hit enter. You’ll be able to surf through the account’s news, highlights, images, and videos almost instantly without being spotted.

Try Anonymous Instagram

Is It Legal To View Instagram Stories on Story Viewer Apps?

Yes, utilizing these applications to view stories is secure, and you also want to make sure that your account isn’t hijacked or terminated.

I personally examined the apps to ensure that they are SSL safe and that they do not require you to sign up using your Instagram credentials.

You may access public accounts without feeling as though your personal information is being given away.


There are a number of reasons why someone may desire to view an Instagram account anonymously. An Instagram Story Viewer is sorely needed by many, whether it’s to spy on a competitor’s profile, comprehend an Influencer’s reach, or oversee your child’s page as a parent.

All of the tools listed above do a fantastic job at this. They let you see a story anonymously, download high-quality information, share it online, and do all of this without having to create an account.

Also, be sure you’re using these tools for the appropriate reasons. You must respect people’s material if you employ any form of software or even technologies like ai copywriting.

So, once again, be sure you’re not being shady when using these Instagram story viewer applications!