Synthesia IO Review 2023 (Powerful AI Video Generator)

Synthesia IO

Creating videos that look realistic can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful forms of content. Synthesia IO can help you easily create high-quality videos that engage and convert your audience.

Not only is it engaging, but it’s also been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

With their easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to generate videos in minutes that look like a professional team created them.

What is is a cutting-edge video editing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

It helps users quickly and easily create professional videos with ai-powered avatars, a variety of five-star multimedia options, and a powerful video editor.

With Synthesia io, producers can easily craft captivating ai videos with a visually stunning aesthetic while retaining a unique personal touch.

This allows users to create engaging and exclusive digital content in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional production methods.

You can use the ai video maker to create high-quality videos, including:

  • Training videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product demo videos
  • Personalized videos
  • Video presentations
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media videos
  • Short videos
  • Marketing videos and more

So whether you’re looking to engage your clients or entertain your digital audience, Synthesia is a great way to do it!

Who Created is a company founded by co-founder entrepreneurs ( Matthias and Lourdes) with business and app-building experience.

At the company’s head are two co-founder entrepreneurs well-versed in tech and startup culture. What’s unique about, however, is their reliance on real actors and video editing skills to bring your conversations to life!

Not content with any stock footage, the company finds explicit actors to make the videos more personalized and detailed and eventually provide you with the highest possible quality service.

This unique approach has won them numerous awards for excellence in video production, making one of the Pros and Cons

Delving into the pros and cons of Synthesia IO is an integral part of understanding how artificial intelligence and video creation technologies can revolutionize how we interact with our data.

Synthesia IO promises to save time when recording, reviewing, and ultimately creating multimedia content from a camera by automating several steps in the process.

Applications include documentaries, narratives, and corporate media production.

With a good idea of the benefits and drawbacks of automated video production, organizations can explore how artificial intelligence can be used to achieve their business objectives.


  • Easy-to-use video editing and creation platform
  • Wide range of features, including text to video, built-in avatars, custom backgrounds, MP4 downloads, etc.
  • A comprehensive library of royalty-free background music tracks
  • Secure encoding processes for privacy and security
  • Customizable templates
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Free stock images and videos


  • No free trial
  • The Corporate plan is expensive for some businesses
  • It can lack features compared to other video editing platforms.

Starts at $30/month (PERSONAL PLAN)

Note: Synthesia IO is ideal for content creators who need to create videos with high-quality visuals and music quickly. With its various customization options, easy-to-use interface, and secure encoding processes.

Synthesia IO can help you create compelling videos without breaking the bank, but it may be too costly for some businesses.

However, if you’re looking for an accessible platform to make professional-looking visuals in no time, Synthesia IO could be right for you!

Try it now to experience all the fantastic features this platform offers!

Best Features of

If you want to upgrade your video production, look no further than!

This great tool is a revolutionary AI video platform that creates amazing, realistic ai avatars in full HD resolution and contains tools to animate them or create professional videos with just a few clicks of a button.

It allows you to edit videos and modify them right on the platform! With Synthesia, you’ll be able to make the best ai videos for your business or personal use in no time! offers some of the most potent qualities on the market when it comes to creating video content. The platform has everything you need in one place, including:

AI Avatars

AI avatars are one of the vital features revolutionizing the possibilities of Synthesia IO to create and edit videos.

AI avatars have become one of the most valuable tools to support Synthesia production due to their ability to generate a wide range of compelling video recordings with minimal effort.

As AI technology progresses, so do the capabilities of these avatars, making them an increasingly user-friendly and powerful tool for Synthesia creatives.

AI Videos

Digital marketers can easily create ai videos that are five-star and personalized to fit a brand’s visual identity with Synthesia.

The platform works with video and audio files to quickly and efficiently create realistic videos.

With a few clicks of a button, businesses can craft compelling video stories that accurately convey their brand message and engage potential customers.

Synthesia IO is powerful ai video tool that cuts production times significantly by eliminating the need for multiple tasks and advancements in editing software.

Users will save much money in both time and resources when creating personable ai videos with this platform.

AI Voices

AI voices are becoming increasingly popular in digital conversations today, and Synthesia IO has made its AI conversational engine available to all users.

AI-voices is a text-to-speech option that offers voice to your text in over 60 languages.

With robust voice recognition technology and natural language processing, the platform makes it easy for businesses to interact with customers on a personal level without sacrificing quality.

The AI-powered auditory engine automates the entire conversion process, enabling businesses to reach customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Video Templates

Synthesia studio provides an extensive library of professionally-made video templates to get you started quickly.

The app offers various styles, including product demos, explainer videos, educational content, engaging training videos, and product marketing videos.

You can also create custom avatar video templates with your visuals and branding elements for a truly unique look.

With its easy-to-use video editor, you can quickly create personalized videos that will make an impression on your digital audience.

Editing Studio

The editing studio within allows you to refine your videos and make them even more impactful.

From basic color corrections to advanced effects, the platform offers a wide range of tools that can be used to adjust auditory levels, add subtitles or captions, or add voiceovers.

With its drag-and-drop interface, you can easily make the necessary adjustments to your marketing videos within minutes. Plus,’s editing studio also allows you to store projects in the cloud for future use or collaboration with team members!

Closed Captions also provides closed caption support for all video projects.

With this feature, digital marketers can easily add subtitles to their videos in multiple languages and make them accessible to viewers from different parts of the world.

The platform’s closed captioning supports over 20 languages, making it easy for businesses to reach a global audience with their videos.

The process is simple and efficient, allowing users to quickly upload captions and sync them with audio files in minutes!

Screen Recorder

For content creators who need to record their screens, also features a powerful screen recording tool.

With this feature, you can quickly capture everything happening on your computer monitor and create high-quality content and videos in just minutes.

The platform offers customization settings such as annotations, text overlays, and voice narration to help you create more engaging screen recordings and earn a good review.

Background Music

To add even more life to your video content, it provides access to a library of background music tracks.

All of the tracks in the library are royalty-free and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

With this feature, you can easily enhance your videos with the perfect soundtrack that suits your message and emotion.

Synthesia IO also allows you to search the library based on genres, moods, and instruments!

Video Embeds

Synthesia IO also makes it easy to embed your videos into web pages and blogs.

With its simple embed code, you can quickly add the video to your website without hassle, making you super happy.

Plus, with its secure encoding process, you can be sure that your videos remain private and secure.

MP4 Download

Finally, for those who need to download their videos in a high-quality format, this platform also offers an MP4 download option.

With this feature, you can quickly save your videos as MP4 files for playback on any device.

The platform also supports resolutions up to 4K for those who want more professional-looking videos.

Synthesia Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Synthesia ai-video maker and editor has its pricing structured in two tiers:

  • Personal Plan: Starts at $30/month, billed annually.
  • Corporate Plan: Pricing depends on your organization’s needs. Contact Synthesia to get this plan.

Here are the full details on each of Synthesia’s plans:

Personal Plan

  • 10 video credits/month
  • Text to video
  • 60+ languages
  • 65+ built-in avatars
  • 50+ templates
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom background music
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • MP4 downloads
  • Video-sharing pages & embeds
  • Add text, images, shapes
  • Free stock images & videos
  • Import PowerPoints
  • Up to 6 slides per video
  • Paid add-on: custom avatars

Corporate Plan

  • All Personal plan features
  • Up to 50 slides per video
  • 10+ Premium built-in avatars
  • Exclusive custom avatars
  • Premium Shutterstock assets
  • Branded template
  • Priority support
  • Procurement-friendly
  • Audio uploads
  • Access to premium services
  • SAML SSO support
  • Branded video share page
  • Custom fonts

Synthesia IO Case Study: Results Achieved With Synthesia

Is Synthesia IO the right tool for you? We asked a few clients who have worked with Synthesia IO to see what results they achieved.

One client used Synthesia to create explainer videos which helped them increase their website traffic and conversions by over 40%.

They could easily upload PowerPoints and customize the video with their branding, giving the videos a professional look that viewers were likelier to engage with.

Another client used Synthesia’s text-to-speech feature to create educational videos, which they distributed on their website and social media channels.

This increased engagement and over 10,000 views within the first week of launch.

If you want to create professional yet engaging videos quickly, Synthesia could be the right tool for you. Give it a try and see what results in you get!

My Experience Using Synthesia to Create Videos

I’ve had an incredible experience using Synthesia.

The how-to’s and tutorials for beginners gave me the jumpstart I needed, and utilizing the data provided by the AI really helped me hone my skills.

With features like listening mode, recording review, and real-time training, I created studio-quality music, which helped me in saving time.

Synthesia has a built-in camera, which helped me create my own custom avatar inside the program.

All this makes Synthesia IO an ideal tool for today’s aspiring producers!

Best Synthesia IO Alternatives in Creating Professional Videos in 2023

If you’re looking for an alternative tool to Synthesia IO, consider one that focuses on data-driven listening and training.

Not only will this give users a more personalized experience, but it also provides the opportunity to create video content that can be used as a tool in many ways.

For instance, showing clips of music created so far, playing tracks a user is working on, or even introducing concepts or song genres.

This tool gives the user control over their learning journey, allowing them to craft personalized content which suits their needs best.

Below are some of the best alternatives for Synthesia IO for personalized content and video creation:

  • Prezi
  • Renderforest
  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Camtasia
  • Simplified
  • Keynote

Is Free?

No, it is not free. Synthesia IO is a video creation platform powered by AI and data. It helps businesses listen, record, and review conversations with customers.

The platform also has built-in training plans to teach real people how to use video cameras and create better video content.

Even though Synthesia is accessible to everyone, it is not a free video creation platform – the personal plan starts at $30/month.

What Does Do?

Synthesia IO is a revolutionary AI platform designed to help review and process a massive array of data quickly and accurately.

AI technology provides a way to tackle a range of tasks in a fraction of the time compared to doing them manually with real people.

This means that bigger, more complex jobs requiring a large team or a lot of manual effort can be quickly completed immediately!

Plus, the software can work across different languages and is intuitive enough for anyone to master how to use it quickly and easily.

Created with a blend of the latest ai technology and real people insights, is revolutionizing the way data processing is done – making it more accurate, faster, and easier than ever before.

Does Synthesia Video Editing Skills Efficient?

Learning to use Synthesia IO for editing visuals is a valuable skill, as it can make creating amazing videos much easier and more efficient.

What sets Synthesia apart from other editing software is its how-to tutorials. These how-tos show users how to operate the software and utilize different tools to make and optimize the perfect video.

Also, there are many presets offered in Synthesia IO that can save you time and make your edits look professional and clean.

Conclusion – Is Synthesia Worth It?

Video creation will be more critical than ever in engaging and converting your audience.

Luckily, Synthesia makes creating high-quality videos that get results more accessible than ever.

So if you’re not already using, subscribe and start using it in 2023 to enjoy several new avatars to create videos.

You can also use the training guides or sign up for the course and become a pro in less than a week.