16 Best YouTube to OGG Converters of 2023 (Free & Online)

YouTube to OGG

Looking to convert your YouTube videos into the OGG format? Many people are looking for a good YouTube to OGG converter. These ones will help.

This blog post will look at some of the best converters out there and show you how to use them step-by-step.

So we’ve covered you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user!

What is OGG?

Ogg is an audio file format with high-quality sound, even when the file size is compressed. It is pretty versatile and can be played in multiple player types.

Comparing ogg to mp3 or other audio formats, an OGG file is not just smaller in size but also provides good-quality sound. By using ogg file converters or ogg downloaders, you can quickly transfer music from one device to another.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing the sound quality due to the compression. Moreover, ogg files can contain metadata such as year of release, artist name, etc., making it easier for users to organize their music library.

Given all its benefits, ogg is worth considering if you’re looking for a suitable audio file format.

Why Convert YouTube Videos to OGG?

Converting YouTube Videos to OGG has multiple benefits. While YouTube is the most popular video-streaming platform in North America and abroad, its files are difficult to edit or playback outside venues.

The OGG format offers users a more straightforward solution to convert videos into a more accessible format with increased compatibility across multiple applications.

OGG files are small but retain great sound and video quality, enabling you to play your favorite YouTube videos on any device easily.

Additionally, convert YouTube to OGG, and you can conveniently save your content for easy access anytime, anywhere, allowing for offline playback.

Converting your YouTube file to OGG is cost-effective for any user, should they choose files such as MP3 or audio extraction if needed.

What are the Best YouTube to OGG Converters?

YouTube to ogg converters is an essential tool for streaming youtube videos, youtube playlists, and other online youtube content. They are handy for downloading audio files without losing the quality of the original youtube video.

The best youtube to ogg converters offer versatile functions such as batch video conversion and multiple output file formats, allowing users to get their youtube content how they want it fast and hassle-free.

Most youtube to ogg converters feature intuitive user interfaces so you can easily navigate the various functions available and customize your conversions exactly how you want them.

With the right youtube to ogg converter, you can quickly download and enjoy your favorite youtube videos in a matter of minutes!

1. YouTube Converter

Finding the best YouTube to ogg converter can be challenging, especially since finding a free one can be even more challenging. Fortunately, YouTube Converter is a free converter out there for all your needs.

With this ogg converter, you can convert YouTube videos in just a few clicks, also any YouTube playlist. Not only that, but it should also offer excellent quality audio and easy access to other major audio formats like MP3s and WAVs.

Whether you need to craft a mix of your favorite YouTube gems or want to listen to them offline without relying on ads, YouTube Converter is worth its weight in gold.

And best of all – it’s completely free and has unlimited downloads!

YouTube Converter Testimonial

My name is Jake and I have been using the YouTube Converter for all my needs for some time now. It’s an incredibly useful tool that makes converting YouTube videos to ogg format as easy as can be. I’ve been impressed with its speed and reliability, and I’ve never had any issues or problems with it.

The best part is that it’s completely free, making it even better value for money! Highly recommend this product and service to anyone looking for a great YouTube converter. Thanks, YouTube Converter!

YouTube Converter Pros

  • According to the SSL check the certificate is valid 
  • This is a website dedicated to art and leisure

  • DNSFilter
     considers this website safe

YouTube Converter Cons

  • Not many users

2. EaseUS Video Converter

If you want to quickly and easily convert your favorite YouTube videos into other lossy formats like OGG, then EaseUS Video Converter is the perfect tool.

It has a simple one-click convert button, making it incredibly easy to transform even the most complex videos with just a few clicks of your mouse.

And converting YouTube to ogg is no exception – all you need to do is find the video you’d like to recycle, click convert, and you’ll be done in no time.

All in all, EaseUS Converter offers an easy and efficient way for any conversion needs.

EaseUS Testimonial

“I recently tried EaseUS YouTube Converter and it was a great experience. It was really easy to use and allowed me to quickly convert videos from YouTube into a variety of different formats. I especially liked how it gave me the option to adjust video settings like resolution and frame rate. It worked perfectly every time and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use YouTube Converter. Thanks, EaseUS! – John Doe”

EaseUS Pros

  • Product Pro 1
  • Product Pro 2
  • Product Pro 3
  • Product Pro 4
  • Product Pro 5

EaseUS Cons

  • Product Con 1
  • Product Con 2
  • Product Con 3
  • Product Con 4
  • Product Con 5

3. VideoProc

VideoProc is the ultimate YouTube to ogg converter and ogg downloader.

It stands out from other YouTube to ogg tools because of its powerful features and capabilities, including super-fast speeds, support for 4K UHD videos, editing functions like crop and trim, broad device compatibility, and DVD ripping.

Plus, it’s free for those who want to see what the tool has to offer before committing to a purchase.

With VideoProc’s advanced technology, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the best YouTube to ogg conversion results possible. Try it today – you won’t regret it!

VideoProc Testimonial

“I’ve been using VideoProc for a few months now and absolutely love it! It’s easy to use, has all the features I need for editing my videos, and is incredibly fast. I highly recommend giving it a try. My name is Jane Smith and I’m happy to be one of the many satisfied customers of VideoProc!”

VideoProc Pros

  •  Best for those who are looking for easy, simple, and quality video editing
  • Has a download feature
  • Easy to use

VideoProc Cons

  • Causes minor lag and drop rate on computer

4. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter makes it easy to convert YouTube to ogg.

With one click of the download icon, your desired YouTube video will be converted and downloaded as an ogg file.

This YouTube to ogg online converter also allows you to add external subtitles, modify video parameters like bit rate and resolution, and even cut a YouTube video into shorter clips for quick downloading.

Not only is OnlineVideoConverter fast and reliable, it never compromises the quality of your converted file.

So sign up now if you want the best YouTube to ogg online converter out there!

Online Video Converter Testimonial

I recently used the YouTube to OGG online converter and it exceeded my expectations! It provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface which allowed me to quickly convert my video into the OGG format.

What really impressed me was the added features like being able to add external subtitles, modify video parameters like bit rate and resolution, as well as the ability to cut a YouTube video into shorter clips for quick downloading. The conversion process was fast and efficient – I had my converted files within minutes. Highly recommend this online converter!

Online Video Pros

  • HD (1080P) conversion
  • Ultra HD conversion (2K/4K/8K)
  • Support for more than 300 formats
  • Fine-Tune Videos for Specific Devices

Online Video Cons

  • Relatively new
  • Not the best customer service

5. YouTube-OGG

YouTube-OGG is designed for audio and video content creators who want more control over shareable file types.

YouTube to ogg converter is a free online YouTube downloader allowing users to easily convert YouTube Video URLs into a .ogg audio file type. YouTube audio is excellent for producing music, podcasts, or other self-produced projects.

This YouTube to ogg converter provides a quick and easy way to download videos onto a computer quickly and cheaply with the high video quality.

Users can download compatible ogg format files by accessing the YouTube URL, making it easier than ever to create quality songs or audio products with minimal trouble.

YouTube-OGG is an invaluable tool that every music producer should consider if they are looking for a reliable downloading solution.

YouTube-OGG Testimonial

“As a long-time customer of YouTube-OGG, I can confidently say that this is the most intuitive and easy to use online video converter. It’s optimized for high quality conversions with quick loading times and no glitches. I would highly recommend YouTube-OGG to anyone looking for an efficient solution to convert their videos into different formats. Thanks, YouTube-OGG!” – Keith N.

YouTube-OGG Pros

  • 320Kbps but superior to MP3 at 192Kbps
  • Stores more audio channel
  • Can save multiple videos

YouTube-OGG Cons

  • Doesn’t offer universal compatibility 
  • High battery consumption

6. Loader.to

Loader.to are essential tools for anyone wanting to convert YouTube to ogg output format. This YouTube to ogg converter enables you to save YouTube videos in the popular audio file format and play them on any compatible device.

By converting YouTube videos, you can maximize the quality of your audio so that they sound as close to the original as possible.

With its fast conversion speeds, intuitive interface, and easy-to-follow on-screen instructions, this YouTube to ogg converter is ideal if you need a reliable and efficient solution to convert videos with maximum efficiency.

Loader.To Testimonial

” I recently tried out Loader.to for converting YouTube to ogg output format and I was amazed by the results! The process was incredibly easy and fast, and the quality of the audio file was top notch. As someone who occasionally needs to convert YouTube videos into a certain file format, Loader.to are essential tools for me. Highly recommended from me, Mark!”

Loader.To Pros

  • Product Pro 1
  • Product Pro 2
  • Product Pro 3
  • Product Pro 4
  • Product Pro 5

Loader.To Cons

  • Product Con 1
  • Product Con 2
  • Product Con 3
  • Product Con 4
  • Product Con 5

7. CatchVideo

Get ready to convert YouTube to ogg and save them on your device with CatchVideo! This YouTube to ogg converter is the perfect tool for downloading videos on YouTube one at a time or in batches.

Easily convert entire playlists into your favorite media file format so you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime without worrying about streaming lags or poor video/audio quality.

With CatchVideo, you can download videos directly to your device, where you can organize and manage all of your YouTube media. Let’s get converting!

CatchVideo Testimonial

“As a busy student and frequent YouTube user, I’m always looking for ways to save time and make my life easier. Catchvideo has been the perfect tool for me. It’s straightforward to use and allows me to download videos on YouTube one at a time or in batches – saving me lots of time! Definitely recommend Catchvideo to anyone who needs an efficient way of downloading videos from YouTube.” – John Smith

CatchVideo Pros

  • The site has https access
  • Easy to use
  • Allow several formats of file

CatchVideo Cons

  • Might take time to download

8. Anything2MP3

Anything2MP3 offers an easy and convenient YouTube to ogg converter that can save you time when looking for a simple audio conversion.

With lossy formats like mp3, keeping the original file quality intact can be challenging, but Anything2MP3 ensures that the output files are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, with various possible output formats (such as ogg, m4a, FLAC, and more), Anything2MP3 has the versatility to handle all your audio conversion needs.

Use Anything2MP3 today and make your audio conversions quicker and easier!

Anything2MP3 Testimonial

I love Anything2MP3! It’s been an absolute lifesaver for me when I need to quickly convert YouTube videos to ogg files. It’s a fast, convenient, and easy way to convert audio that has saved me countless hours of time in the past. Highly recommend this service!

Anything2MP3 Pros

  • The Anything2MP3 is great to use
  • Easyy to use
  • Highly compatible with all PCs
  • Free to use

Anything2MP3 Cons

  • Relatively new
  • Not the best interface

9. Co-Convert

Co-Convert is a free download service that makes creating and viewing content easier. With it, you can download Youtube videos and convert them into different file formats.

All you need to do is enter a video URL and let Co-Convert take care of the download, conversion, and download process.

Not only does this make finding videos incredibly convenient, but with their audio track download feature, you can access all the sound and music featured in your favorite Youtube clips.

Get downloading and converting today with Co-Convert – the hassle-free way to access free Youtube content and enjoy it in any format imaginable!

Co-Convert Testimonial

“I’m so glad I found Co-Convert! As a content creator, having the ability to quickly and easily download Youtube videos and convert them into different file formats makes my life so much easier. Thank you Co-Convert for making my content creation process a breeze! -John Doe”

Co-Convert Pros

  • Free download service
  • Co-Convert offers an audio track download
  • Co-Convert provides a hassle-free way

Co-Convert Cons

  • Contents might be plagarisized

10. Ontiva

Ontiva is the perfect resource for those looking to make multiple YouTube videos. The unique platform allows users to easily convert any given video URL into numerous audio tracks in various formats for free.

Any aspiring creator can take advantage of the easy-to-use conversion software and see their projects come to life.

Ontiva is the perfect video converter for all budding creators, so don’t wait: get started with Ontiva today!

Ontiva Testimonial

“I recently discovered Ontiva and have used it to make multiple YouTube videos. It’s an amazing resource that allows you to easily convert any given video URL into numerous audio tracks in various formats for free. I’m very pleased with the quality of the audio tracks and the ease of use of the platform. The only downside is that it can take a bit longer than expected at times, but overall I’m happy with Ontiva and would give it a 3 star review.”

Ontiva Pros

  • Convert any URL
  • Numerous audio tracks
  • Quality video
  • Allows for easy conversion

Ontiva Cons

  • Can take longer than expected

11. SaveTheVideo

Have you ever wanted to convert YouTube to an OGG file quickly and for free? The answer is SaveTheVideo!

SaveTheVideo allows you to convert YouTube to an OGG file with just a video link. It also features a batch download feature to convert multiple videos at once.

Allowing for a seamless experience, this easy-to-use program will make sure your streaming is free and reliable.

Am I looking for a way to download multiple videos from a single page? Look no further than SaveTheVideo!

Savethevideo Testimonial

“I’m so impressed with SaveTheVideo! As a customer, I was able to convert YouTube videos to OGG files quickly and for free. Additionally, the batch download feature made it easy to convert multiple videos at once. I would definitely recommend SaveTheVideo to anyone looking for an efficient way to convert video files! 5 stars!”-Sarah.

Savethevideo Pros

  • Provides a batch download feature
  • Free and convenient solution
  • Easy to use

Savethevideo Cons

  • Authorization issue

12. WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter is the perfect tool for any video conversion task you can think of. With a simple, easy-to-use interface and advanced algorithms, it lets you change videos and audio to almost any file format.

Whether you’re looking to convert YouTube to Ogg file format or from Mac to PC, WinX Converter has covered you.

Not only does it convert your file in a concise amount of time, but it also tracks audio conversion data and maintains records of all the relevant data associated with them, making it super easy to convert frequent files with just one click.

Try out WinX Converter today and see why it’s considered one of the best video converters on the market.

Winx Video Converter Testimonial

I’ve been using WinX Video Converter for all of my video conversion needs, and I’m absolutely delighted with the results. It’s so easy to use – even if you’re not tech savvy! The advanced algorithms make sure that your videos and audio stay high-quality after conversion, no matter what file format you need. Highly recommended!

Winx Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Versatile Video Conversion
  • Audio Conversion Tracking and Records

Winx Cons

  • Old tech

13. 4K Video Downloader

If you’re looking for easy, one-stop video conversion, 4K Video Downloader is the right choice.

Offering over 420+ preset profiles, you can convert any video link or YouTube to OGG format quickly and effortlessly.

It also features a subtitle downloader that natively supports over 100 supported sites, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to convert your favorite videos.

Don’t waste time trying out different converters; with the 4K Video Downloader, you can convert videos easily in just a few clicks.

4k Video Downloader Testimonial

“I’ve been using 4K Video Downloader for a while now and I’m really impressed! It’s so easy to use, and the presets make it simple to convert any video link or YouTube clip to OGG format. It’s the best choice for anyone who needs quick and hassle-free video conversion. – Lola B.”

4k Video Pros

  • Subtitle Downloader
  • Wide Range of Preset Profiles
  • User-Friendly and Efficient

4k Video Cons

  • Relatively new

14. Convertio

When it comes to converting Youtube videos to ogg, Convertio is a fantastic option. Permute is the perfect tool to extract audio from a video or convert file formats so they can be played offline.

With minimal disk space needed, mac users can take advantage of the free youtube app and easily convert media.

Try out Convertio and convert Youtube videos to ogg quickly!

Convertio Testimonial

“I’m a huge fan of Convertio! As an independent artist, I need to be able to quickly and easily convert Youtube videos into ogg format. With Convertio, I can do that in no time! Permute is also incredibly helpful for extracting audio from a video or converting file formats so they can be played offline. Highly recommended – thanks Convertio!” – Joe Smith

Convertio Pros

  • Mac Compatibility
  • Audio Extraction and Format Conversion
  • Conversion to OGG Format

Convertio Cons

  • Limited Information

15. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to convert YouTube videos and save them in multiple formats.

With its simple interface, all you need to do is enter the URL of the video, click on the download button, and choose what format you want. It even allows you to extract audio without converting the video itself!

Simply click convert, and you’re ready to go with your favorite audio file format. Whether it’s converting youtube to ogg or something else entirely, Freemake Video Downloader makes it easy. Get started today and experience its powerful capabilities.

Freemake Video Converter Testimonial

“I’m thankful to have found Freemake Video Downloader! As an avid YouTube fan, I was desperate for a tool to help me convert my favorite videos and save them in multiple formats. Freemake Video Downloader makes that possible and more—it’s fast, easy to use, and incredibly reliable. Thanks Freemake Video Downloader! -John Smith, Happy Customer”

Freemake Pros

  • Audio Extraction Feature
  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface
  • Multi-Format Support

Freemake Cons

  • Potential Copyright Concerns

16. Office-Converter

When converting your YouTube files into OGG files, Office-Converter has you covered.

With its broad range of features, Office-Converter is one of the best tools for reliably converting videos from YouTube to audio, suitable for portable music players and other applications.

The songs you convert retain their metadata, so all that important song information remains intact.

Plus, with Office-Converter’s simple user interface and intuitive controls, you can convert your favorite songs with a few clicks of your mouse.

So why wait? Try Office-Converter today and enjoy the convenience of taking your favorite song metadata with you wherever you may go!

Office Converter Testimonial

Office Converter is such an incredibly useful tool! It has saved me so much time and effort when it comes to converting my office documents. I’ve been able to quickly and easily convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for those unfamiliar with technology. I highly recommend Office Converter for anyone who wants to make their document conversion process easier and faster.

With its broad range of features, Office-Converter is one of the best tools for reliably converting videos from YouTube to audio, suitable for portable music players and other applications.

Office Converter Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • The converted songs retain their metadata
  • Offers reliable and efficient conversion

Office Converter Cons

  • Potential Copyright Issues

YouTube to OGG FAQS

A step-by-step guide to converting YouTube to OGG

Step 1: Download and install a free YouTube to OGG audio converter. There are several available online, such as FLVTO, Y2Mate, and Any Video Converter.

Step 2: Open the YouTube to OGG converter and locate the “Input” section. Copy and paste or drag-and-drop the link of the video you want to convert from YouTube into the area provided.

Step 3: In the “Output Format” field, select OGG as your desired format for conversion. Afterward, click on the “Convert” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Wait for a few moments while your converter program processes your file. This may take some time depending on which converter you are using and also how large the file is in size.

Step 5: Once finished converting your file will be available for download in either an MP3 or OGG format. Select which one you prefer then click “Download” to save it onto your device or computer.

What is a YouTube Video?

YouTube videos are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to communicate your message. YouTube files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing viewers from anywhere to watch in the comfort of their own homes.

YouTube is also an excellent platform for any content, allowing you to choose your needs. YouTube provides an array of features to help optimize audience engagement, including subscription options, captions, video recommendations, and more.

All these features give YouTube its status as the best platform for sharing videos on the web today.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video for offline viewing or other purposes? It’s shockingly easy to do with the right tools and knowledge.

  • You only need Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or your preferred web browser to download a video.
  • Once you have that, download a downloader extension like Flash Video Downloader or other tools to access the files on YouTube so they can be saved and viewed later.
  • If that’s too much tech-savviness, try saving the video by uploading it straight to your Google Drive account.
  • Then download it where ever you need it.

See! With a few simple steps, and now you have gotten great results! Don’t wait any longer— download any YouTube video today!

What type of file is OGG?

The ogg file format is an open-source format designed to stream audio over the internet.

This file type allows for high-quality sound with minimal data usage, making ogg one of the most popular online music and audio choices. The ogg format can be converted to various other forms, such as WAV, MP3, or FLAC, using an ogg converter.

Furthermore, ogg files provide multiple options when creating output formats – users can decide between ogg Vorbis or ogg opus depending on their requirements.

This way, ogg is a versatile choice for various audio regardless of their usage purpose.

How do you save an OGG file?

Saving a . OGG file doesn’t need to be a complicated process. All you have to do is take advantage of an OGG converter that can save the resulting audio in its native. OGG format or other popular standard file output formats such as MP3 or WAV.

An OGG converter can save audio from videos, YouTube links, and more with just a quick conversion. The process is simple and easy to learn, so there’s no need to get overwhelmed!

With the suitable OGG converter and a few clicks of your mouse, you can save .ogg files in no time.


Do you want to download the video? Video-to-audio conversion has never been so crucial in today’s fast-paced world.

With a YouTube to ogg converter, you can take your favorite videos and convert them into an audio format that is perfect for listening on the go.

Whether you want to listen to podcasts on your commute or catch up on lectures while you are working out, a YouTube to ogg converter can help you get the most out of your time.

There are many different converters available on the market, so be sure to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Have you tried using a YouTube to ogg converter? If so, which one did you use, and how was your experience?

Also, don’t forget to save this post and come back to it, as the list of YouTube to OGG Converters are updated regular with new tools.