350+ Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024 and Beyond

Business Ideas

It may appear that all of the good business ideas or the best small business ideas have been taken, but this is not the case. This article will provide you with dozens of small business ideas that you can start from home and scale up as your clientele grows.

350+ Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021

Finding a business idea that works for you is the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Anyone, with the right idea and determination, can make it. We show you how with this article.

1. 3D Printing Design Business

3D printing designs are pretty straightforward, this is taking designs and making them 3D. Affiliating 3D printing design business with larger business such as SHAPEWAYS.

One of the benefits is that you focus on taking orders and creating the 3D designs and let SHAPEWAYS print the actual object and then again you can also do the printing yourself.

The costs involved in opening such a 3D design business are little and next to nothing, you’re not paying any staff, no utilities to pay every month or an expensive lease.

If you don’t already own a 3D printer then, working with SHAPEWAYS will be the better option, you simply upload the designs to them, sell the products through your website and split the profit with SHAPEWAYS.

2. Accounting Firm

Accounting services are pretty in demand for a lot of good reasons, Accounting services include keeping track of taxes, income, expenses and all other financial related information for individuals and organizations of all types.

The costs involved in starting your own accounting firm is next to nothing you’ll be needing an office, computers, high-speed internet, desks, printers, insurance, accounting software and money for advertising.

It is also important to become a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT(CPA). The exam fee typically cost about $1,000.

A certified public accountant makes money from clients fees. They might be services that require a year worth of accounting work then the payment can be annual, hourly or flat rate project work.

3. Acting Classes Business

This is taking both the young and old acting classes, either group or one on one classes. You’ll be providing support, coaching and training to those considering acting as a career or those already in the business looking to improve their role.

You will be needing your workspace and if your zoning law allows, you can use your home. However as your business grows you might need to gett your personal workspace as you might be needing a stage or room for camera and lighting.

Your pay depends on how much you charge your clients can be hourly, monthly, or you can have them pay based on the number of classes.

4. Acupuncture Clinic

An Acupuncture clinic helps patients on different health related matters including general health maintenance and alternative medicine. Acupuncturist use their skill to treat ailments of their patients

Setting up an Acupuncture clinic in small scale you can just get a massage table, needles, biohazard boxes, file folders, chairs, sheets, and dressers. You can rent a room at a wellness center or other locations for under $500 serving as your office. 

Also advertising shouldn’t be a problem as the location you’re situated in will take care of that for you

An Acupuncture clinic makes money by how much they charge clients which differs based on the reason of the client visits which can be ranging from simple diagnosis or check up to complex treatment.

5. Adult Coloring Book Company

An adult coloring book company provide adults with detailed coloring books, an estimated 1 million coloring books were sold in 2014

If you have a computer and a software the startup cost for an adult coloring book company is very low. All you need is a software like Adobe illustrator or Corel draw and you are good to go. You can start making your money by selling in retail or to stores and distributors.

6. Adult Foster Care Business

This is running an independent nursing home for alduts . Where caregivers that are necessarily not medically trained provide support and sometimes emergency assistance to residents on a 24 hour basis.

Having a space with features like showers, bars, higher toilets to run the adult foster care business will likely be the most expensive part. Other expenses might Include gas, car insurance, food, home insurance and commercial insurance.

Making money from a business like this is quite easy as you’ll be charging the residents for utilities, rents and extra for the caregiver’s assistance

7. Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies helps businesses with effective and creative advertising campaigns to attract customers. Starting an Advertising Agency in this modern world is a good small scale business especially if you’re in the United States which is the world biggest market place with a revenue of $44 billion and still growing

The cost for starting an Advertising Agency are minimal since they render services not products. All you might need are office for meeting clients, computer, fast internet and a printer.

8 Aerial Arts Studio

Aerial art instructor helps people that want to get in shape, look better and feel better but I’n a way that gets people interested and keeps them motivated to keep going

Costs for opening an aerial art studio: A specifically designed space that includes trapeze, rope, beam pole and many other specific options

Aerial art studios make money by charging members and non members a fee for classes might be hourly or per class.

9. Aerial Sports Instruction Business

Aerial sports instruction business offers lessons to beginners that go on adrenaline-inducing flight like paragliding, bungee jumping, hang gliding. Before going on fun activities like this they first need to learn how to take off, fly and land safely.

The cost for starting an aerial sports instruction business should be about $50,000 or more other expenses includes insurance, equipments and advertising cost … There are several ways to make profit from Aerial sports instruction business. You can obtain advanced certificates, better equipments.

10. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing business is attracting an audience to a particular product. This is done mostly by people with a large audience or fame. Just by advertising products on your social media page you direict people attention to the product.

To get started in afiliate marketing costs nothing. All you need is to have a social media page or blog and you can start earning about $1,000 to $35,000 per product advertised.

11. Air Duct Cleaning Business

Starting an Air duct cleaning business is a great business if you have the tenacity to become an entrepreneur air duct maintenance has both homes and businesses applications . For residential homes a cleaner air duct means a healthier living environment

To start a residential air duct business the cost is $5,600, to start a commercial air duct business should cost you $10,000. Most of this money goes to purchasing the right equipments necessary for an air duct cleaning business like; vacuum agitation system, cleaning tools, air compressor and so on .

12. Airbnb Business

Airbnb business also called home away from home provides travellers with places to stay that feels unique and homely to their taste in contrast to that of a hotel or motel. Guests may stay as short as two to three days or as long as two to three weeks.

The cost for running an Airbnb business is mostly maintenance as you’ll be renting your own space and how much you get paid depends on how much you want to charge your guests

13. Airport Shuttle Business

Airport shuttle business transport people from where there cars are parked, within the airport, from where they are lodged, from hotels to basically anywhere in the airport. The driver picks the passenger at a predetermined location and drop them wherever they are headed .

The cost for starting an Airport shuttle business ranges from $10,000 to $50,000

14. Airsoft Field

Airsoft Field is an activity that can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor. Mostly played as a team sport by practicing military based objectives which involves firing pellets at rivals .as a business you provide the space, supplies and equipments necessary for the activity.

The cost for running an Airsoft Field is mostly directed to the wooded or open land you will have to buy or rent. It can be a space with hills and rough terrain. Other expenses goes to airsoft weapons. Some airsoft Field make money hourly, some daily . Most field also have retail stores that sell supplies like beverages and snacks.

15. Algae Farm

Algae can be used in various forms including for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. Can also be used as biofuels and as food to some aquatic animals

Starting an algae farm in small scale if you’re starting off with a 100-acre algae farm which should cost you roughly $32,500 per acre would set you back more than $3million .

16. Alternative Health Care Center

Alternative health care centers focus more on alternative healings like Acupuncture and herbs. Most people seek natural type of healing based on the fact man made medicines are not 100% reliable

Starting an alternative health care center is likely less than you think. This is mostly dependant on the area it’ll be situated at and the type of business you want to run. If you run a meditation center all you’ll need is a studio and a business license and you’re good to go.

Alternative health centers make money charging flat fees for their rendered services .

17. Amazon Drop Shipping Business

An amazon drop shipping business serves as an intermidary between two customers who wants to purchase a product and the business that sells or produces them. This naturally eliminates the stress, cost, and time that is associated with traditional distribution channels.

You don’t need a capital to start up this business as you don’t purchase a package until there’s a sale and you don’t bother with packaging, advertising and shipping .

18. Amusement Park

Amusement or theme, parks feature rides entertainment, and games options in an outdoor or indoor venue . The larger the property you own, the more varieties of entertainment you offer.

If you’re looking to open an indoor amusement facility you’ll need a significant investment of at least $250,000 for installation,building and design. The general income is created through the standard entry ticket .

19. Angel investment Firm

Traditionally when an entertaining approaches an investor they are asking for money that will be reimbursed later with interest . But an angel investment firm does not require a pay back but instead requires a stake in the company of the entrepreneur.

The main cost for starting an angel investment firm is finding capital . You need enough money that will allow you to make investments with favorable terms. The required amount to start is about $100,000 to $500,000. You make money as long as the business you invest in makes money.

20. Animal Husbandry Business

Animal husbandry business is the raising and breeding of livestock’s for the sole purpose of agriculture. Investing in this type of business, your region strength should be considered as some invest in cattle for their milk/production of cheese while others in poultry for their eggs. Coming up with a strategy that works best with the region should be the first step.

The type of soil, the size of land all play an important role in the type of animal you’ll be rearing and that’s where most of the capital will be invested in.

Animal husbandry business makes money through the livestock’s raised and the resources the livestocks produce.

21. Animal Rescue Business

Animal rescue business rescues animals in dangerous and abusive situations and help liberate stray pets that have been cast onto the streets. They place animals in new loving homes and where they are wanted.

To keep cost at a minimum most most animal rescue runs their business at home  or volunteers house. Then they just fundraising events to provide for medical care, food and medicine .  They make money through each animal that gets a new home.

22. Antique Restoration Business

Antique restoration business purchase, restore old items to their rightful place, for personal use or to put on display. Taking care of this item, repairing it and seeing that it lasts for many more years.

You can start this business from the comfort of your home or garage. You don’t necessarily need to rent out a space. Some items might require proper ventilation for its longetivity.

Antique restores charge per item based on it’s worth or the work used up in restoring it.

23. Antique Store

Antique stores sells old items either from your home, garage, flea markets, or in your own personal store front, online or antique malls. Most antique stores specialize in items like furniture, jewelry, commercial signs, even printed media.

This is a low cost business to start. You don’t necessarily need a physical store you can set up an online store on ebay or Etsy. You’ll earn my constantly looking to purchase new items and reselling at a higher price.

24. App Development Company

Has every app conceivable already been invented? Not at all. There are actually many apps that have yet to be created. Some have a clear demand while some apps introduce new emerging ideas. Going into this business is extremely rewarding because it’s getting easier to make software applications. Additionally, new users tend to multiply, which continues to make more demand for apps.

The charge for clients that want you to develop software applications for them is typically supported a group fee, with a really specific request for the work to be done. If the work is more open-ended then you’ll charge supported the hourly rates for the extent of skills the programmers have, who are assigned to the tasks.

25. Aquarium Maintenance Business

You have found the proper business idea, and now you are able to require subsequent step. There is more to starting a business than simply registering it with the state. We have put together this easy guide to starting your aquarium maintenance business.

An aquarium maintenance business can increase its revenue by also offering tank installations, and selling fish and other supplies.

26. Arcade

Arcades are still a well-liked business type, because many purchasers enjoy an in-person social gaming experience. Even though online gaming is more popular than ever, playing games with others virtually via home-entertainment consoles or smartphones can still desire an isolating experience. An arcade provides a physical space where fun gaming experiences are often shared with family and friends.

Your costs will vary considerably, counting on what quite arcade you begin . A traditional arcade could be ready to get by during a small space, and you’ll keep your costs down within the $250,000 range.

27. Arcade Cabinet Business

If you are a product of the ‘70s or ‘80s, your hangout sessions with friends likely involved hours before a Galaga or PAC-MAN game. These arcade games fuel the nostalgic feelings for several folks , often leaving us reminiscing about simpler times. As modern video games have excelled in complexity, the indelible mark of computer game culture on American culture has become both highly recognizable and profitable.

Arcade cabinet businesses generate revenue through the sale of each cabinet sold.

28. Archery Range

This business caters to those that are looking to possess an honest time, those that desire to find out about archery, and people who have archery experience. Archery businesses have dedicated spaces for archery practice during which customers use bows and arrows for exercise .

You must procure the land where the range are going to be located. Your business requires insurance along side equipment like bows, arrows, targets, barriers/nets, bow racks.

29. Architecture Firm

Architecture firms may go for local, state, or national governments or for personal companies that want to create buildings. They are engineering also as design-driven and must solve many complex problems associated with building structure also as aesthetics.

Costs to start an architecture firm vary. You can start from home for about $5,000. Renting knowledgeable office will cost between $300 and $1,500 per month. A computer will set you back about $2,000. Design software costs up to $1,200.

30. Aromatherapy Business

Aromatherapy business owners sell their products online and/or from a physical location. Drawn to healing others physically, mentally, and spiritually, many retailers also are licensed

Your initial investment will vary, depending upon the specifics of your business. Most aromatherapists report start-up costs of $10,000 to $30,000.

31 Art Consulting Business

Art consultants serve two separate (but related) business functions. They may work with artists to help them find their best target audience and to promote the artist’s work to increase sales. An art consultant may also work with collectors who wish to acquire specific kinds of art or galleries who wish to commission specific work from specific artists.

One of the best things about an art consulting business is that it takes very little money to start. Functionally, you will often be working from home, on the road, in an artist’s home, or an art gallery. That means that you don’t need to lease a separate space or pay for special supplies. You can effectively start this business for $2,000, with $500 of that going towards the design of a professional website and $1,500 going towards a mixture of traditional advertising

32 Art Gallery

Art galleries provide local artists an opportunity to gain exposure and profit from their work. While the primary goal from a business standpoint is to make profit based on art sales and special events, providing a vibrant art scene can help create a more vibrant community.

The primary way that an art gallery makes money is by taking a percentage of artwork sales throughout the year. This percentage is negotiated with the artist but is typically no less than fifty percent. Additional revenue may be gained by throwing different events throughout the year or even renting the gallery space out as a special venue for other businesses.

33 Art Lessons Business

Art lessons may target one demographic (such as children, teens, or adults) or be offered to all demographics. Similarly, your lessons may focus on a single specialty (such as painting or ceramics),

How much it costs to open your business hinges greatly on where you will be conducting lessons. For instance, many people teach out of their home if they have enough space to do so, and this will completely eliminate the need to pay for an additional monthly rental payment.

34 Art Restoration Business

An art restoration business restores works of art for clients, such as paintings and sculptures. These businesses focus on repairing damage and degradation of art and usually attempt to return art to its original condition. The damage may be due to an accident – such as someone falling through a painting – or due to time and natural causes.

Most of the initial costs of starting an art restoration business are educational costs. Completing a graduate degree in conservation is expensive. During your education, you are going to purchase a variety of art supplies to do your work which is also costly.

35 Art Supply Store

An art supply store will sell a number of materials for art projects, installations, and exhibits. Some owners choose a specialty (e.g., sculpting, painting, etc.), while others will sell general items to all.

The target market can be anyone from professional artists to the general public. Most people will have some need for art supplies at some point during the year, whether they’re starting a project of their own or helping someone they love.

36 Asian Grocery Store

An Asian grocery store offers customers groceries that are typically used in creating traditional and authentic Asian dishes. This includes canned goods, sauces, produce, spices, and meats.

Initial costs vary, depending upon location, size of the building, and the products you plan to sell. When shopping for the right location, make sure it is in a well-traveled area and has ample parking. Once you have signed a lease or purchased your building, take the time to design a floor plan that flows and allows customers to move around with ease.

37 Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living centers play a vital role in caring for the elderly and the disabled. These facilities house senior citizens and others in need of help due to mental or physical problems. Assisted living facilities provide a communal environment for patients to live in and enjoy. In many instances, such patients are unable to take care of themselves at home so they choose to live in an assisted living facility where they can obtain assistance

Profit level depends on the size of the facility as well as its amenities. If you have a large facility with top-notch amenities and maintain full capacity, profits have the potential to reach the six figure mark or higher.

38 Astrology Business

In many ways, this business is part educational and part retail. You are helping to sell the mystique of astrology to customers and also selling them products related to their love of astrology. Many such businesses also provide psychic readings or tarot readings on the side.

To open a small retail shop, it costs approximately $65,834. This includes a the deposits (security, first month, and triple net) to rent a business lease ($4,589), construction and furniture costs ($7,500), and utility deposits and handyman costs ($450). Various IT expenses, including a custom website, relevant consulting, computer and phone equipment, and a retail point of sale system will come to about $6165.

39 ATM Business

When a consumer needs access to cash, most are willing to pay a few dollars in service fees at the nearest ATM. Automatic teller machines strategically placed in public locations around town is a profitable way for entrepreneurs to earn a comfortable passive income.

While this type of business venture does not require an office space or a lot of supplies, there are a few things you will need to purchase. Total investment will be defined by how many machines you plan to start with. Each machine will cost between $3,000 and $10,000, depending upon the style you purchase.

40 Audiobooks Business

Several years ago, self-publishing revolutionized the traditional and ebook industries. Now, new audiobooks publishers are taking over the audiobook industry

First, the business must have a space for recording. Renting or building a recording studio is the best option, but also the most expensive. More affordable options include finding a quiet office or setting up a silent space in your home.

41 Authority Website

Getting good information on the Internet is tricky. Anyone can publish anything with a cheap hosting account and a domain name. An authority website stands above the noise by providing detailed, honest, and trustworthy information about a specific topic.

Costs are minimal. An authority website can be started for the cost of hosting and a domain name.

42 Axe-Throwing Party Business

Axe ranges are unique entertainment venues that cater to axe-throwing enthusiasts and individuals who want to try something new. Most axe ranges also have a “travel” option where they will come to a home or business and set up a mobile range.

Most axe-throwing companies make money by charging a per-hour or flat fee for axe-throwing, either at the business’s location, at a mobile range set up at a customer’s home or business, or at at an amusement park or fair.

43 Baby Food Business

Babies need specialized food when they first begin eating. The food must be mushy yet nutritious, and it’s preferable if the food is conveniently packaged. Baby food businesses make this type of food. They create the food itself, package the food, and then sell it directly to customers or through retailers.

A baby food business can be started for fairly little money.Business owners need a commercial kitchen to prepare food in and a retail space to sell food at.

44 Baby Store

A baby store sells clothing, furniture, toys, food, and accessories geared toward young children and their family. Your store may be a big box location that offers affordable items targeted at the majority of families or a boutique featuring unique designs and products with a higher purchase price.

Whether you are buying into a franchise, or starting out on your own, the investment required for a new baby store is significant. You will need capital for leasing/purchasing the storefront, initial inventory orders, hiring staff, point-of-sale systems,

45 Babysitting Business

Although babysitting is not a new business venture, the earning potential, as well as the technical aspects of the business have increased exponentially in recent years. Demand for qualified and reliable individuals to monitor and interact with children is growing daily.

Regardless of how you structure your new business, start-up costs are extremely low. Reliable transportation is paramount to the success of your company. This cost will most likely fluctuate, so keep some revenue in savings, whenever possible. A website will be your largest initial investment.

46 Back Office Support Business

Research indicates that organizations pay anywhere between 1.25 to 1.4 times more than the salary of each employee they hire. In an effort to mitigate these costs, many are now outsourcing part of their work to independent agencies that specialize in back office duties. Back office support businesses perform a variety of tasks including accounting, web development, and IT services, quality assurance, Human Resources, marketing and sales, and customer relations.

47 Bagel Shop

Bagels are a classic breakfast food that became famous in New York City but are now enjoyed throughout the country. A bagel shop business provides bagels, which are a convenient, tasty and filling meal, to patrons for breakfast and lunch.

A bagel shop business makes money by selling bagels, other food items and beverages to customers. Some businesses may also cater events.

48 Bait & Tackle Shop

A bait and tackle shop is a fisherman’s go-to supply shop for bait. Normally, a bait and tackle shop is located near boat launches, piers, and lakes. If they’re licensed, a bait and tackle shop can make extra money by selling drinks and beer to fisherman.

Many bait and tackle shops make money by selling bait alone. Some bait stands, in fact, only have a single tank with live bait. Others, meanwhile, offer lures, hooks, line, and even spare rod pieces. Depending on the location, a bait and tackle shop will offer different items.

49 Bakery

Baked treats are a specialty of cultural cuisine throughout the world. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-baked bread? A bakery business typically operates out of a storefront in the commercial section of a city or town. However, many entrepreneurs have successfully run bakeries out of their homes, attracting customers via word of mouth and small-scale advertising

Bakeries make a certain amount of profit per item sold. In many bakeries, the revenue from beverages, including coffee, tea, juice, and other specialty drinks, is even greater than the profit from baked goods themselves.

50 Balloon Distribution Business

A balloon distribution business uses one or more venues to sell balloons to various audiences. Your balloon distribution business may sell its wares from your home, a separate storefront, or on the street through a vendor stand. You may operate your business year-round or choose to focus on special occasions.

The model for your business is quite simple: you charge customers different sums of money for different styles of balloons.

51 Ballroom Dance Lessons Business

Ballroom Dance  lessons business provides ballroom lessons in a well situated studio, providing lessons for those that simply enjoy ballroom dance, and also for those that want to participate in national or regional level. Can be associated with recreational centre of club and Can interrst both teachers and learners.

Starting a ballroom dance lessons business will Cost you mostly three major things. Your building, insurance, and your employees salaries. Generating revenue would come from fess from classes, others can come from leasing your studio, recitals and other special performances.

52 Bamboo Farm

Bamboo farm is the growing and harvesting bamboo for various reasons; fibre for textiles. Paper. Clothing and furniture

Starting a bamboo farm will require you purchase the necessary equipments and a land property. .If you’re already a farmer switching to bamboo farm will be very easy. It takes four to five years for bamboo to sprout and depending on the variety bamboo seeds are not too expensive, they should be around $3 to $5 per 100.

Bamboo farmers make money by selling their harvested products and sometimes the processed to wholesales companies.

53 Bank

Bank provide the economy with a very important role,  banks help with savings, they provide loans to people for business by taking money from depositors. Liquidity.

If you’re starting a local community bank raising the capital won’t be that hard as it can be raised locally otherwise you would need to get investors as you would be needing  a range of $12-$20 million in order to start your bank

54 Bar

Bars are the stronghold in some communities, you can find them in most communities and it’s a good business to start small scale.  Primarily bar serves alcohol but there might be occasions where you can create an atmosphere, be creative enough to make your business stand out

The startup cost to opening a bar varies,  because it depends on where you’re leasing the space it can be ranging from $15.000 to $55.000. For bar owners who wants to start low the best way to go about it is to lease an existing bar as that would reduce the cost.

55 Barber Shop

A barber shop provides both male and interested females in grooming services. This involves different haircuts and shaves. The barber shop is a place for the neighbours to socialise in the community.

Experienced barber shop owners suggests you start with a capital range of $150.000 to $200.000 . This would include getting yourself a space,  attending barber school, insurance, construction space.

56 Barrel Making Business

Barrel making business are specialised in making wooden barrels it casks. They are called cooperage traditionally.

Initial startup cost for opening a barrel making business is getting a rental space as a storage facility and workshop, tools and materials. You’ll also need a fire source such as propane, or any flame thrower for toasting the barrels. You make money by selling in wholesales and retails.

57 Baseball Hitting Coach Business

A baseball hitting coach business help train a varsity level players,  little league players,  junior varsity players on how to swing baseball bats. Adults also sign up for lessons and trainings to pass on the retraining to their kids or for any minor leagues.

The business needs insurance, batting cage, bats, baseball mitts, gloves, pitching machine,  baseball, bats. So starting a baseball hitting coach business is really low scale because it won’t cost you much.

58 Basement Remodeling Business

If you have a thing for remodelling, transforming, tearing down and building up spaces, then you can be a professional basement remodeller. This business gives you the opportunity of building up an entire project and seeing it firsthand.

You would have to get tools and tools cost less if you wait for a sale and buy in bulk, if you’ll be getting your professional licence that should cost you around $600 to $800. You charge for labour and materials

59 Bath Product Business

Bath product business is selling a handmade product or selling a product that cleanse and pampers the body from another producer.

Starting a bath product business your cost will be relatively low as low as $1000 you can start small and grow the business as you make more money. Basic ingredients for making bath products,  advertising and packaging are also costs to consider. You’re going to make money by selling bath products in sets or individually.

60 Batting Cage Business

A batting cage offers services to baseball players by having baseballs thrown to them by an automated pitcher. A batting cage can be an indoor or outdoor fun zone where you can increase your batting average. Additional it can also be a family event for family who enjoy the sport as a fun activity.

The cost would be determining whether you want your business to run indoor or outdoor after that the sedative coat would be getting an automated pitcher, baseballs,  helmets m,  a batting cage and so on.

61 Bead Store

A bead business sells beads, tools, and craft supplies to professional crafters and hobbyists. Inventory are often sold online or during a brick and mortar establishment, with some business owners understanding of their home.

Your primary expenses are going to be payroll, rent/mortgage payment, and restocking of inventory. If an internet site is a component of your portfolio, there’ll be site hosting and management costs related to that

62 Beard Product Business

A beard product business offers personal grooming products for those with beards or getting to grow beards. Products usually include oils, balms, cleansers and waxes. The products are designed to assist beards look and feel nearly as good as possible.

A beard product business makes money by selling beard products to consumers and/or retailers. Some businesses specialise in the direct to consumer sales, while others will specialise in selling products through retailers like drug stores, supermarkets, and so on

63 Beauty Salon

Beauty salons became increasingly popular as income has risen. Salons are the maximum amount a social institution as they’re how to enhance the looks of consumers .

Experts recommend you’ve got a minimum of $60,000 before opening a salon , but this number is very hooked in to the property costs in your area and therefore the number of chairs you plan to have (1,000 square feet will fit about 6 chairs.) Equipment will typically cost around half the initial capital, or around $30,000.

64 Bed & Breakfast

A bed and breakfast business offers travelers an alternate to hotels and motels, by combining sleeping quarters with a full breakfast. Most bed and breakfasts also promise more unique, intimate settings

The startup costs for a bed and breakfast are significant. The largest expense, by far, is that the price of buying a property.

65 Beekeeping Business

For many, beekeeping starts as a hobby. It doesn’t take them long, however, to understand what a desirable and fulfilling career it are often . Beekeeping isn’t almost collecting honey; it’s about going to know your bees, their behaviors, and their response to the natural environment around them.

The greatest a part of your investment are going to be the land you house your bees on. You’ll got to purchase or rent land large enough for your bees to forage.

66 Tavern Business

A tavern business offers craft beer and sometimes food in an outside or semi-outdoor setting. Many beer gardens aim to be the place where locals come to relax and luxuriate in entertainment like live music while getting drinks and food.

Starting a tavern business can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000, counting on where you’re , what you’re planning on offering and therefore the size of your tavern .

67 Berry Picking Farm

A berry farm can operate in one or both of the subsequent ways: it can sell its berries to a distributor, like a farmers market, or it can let customers into the sector to select the berries themselves,

Restaurants or wholesale food distributors will structure the majority of your commercial berry business. You will be handling seasonal high volume sales. For the you-pick farm, your clientele are going to be more adventurous consumers who enjoy the time spent harvesting their own fruits

68 Bike Rental Business

Bike rental businesses give customers—who are often, but not necessarily, tourists—bicycles for a quick period. Bikes are generally rented for a couple of hours to recreationally explore the locality.

Fleet costs will likely be your major ongoing expense. This includes the necessity to exchange bikes and make major and minor repairs. Employee costs can add up too, so confirm that you simply schedule an outsized enough staff to satisfy needs,

69 Bike Repair Business

Cycling may be a popular sport within the us , with people regularly using bikes for fun, exercise, and transportation. In 2015 alone, 17.4 million bikes were sold within the country.

Startup expenses related to opening a bicycle repair business are fairly minimal, although you’ll probably need these essential items:

Basic tools (open wrenches, hex keys, screwdrivers, a ratchet set, wire cutters, adjustable pliers)Specialized tools

70 Bike Shop

In addition to selling new bicycles, many bike shops also purchase and restore used bicycles for resale. Most also stock replacement parts for the sorts of bicycles they sell also as a selection of safety equipment like helmets, gloves, and reflective gear.

Preferred customers are people that enjoy cycling as a sort of transportation, a competitive sport, or a recreational hobby.

71 Bike Tour

Do you love exploring your home town or popular tourist destinations on your bike? Does it really make your day once you bring a lover along to ascertain the sights? Operating a motorcycle tour company could also be right up your alley.

Your services are for rent, albeit you’re simply renting a bicycle for a day-tourist to use on their own. They may pay you by the hour, day, or for a specified guided tour

72 Billboard Advertising Company

Billboard advertising companies purchase or rent small many land to erect billboards that are wont to display ads for his or her customers.

Customers are business owners who want to extend public awareness of their goods, services, and locations. Clients can also be landowners seeking to form a profit by allowing advertising displays on their property by leasing some of it to your company.

73 Billiards Hall Business

A billiard room (also referred to as a pool hall) business rents out pool tables and typically serves alcoholic beverages. Patrons usually rent tables by the hour and play with friends while drinking – and possibly eating if the business offers food.

Billiard halls make money from billiard table rental fees and alcohol sales. Billiard tables require an outsized upfront investment, but as long as you’ve got steady patrons,

74 Birdhouse Business

A birdhouse business manufactures and sells birdhouses, typically built from wood. The birdhouses can range from simple to extravagant.

The ongoing costs of a birdhouse business include materials, tools, shop space, store maintenance (online and/or brick and mortar), and possibly employee wages.

75 Bitcoin Mining Business

Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that the Wild West of technology and finance. The field remains evolving and largely unregulated, and therefore the work comes with risk

Mining Bitcoin is like participating in competitive auditing. Businesses verify Bitcoin transactions by guessing 64-digit hexadecimal numbers

76 Blockchain Services Business

Blockchain services provide a public ledger for companies who want a better way to organize their projects, finances, and information. While it’s most ordinarily related to cryptocurrency, the blockchain are often used for practically every sort of business transaction there’s .

The blockchain is new enough that owners are still puzzling out the way to charge for his or her services. For example, transaction charges have ranged from less than $1 to over $50! If you’ve got direct competitors, look to ascertain what they’re charging to work out your own pricing.

77 Blogging Business

Lots of people read online content about topics they’re curious about on a day to day . Blogging businesses create blog content around specific topics that inform, educate and entertain people curious about the topics the blogs cover.

A blogging business are often started with little or no financial capital. The two main startup costs are registering a website (~$15 per year) and paying for hosting (~$15 per month).

78 Board Game Cafe

People are playing board games for an extended time, and these games still be popular. In 2016, parlor game sales reached $9.6 billion — and tons of the demand was driven by millennials.

Business owners can begin with a basic cafe that doesn’t serve food. This will eliminate the necessity to get food-related equipment, and therefore the remaining expenses are often kept low. Business owners can:

79 Board Game Company

Many people enjoy playing board games with family and friends. Board game businesses design and make board games for people to play.

Ongoing expenses for a parlor game business include storage costs for games that haven’t been sold yet and manufacturing costs of latest units.

80 Board Game Lounge

A parlor game lounge business provides a restaurant atmosphere where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee while socializing and playing games.

There are some costs that you simply can expect once you want to start out your parlor game lounge. First, you will need a space for the cafe, which will require a lease. Second, you’ll need to purchase furniture and games for the lounge.

81 Boat Cleaning Service

Many boat owners wish to keep their watercraft in pristine condition, but they don’t necessarily want to spend time cleaning and detailing their boats. They’d preferably be out on the water, enjoying their boat, than at the dock ensuring it’s nice.

A boat cleaning service business makes money by charging for boat cleaning and detailing services. While business owners may consider their desired hourly rate

82 Boat Winterization Business

Many boat owners have their boat taken out of the water and put into storage at season’s end. Before a ship can safely be stored for the offseason, however, it must be winterized.

The ongoing expenses for a ship winterization business are low. Business owners need to purchase supplies as they use fluids and shrink wrap.

83 Body Piercing Shop

Body piercing, also referred to as body modification, has become a well-liked sort of self-expression for people of all ages. A professional piercer offers a wide variety of piercing options, from tongue, to nose, to naval piercing and so on.

A piercing shop’s largest customer demographic is 18-30 years old. For this reason, many homeowners prefer to set their business up in a neighborhood where younger people frequent or live, like near a university.

84 Body Waxing Salon

A body waxing salon business provides hair removal services. Though women tend to patronize these salons most often , body waxing is quickly going mainstream for all genders.

In general, teenagers and people in their twenties or thirties are most curious about hair removal. Most customers will need periodic waxings, so you’ll likely have many return customers.

85 Body Wrap Spa

Body wraps, also known as body masks, are spa treatments that offer a variety of health benefits. Customers are wrapped in minerals such as algae, mud, clay, or seaweed, and then a secondary bandage wrap.

A body wrap spa makes money from clients with appointments, as well as walk-in clients, all of whom pay for body wrapping services.

86 Bodyguard Business

Bodyguard businesses may provide an array of close protection services. Some offer protection only during special events, while others offer around-the-clock protection anywhere in the world. For many that work with celebrity clients, dealing with paparazzi can also be part of the job.

The ongoing expenses for a bodyguard business are substantial. They include rent, utilities, and employee salaries. Travel expenses and other special costs are often built into clients’ bills.

87 Bonsai Tree Business

As a result of urban growth, and more people moving to the city where their yards are small (frequently only a balcony), the bonsai tree business has boomed.

A bonsai tree business makes money by purchasing bonsai seeds, plugs, pots and growing supplies from wholesale nurseries, growing them, and then selling them at a significant profit locally or online.

88 Bookbinding Business

A bookbinding business (or bookbindery) binds books together. Rates are generally based on the size of the book. Even though physical book sales have been a little uneven for the past several years, there’s no reason to fear they’re going away anytime soon.

Bookbinders make money by setting a price for their services that covers the cost of equipment, rental space, and materials used to make the book. Generally, book binders will charge more for color photos than they will for standard black and white print.

89 Bookmobile Business

Bookmobiles offer a unique opportunity for the public to access reading materials. Since librarian Mary Titcomb launched the first bookmobile at the turn of the 20th century, these small businesses have served the reading needs of the public in both rural and urban areas.

A bookmobile business can serve multiple market segments. Literature enthusiasts, students, children, the elderly, and people without access to a nearby library or bookstore all represent potential target markets.

90 Bookstore

For a time, it looked like non-chain bookstores were dead. Electronic reading devices put e-books near at hand, even the big-box retailers went out of business or scaled back their venture, and Amazon gobbled up the lion’s share of the reading public.

Publishers will typically grant small retailers a 40% discount on their books’ cover prices, so that’s your maximum profit margin on new releases. If you buy and sell used books, you might have much higher margins.

91 Botanical Garden Business

A botanical garden typically refers to an outdoor space where different species of plant life are grown and cultivated. The land may be used for research,

A single garden may welcome as many as 150,000 guests a year (or more). If the average cost of a ticket, the gross revenue would be $1.8 million.

92 Bottled Water Business

Bottled water businesses deal in the bottling and distributing of drinking water to consumers. Whether purified, distilled, or natural spring water, your bottled water business will supply your customers with ample hydration.

Costs for starting a water treatment plant include storage tanks, filling machines, water treatment machines, filters, conveyors, sealers, water sterilizers, water dispensers, bottle loaders, trucks, and employees to work in the plant.

93 Bounty Hunter Business

Bounty hunters track down criminals who have skipped out on their bail and bring them back to the county in which they were arrested. In the US, bounty hunters

Every bounty hunter has their own arsenal of tools, which can include anything from walkie-talkies to a firearm and a taser. Bounty hunters will need to purchase handcuffs and potentially leg restraints.

94 Boutique Gym

Boutique gyms, also known as specialty gyms, recruit members for instructor-led classes or sessions on specific types of workouts. For instance, your business might specialize in barre workouts, monitoring heart rate

Your main source of income will be memberships. You’ll sign up new members to six-month or one-year contracts, for rates that will likely be higher than gym

95 Boutique Tour Business

This type of business differs from a traditional tour guide service in that the focus is not on the popular tourist destinations.

This business can be started very modestly. You do have to take the time to learn as much as possible about your tour niche.

96 Bowling Alley

A bowling alley business offers customers the equipment and facility to go bowling. Bowling alleys are great sources of entertainment for all age groups.

Customers will range in age and experience level. Many will simply want to bowl, whereas some will take advantage of the various other attractions.

97 Boxing Club

Boxing clubs give people a way to work out their agression while increasing their personal strength. Workshops can be given for people of all skill levels to inspire a love of the sport, even if customers aren’t natural fighters.

Boxing clubs make money by charging people for classes or for a general membership where they can use the facilities and equipment.

98 Branding Agency Business

A branding agency assists businesses in developing their public image. They design logos, craft slogans, and develop marketing strategies, all with one primary goal in mind – to develop a consistent voice and image that attracts their target demographic.

Branding agencies generate revenue through the services they offer their clients. Some agencies charge a flat fee based on the scope of the project, while others bill an hourly rate.

99 Bread Bakery

Bread is an affordable and convenient food that will always be in demand. It’s been a dietary staple for millennia, and it continues to be consumed by most people today.

The ongoing expenses for a bread bakery include the cost of the bakery’s space, utilities, and ingredients. If a business has employees, the profits must also cover their wages.

100 Bridal Shop Business

A bridal shop primarily sells dresses and accessories to brides-to-be and members of bridal party (e.g., the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, etc.) They also offer alteration services so everyone can get the perfect fit.

Retail markups are substantial in wedding sales. The wholesale cost of a wedding gown is typically double that of the raw cost of materials, and the retail price is typically double that of wholesale costs.

101 Bronzing Business

In an era when everything seems to be digital, physical keepsakes still have a special place in people’s hearts. Preserved baby items, in particular, are tangible mementos that stand out from many of the gifts that are available today.

The costs involved in opening a bronzing business are minimal. They include the cost of a workspace, vehicle and supplies.

102 Bubble Tea Business

In operating a bubble tea business, you’ll bring the Taiwanese drink to the attention of customers in a retail environment. The drink is incredibly popular throughout much of Asia, but still in the introductory stage in America.

You’ll make a bubble tea drink for a cost of roughly 75 cents and sell the drink for a few dollars. Depending on your competition and pricing sensitivity,

103 Buffet Restaurant

A buffet restaurant is one where customers can fill their plates with a variety of food for a set price. Normally buffet restaurants pick a particular theme, such as Mexican or Chinese, and then choose different variations of standard dishes to offer.

Buffets are all about choices for the customers, so consider offering more ways for your customers to get what they want. For example, you may want to do student nights on a slower day of the week, or a themed buffet such as Taco Tuesday.

104 Burial at Sea Service

Families and friends who lose loved ones look for memorable places to bury the deceased or scatter the deceased’s ashes. For some, there’s no place more appropriate than the sea. Burial at sea service businesses let families and friends say goodbye to deceased loved ones by burying the body or scattering the ashes at sea.

Some burial at sea services contract with aircraft pilots to offer at-sea scatterings conducted from a plane or helicopter.

105 Bus Tour Business

A bus tour business provides tours for tourists as well as locals. Tours of scenic and historical areas and other sites of interest are a valuable community service.

A bus tour business requires at least one tour bus. This can be a traditional bus, party style bus, coach bus, or a double decker bus.

106 Business Consulting Firm

Business consultants provide a necessary service to startup businesses and entrepreneurs. They help the business get off to a good start by providing the know-how and resources necessary for success.

Some types of consulting pay more than others. A baseline profit margin should be no less than 10% to 12%.

107 Business Plan Writing Service

Businesses looking for money need to present their research-based strategies to investors and lenders in clear and concise writing. Such information is detailed in business plans, which business owners can write themselves or have written by specialists.

Many writers who open business plan writing businesses eventually get into consulting.

108 Business Travel Consultancy

If thoughts of long journeys and exploration excite you, perhaps you’d like to become a business travel consultant. Businesspeople often travel great distances, and it’s rarely a simple process.

You can work at home, so startup expenses largely depend on whether or not you already have a home office. Consultants spend many hours using computers and phones; an ergonomic chair and desk are essential.

109 Cabinet Making Business

Almost every building with a kitchen or bathroom has cabinets, which are made by cabinet making businesses.

The ongoing expenses for a cabinet making business are manageable. They include the cost of materials, paying for a workshop, vehicle expenses, employee wages, and equipment depreciation.

110 Camping Supply Store

Do you like camping or have fond memories of doing so? Perhaps you’d enjoy running a shop that specializes in outdoor recreation products and allows you to discuss camping with like-minded individuals and play an important role in customers’ outdoor adventures.

Establishing a legal business entity such as an LLC or corporation protects you from being held personally liable if your camping supply store is sued.

111 Candle Making Business

Candlemakers are artisans who pay critical attention to the sensory aesthetics of their product line and pragmatic business people adept at enticing buyers through smart marketing strategies.

The business revolves mostly around the various forms of wax, your containers and color and fragrance additives. Once you’ve started small and proven your business model will work, you can buy these products at lower per-unit costs in bulk.

112 Candy Store

Anyone who’s ever watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory has probably daydreamed about owning their own candy store. What a wonderful way to spend your day – bringing smiles to people’s faces as they pick out their favorite treats.

Once you’ve mapped out a business plan, you’ll have a better understanding of what type of building best meets your needs. Some confectioners have a separate facility for making their tasty treats, while others house everything in one location.

113 Cannabis Beauty Products Business

The beauty and personal care industry generates more than $84 billion annually in the U.S alone. As consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of natural products, beauty care manufacturers and retailers are now investing in the latest trend

Starting a beauty product line from scratch requires a great deal of time and money. The planning stage, which includes product development, packaging, and identifying retailers, can take anywhere from nine to eighteen months and cost $75,000 to over $200,000.

114 Canoe & Kayak Rental Business

Many people enjoy being on the water, but either don’t own a boat or want to go boating where they can’t bring theirs. A canoe and kayak rental business lets people rent canoes and kayaks to take out on nearby waterways.

The startup costs associated with opening a canoe and kayak rental business are sizeable. Business owners must purchase several canoes and kayaks, which can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to more than $1,000

115 Car Dealership

It’s a business that relies on buying wholesale and marking the vehicle up for retail. Sometimes, a car dealer contracts directly with a car manufacturer to sell new vehicles.

Becoming a car dealer isn’t easy in most states. You will need a surety bond, proper licensing, and business experience to compete in this industry.

116 Car Detailing Business

Unlike a general car wash, a car detailing business provides a thorough cleaning, inside and out, of the vehicle. This includes waxing, polishing, vacuuming, and any extras the client requests.

When first starting out, many detailers accept almost any job that comes their way. As your name starts to carry more weight in the community, your focus will be in the high-value market of your region.

117 Car Rental Business

A car rental business rents vehicles at affordable daily and weekly prices. All sorts of different parties are interested in car rentals.

A car rental business makes money by renting automobiles to those who need a means of transportation while away from home, to embark on a trip or as a substitute for a vehicle that is being repaired.

118 Car Repair Shop

This business employs automobile mechanics who provide repairs and vehicle maintenance to consumers and businesses. The car repair shop might also offer services like custom installation of stereo and alarm systems, window tinting, and aftermarket upgrades.

An auto body shop or car repair shop makes money by charging a flat fee or hourly rate for service. In some shops, owners set routine maintenance fees, charging a set price for simple maintenance

119 Car Wash

Some people are naturally attracted to this business. They like to see clean cars and they like working to make cars look clean. A Car Wash can be a rewarding and profitable business

Each car wash has a basic charge and there are typically additional things that can be requested by clients, such as using auto freshener or wax that are sold for an additional charge.

120 Car Window Repair Business

Car window repair businesses service customers with broken or cracked front and rear windshields and windows.

Car window repair businesses make money from customer repair orders. Some orders will be from individuals choosing to fix broken or damaged windows from their own pockets.

121 Carbon Offsetting Business

Carbon offsetting is the practice of purchasing carbon credits for carbon dioxide emissions which, in turn, help fund projects to reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

As a carbon offset business, much of your work involves calculating and negotiating the payments needed to help fund environmental and energy programs and connecting businesses with informed carbon reduction firms or programs.

122 Career Coach Business

Career coaching is in high demand as more individuals enter the job market and jobs continue to be scarce. Offering professional insight to others as they seek to grow their personal brand and increase their career

If you’re fortunate enough to have good contacts and work with lucrative clients, many people are able to make a six-figure income through career coaching.

123 Caricature Business

Whether at an art fair, business convention, or community event, caricatures are a fun way to lighten the mood and get people to laugh at themselves.

One of the many benefits to choosing this as a career path, is that there are very few start-up costs. Business is generally conducted at events, making this a primarily mobile business.

124 Carnival Ride Business

A carnival ride business offers carnival rides and other thrills to the public. Some of these businesses travel extensively, while others may stick to one location.

A carnival ride business makes money by selling tickets for rides and games, selling concessions like food and drinks, and selling souvenirs.

125 Carpentry Business

Carpentry businesses build, maintain, repair, or renovate residential and commercial buildings. Structural carpentry, such as framework, contributes to community safety by ensuring the structural integrity of homes and businesses.

A carpentry business makes money by charging customers for the time, skill, materials and labor required to complete various types of building projects.

126 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Business

Just about everybody with carpeting can require deep-cleaning services at one time or another. This includes private homes as well as commercial and public spaces.

Once you’ve initially bought your major equipment and transport vehicle, your ongoing expenses will mostly be cleaning supplies which you’ll find through janitorial service vendors.

127 Carpet Installation Business

Installing carpet can be a difficult and time-consuming project to do yourself, which is why many turn to a professional when they reach this stage of home renovation.

There are several ongoing expenses to consider. You will need a dependable truck to haul the carpet and yourself to the job site. It will require insurance.

128 Carpet Store

A carpet store sells, repairs and sometimes cleans carpets. They may sell rugs and designer carpets as well.

Expect to pay between $4 and $5 per square foot of carpet. Your monthly utilities will be approximately $300. A carpet shop’s rent can be as much as $2,000 per month, depending on its size.

129 Carryout Restaurant

With modern busy lifestyles, it’s hard to cook every night. Carry out/takout restaurants offer an easy solution to this problem.

Ongoing expenses include building rental, food, labor costs, insurance, utilities, and maintenance of your kitchen (cleaning, maintenance and repair of appliances, etc.). These costs may exceed several thousand dollars per month, or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month,

130 Cartoon Service

As the owner of a cartoon service, you can take your talent for drawing and perhaps writing cartoons in a number of directions. You could create art for greeting cards, books and magazines, digital clients, and animation studios.

Don’t be afraid to step into unfamiliar territory. There are so many different ways of selling your services as a cartoonist that you can find an array of customer bases to broaden your appeal and boost your profit potential.

131 Casting Agency Business

Production companies regularly have specific talent needs for the productions they’re working on. Casting agencies help production companies find the talent they need.

The ongoing expenses for a casting agency business are minimal. They include the cost of utilities, office and audition space, internet access, and travel to events.

132 Cat Cafe

Animal cafes have been popular in Asia for several years, and now they’re starting to appear in other parts of the world in the form of cat cafes.

The ongoing expenses of a cat cafe business are substantial. They include rent, utilities, food costs, employees’ wages and all the expenses that come with caring for cats.

133 Catering Business

Depending upon the way it’s structured, a catering company either delivers the requested food or takes part in its presentation, staying throughout the course of an event to ensure quality service.

Fortunately, each event is scheduled well in advance, which eliminates any food waste. When the event comes up, you purchase enough to feed everyone and send the rest home with the client.

134 Cattle Ranch Business

A cattle ranch, which can be managed on anything from a few acres up to several hundred acres, is a farm that breeds and raises cattle.

While many cattle ranchers have realized success on a farm with only a few acres, this business venture does require significant starting capital.

135 Cave Tours Business

A cave tours business will lead people into different underground spaces. They’ll help customers explore the formation and function of the caves in their area.

Consider forming member groups for more daring expeditions, or selling merchandise with your business name printed on the products.

136 CBD Oil Business

A CBD oil business will sell and/or manufacture CBD oil for a variety of purposes. This may happen either online or in stores, though most people won’t open up a specific retail location selling CBD. Most businesses will sell the oil for general purposes.

Owners need to account for the cost of farming, insurance, and staff salaries. They may also want to hire a lawyer to keep up on the rapidly changing laws.

137 Cell Phone Repair Business

A cell phone repair business focuses on repairing broken or damaged cell phones and tablets.

Depending on the location of your shop, most of the costs involved for the startup will be rent and utilities. Some cell phone repair shops operate as kiosks in a mall or other heavily trafficked consumer center.

138 Cemetery Business

A cemetery provides services for those who have passed away. Their primary purpose is to provide a plot of ground for burial, but an owner can certainly take on more responsibility for the benefit of their clients.

Cemetery owners need to keep up with not just staff salaries, but also the costs of maintaining the land and organizing the activities of burial.

139 Challenge Course

A challenge course business provides clients with the opportunity to face their fears and work together to complete a series of outdoor activities.

A challenge course company can earn money in several ways. Most businesses in this industry earn money by charging clients to take part in a pre-made package.

140 Charter School

A charter school is like an independent school, but it is publicly-funded. They are attractive to educators and parents because they offer a bit more freedom than traditional public schools while still being accountable for producing good results from students and stable financial

The exact cost of opening a charter school can vary significantly based on the cost of the land, the size of the complex, and the number of students and teachers.

141 Chatbox Developer Business

Chatboxes are virtual assistants that allow website visitors to receive assistance the moment they visit a website. Whether it is a simple question or a situation that requires a human employee to be notified.

Chatbox developers can charge hourly or per completed project. The price needs to be high enough to make a profit and also to compete with others on the market.

142 Cheese Shop

There’s something invigorating about walking into a market and being surrounded by all your favorite things. This is particularly true for the foodies of the world.

In any business, it’s important to pay close attention to the details. The three components that will keep a steady flow of customers are: quality of inventory, store location, and employees.

143 Chicken Diaper Business

Chicken diapers are a fashion accessory only die-hard chicken breeders knew about 10 years ago. Those who don’t have chickens often still raise their eyebrows at the idea of diapering poultry.

The target market for chicken diaper businesses is primarily people who have smaller flocks of chickens. Some customers are backyard chicken raisers, generally keeping flocks of twenty or fewer birds. Others are urbanites who have just one or two birds indoors.

144 Chicken Renting Service

Chicken rental is a new business which looks to give non-farmers a foray into farming. The chickens will produce eggs for the consumer and the business owner makes sure the chickens are sent with all the necessary supplies to keep them healthy and safe.

Chicken rental businesses creates revenue from the customers paying to keep rental chickens in their backyards.

145 Children’s Book Business

Children’s books businesses publish children’s books, bringing illustrated stories to print. For businesses that have captivating books, the industry offers plenty of opportunity.

After a book is published, the ongoing expenses associated with the title include any marketing costs and storage costs. Of course, businesses must also fund the publication of additional titles.

146 Chimney Sweep Business

A chimney sweep business is a business which makes money by sweeping and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys. Normally, several workers service homes, apartment complexes and businesses.

To make more money, make sure your chimney sweep has diversified services. In addition to cleaning chimneys, you should offer chimney inspection and repair. Also, you should offer roof and gutter cleaning.

147 Chiropractor Clinic

Chiropractic clinics are an alternative modality that supplement conventional medicine. Their aim is to improve spinal mobility.

Ongoing costs for a clinic include insurance, continuing education, license renewal, salaries, rent, and utilities.

148 Chocolate Business

Crafting fine chocolate is a true art that takes mastery of candy making to the next level. Develop treats that your customers will go out of their way to purchase at a small shop or seek out for online delivery.

Marketing will always be part of your costs.  Paying for supplies of ingredients and maintaining your kitchen will be your other major cost, followed by payroll.

149 Christmas Lights Installation Business

Many people and businesses enjoy having decorations during the holiday season. Not everyone, however, likes decorating or is physically able to.

The ongoing expenses for a Christmas lights installation business include storage costs for lights during the year, employees’ salaries and equipment costs.

150 Christmas Tree Farm

Each year, many of us decorate their homes and businesses during the vacation season by putting up Christmas trees. A Christmas forest grows and sells evergreens for those that want real trees (as against artificial ones) during this point of year.

The ongoing expenses for a Christmas tree business include the prices of buying seedlings (200 per acre per year). For a ten acre farm, with seedlings priced at $0.35 each, 200 seedlings per acre per year should only cost $700 per year.

151 Cider Mill Business

A mill refers to the physical location where apples are pressed into cider. It may be located on the same grounds as the apple orchard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Most people drink cider in some form or another, therefore the market is fairly open. Cider goes great with a number of different foods or just on its own, making it one of the easier products to sell.

152 Cigar Shop

Despite public health campaigns and legislation against tobacco products, the demand for cigars remains strong. In fact, the bounds placed on where people can smoke may very well be helping cigar shops.

The ongoing expenses for a cigar shop are manageable. They include employees’ wages, lease and utility payments, and inventory expenses.

153 Circus Business

A circus is an assorted mixture of performers who placed on various acts to entertain and stun a crowd. It may include anything from acrobats to trapeze artists to trained animals that perform dramatic routines and stunts.

The most popular acts in Vegas can agitate to $300 or more for one ticket. A smaller circus will usually base their rates on the scope of the performance.

154 Clamming Business

Clams are a highly popular shellfish that folks enjoy in many dishes. They appear in everything from inexpensive fried clam baskets to pricey trays of clams casino, to not mention the chowder that a lot of New Englanders and New Yorkers grow up on.

Once clams are sorted, they’re sold to a wholesaler within the area. Most clamming regions have just one or two wholesalers.

155 Cleaning Business

This business operates through individual cleaning service contracts between the corporate and a private or business. Customers are often either residential, commercial, or both.

Ideal customers are long-term corporate or multi-year clients willing to sign service contracts.

156 Clock Repair Business

Despite the recent influx of smartwatches, people have continued to point out a robust preference for old school clocks. These are clocks that require regular maintenance and infrequently break down, requiring knowledgeable to repair them.

When run out of a home, the continued expenses for a clock repair service business are minimal. They include some of the business owner’s utility and vehicle costs

157 Cloth Diaper Service

An increasing number of parents are interested in the environmental and economic benefits that cloth diapers offer, but not all parents want to deal with washing them.

Many cloth diaper service businesses increase their revenue slightly by offering cloth wipes and selling cloth diapers.

158 Clothing Boutique

An increasing number of parents are interested in the environmental and economic benefits that cloth diapers offer, but not all parents want to deal with washing them.

Business owners can further reduce their upfront expenses by using their own car and washing machine. A special car isn’t needed, as most vehicles are big enough for diapers. A special washing machine also isn’t required, although it’s important to have hot water.

159 Clothing Line

A clothing boutique is generally much smaller than a regular clothing retailer, and it creates a more intimate environment. You attract customers who are looking for very specific styles and kinds of clothing with your boutique.

It is a business and expenses must be controlled. You will need to ensure that your payroll doesn’t spiral out of control and that you are purchasing quality fabrics at the best possible price to create your beautiful designs.

160 Cloud Consulting Business

A cloud consultant provides advice, services, and instructions to businesses who want to move their data to the cloud. They may hold formal classes to bring people up to speed on the new protocol for organization, security, and storage.

Cloud consultants charge for their time and expertise. They may have different packages for their clients, depending on the size of their business and the services they require.

161 Clown Business

A clown or costumed entertainer is hired for parties and other social and business-oriented gatherings to serve as entertainment and sometimes hosting of the event.

As mentioned above, versatility is important for expanding on a niche market to include more than just a clown performer. Consider all the aspects of party entertainment and look for what you can specialize and add as part of your entertainment packages.

162 CNC Machining Business

Many products that businesses use and sell are made through a highly precise process called computer numerical control (CNC) machining. CNC machining businesses specialize in this type of manufacturing, which uses computer-controlled machines to produce products with a high degree of accuracy.

CNC machining businesses can increase their profitability and diversify their revenue by slowly expanding the machining services they offer.

163 Coffee Roasting Business

Coffee beans are actually the pit of coffee cherries. They’re green, hard and un-brewable in their raw state.

A coffee roasting business’ ideal customer is a business that sells a lot of specialty coffee. Coffee shops, certain grocery stores and a few boutiques may go through a lot of coffee.

164 Coffee Shop

A coffee shop offers people a place where they can quickly grab a coffee, a pastry, or another specialty drink, and also provides customers an inviting space to work, relax, or socialize.

The ongoing expenses of a coffee shop are labor, which shouldn’t exceed 35 percent of sales, rent, which should be kept below 15 percent of sales, utilities, and the costs of good sold.

165 College Planning Business

School counselors are often overwhelmed with the number of students they counsel each year, leaving them little time to assist in the college planning process.

The extent of your ongoing expenses will depend largely on how you structure payroll. If you hire each consultant as a freelancer, the only employee you’ll need to pay payroll taxes for is the admin assistant.

166 Comedy Club

A comedy club is a venue where different performers perform a variety of amusing routines for customers. These routines may be varied and different, but they are typically stand-up or improv routines.

One of the largest ongoing expenses are the acts themselves; while the individual talent will have varying charges, some estimates are that you may spend 40 percent of your expenses on booking acts.

167 Comic Book Store

One of the largest ongoing expenses are the acts themselves; while the individual talent will have varying charges, some estimates are that you may spend 40 percent of your expenses on booking acts.

The two most significant costs involved in opening a comic book include costs of setting up your physical storefront and costs to purchase an initial comic book inventory.

168 Commercial Aviary

A commercial aviary raises exotic birds for resale. A bird breeder also known as an avian breeder, can run a small, backyard aviary with only one breeding pair by themselves, or may operate a multi-million dollar purpose-built aviary with dozens of employees.

The biggest ongoing expenses are vet bills, food costs, and electricity.

169 Commercial Cleaning Business

This business is needed because not all businesses can afford (or don’t want) to maintain in-house cleaning staff.

Ongoing expenses for a cleaning company include cleaning supplies, utilities, insurance, and maintenance for transport vehicles.

170 Commercial Photography Business

Commercial photographers capture artistic photographs with an emphasis on marketing and selling products and services. Photographs can be used in advertisements, brochures, leaflets, and even restaurant menus.

Commercial photographers are generally paid a flat fee per shoot. Fees are determined ahead of time and are based on a number of factors.

171 Community Garden

A community garden is an area of land on which members of the community can grow and harvest plants. Today’s community garden businesses rent out small, pre-specified portions of the garden to interested parties.

When possible, give members an incentive to sell their produce. If a community garden can distribute produce for profit, it’ll generate a lot more revenue.

172 Compost Business

A composting business helps keep the community clean by composting leaves and recyclable organic materials.

This business is labor intensive and may cost a lot to get set up. Between land costs and maintenance, costs for hauling and distribution of compost,

173 Computer Training Business

A computer training business helps clients improve their computer skills. Classes are offered at different skill levels, from basics all the way up to advanced applications.

Your computer training business will make money by charging a fee for your educational services. Most computer trainers charge a flat hourly rate or a flat fee per class session.

174 Consignment Store

A consignment store sells goods for consignors – people who pay a certain amount of money to a store owner to sell their goods.

A consignment store has majorly two types of clients: consignors and buyers. Consignors are usually those who want to sell items they no longer find useful or in need of

175. Construction Contractor Business

Building new structures seems to be  inevitable or additional parts seems irresistible to human progress. Construction contractors are the people and businesses that construct and build the commercial and industrial structures for their clients

Starting your own contractor business won’t be cheap. You’ll need professional quality tools and equipment, business licenses and insurance, including workman’s comp, as well as advertising, to make people aware of your business.  

176. Open a purse store

A purse store will specifically sell only purse and handbags, but to stream line their niche, some stores might sell unique designers purses.

The cost involving in opening a purse store will mostly be in the merchandise and a rental space, but $50,000 will be enough to start.

177. Start a racetrack

Racetrack owners earn money by renting the cars, some equipments and sometimes the whole track.

The cost for a four lane track is $200,000 per mile, which is like the major part of the budget. The remaining costs would include gravel, runoff, tire walls etc.

You can either build your track from scratch or buy an existing one, but if will be advisable to be part of a private auto racing club.

178. Open a Quilt shop

You might think a quilt might just only sell quilting materials, but there are thousands of stores online now that makes it easier for store owners to reach their target audience.

Budget a minimum of $35,000 to $120,000, they vary due to the quality of materials and equipments you might be needing and the location you picked. 

179. Start a Radio station

To start a successful radio station, be sure to narrow down your programming to suit the specific demographic, you’re trying to sell to.

You can eventually start making money by running ads that are broadcast and mixed in with your usual programming of the day.

180. Open a Rage room

A rage room or anger room is a rented space, that people come in to break objects to release their rage.

Rage room owners generate revenue by renting out the space with the destructible arranged in the room already.

You can start a rage room with a minimal cost of $5,000, excluding the cost for the rental space.

181. Start a Record Label

If you have a passion for music, perhaps you can start your own record label.

Building a budget for a record should include the Recording cost, which is $15,000 per hour. Other fees include graphic designing, manufacturing, entertainment, networking etc.

The internet is your friend and everything is easier with it, you can start your independent label and generate a response.

182. Open a Record Store

Although, people might no longer visit record stores anymore due to the growth of digital streaming services, you will still find your customers amongst vintage lovers.

Your largest expense might be in building a nice inventory which can just be a collection of your personal items acquired over the years.

183. Open a Recording Studio

A record studio owner charge their clients for studio use and equipment used during each recording session.

To start a recording studio business with a home studio, your budget is less than $1,000. Your basic equipments needed includes a computer, studio monitor, headphones, microphone stand etc.

184. Start a Reiki Business

A reiki centre is where people go receive healing by the practitioner transferring healing energy to the client by placing their hands near the prescribed position.

You do not need quite a lot since you can decide to start practicing from your home. You earn revenue by charging clients for each session, which could be $50 per hour.

185. Start a Remodeling Business

You can start your remodeling business in different ways. You can decide to start small as a one man show where you personally remodel kitchens or bathrooms etc, or you go large scale and be an employee that employs people to do the work.

186. Start a Resale Business

Opening a resale store will cost less than most business. This is because most of your inventory would be donated. But do not forget your start up capital.

If you’re opening a physical store, space rent, licenses and merchandise would be among your startup cost and this could be in the range of $5,000 to $30,000.

187. Start a Responsible Landscaping Business

A responsible landscaping business fuses greenery such as trees, shrubs to the typical model of the landscaping industry.

Business owners make money from contracts given to them by customers who are looking for ecological forward options for plants. They also make money from selling landscaping supplies.

188. Open a Restaurant

The budget required to start a restaurant may vary but usually include; building security deposit, rent, a customized kitchen space, sign, menu printouts, insurance, table and furniture etc.

Total cost can run up to $600,000. This is depending on the type of cuisine or experience you want to give to your guest. It could be a Mexican restaurant or Italian restaurant for an African cuisine restaurant.

189. Start a Restaurant Delivery Service

Restaurant delivery services generate income by charging restaurants commission on each food delivery.

Business owners suggests a start up cost of about $3,000 to $25,000 for an initial investments which includes the delivery vehicles, which can be rented or brought. High speed internet, a computer or telephone system, delivery food service bags etc.

190. Open a Restaurant Supply Store

Starting a restaurant supply store would involve you constantly catering to restaurants needs when it comes to equipment, materials or ingredients for their food and drinks.

When drawing your business plan, keep in mind your target audience and what their community needs or lacks. This will guide you in writing down a budget.

If you’re intending on opening a large establishment, your budget might cost upwards to $400, 000 due to the fact that you might be needing a large space for a warehouse.

191. Start a Retirement Community

Retirement communities provide environments for elderly people who want to remain social and active, and that is why although, this might be a slow business, with years to come, retirement communities would be everywhere.

Such communities earn their money by charhing residents rent of about $2,000 per month. You can also include a resturant or spa to generate more income.

192. Start a Resusable Grocery Bag Company

Constructing a grocery bag from scratch, printing, sewing, packaging and distribution to stores might be quite expensive but due to the number of DIYs available online, the cost of starting your reusable grocery bag company would be fairly low.

An initial start up cost of about $5,000 to $8,000 is estimated to be enough, if one would include the quality of the materials needed, the graphic designs used and other marketing strategies.

193. Start a Rideshare Company

Lyft and Uber is are popular examples of a rideshare company. Getting a dispatch app is the most important part of starting a rideshare business.

You can get a app from about $40,000 to $100,000, depending on the complexity of app you want. Asides that, the remaining costs would be for the vehicle upkeep cost.

194. Start a Rockclimbing Gym

A rockclimbing gym is an indoor gym, that provides visitors the  experience of a rockclimbing activity.

You would need to rent a very large space with high ceilings, maybe pay for demolition of structures to provide stronger support from above. Custom made grips is also very important to avoid falls.

You would be spending anything less than $200,000 to startup a rockclimbing gym.

195. Start a Roof cleaning business

A roof cleaning business helps to eliminate dirts, leaves and other impurities from by conducting in dept cleansing of clients roofs.

Although, initial costs to begin is fairly low, business owners earn $1,500 to $2,000 for a single cleanse.

A pressure cleaner costs $2,000, while other cleaning supplies do not cost up to $300 per month, liability insurance not included.

196. Start a Roofing Company

Starting a roofing company will generate consistent cashflow as a typical roof lasts just for 15 years before maintenance and repair.

Luckily, you can start your company from home before expanding as the business grows. Additional space will be required to store the roofing materials.

Roofers make money either by charging for roof inspections or evaluations, or performing roof repairs, roof replacements etc.

197. Open a Running Store

A running store is a store that specialises in selling materials or accesories used in the sport running. Their target market are mostly athletes, moms or pop establishments.

After acquiring a space, you will also need to consider getting a website, the apparels, displays, accessories etc and this would cost about $155,000 to $325,000.

198. Start a RV Rental Business

For people who enjoyed exploring new cities in an RV, this is a great rental service to provide them.

The cost to purchase a RV is high, coupled with the fact that you need to have about 5 RVs in your inventory to get started.

Additionally, you can consider financing and investment options if you cannot afford a RV by yourself. A RV rental price is about $100-200 per day, depending on the type and age of the RV.

199. Start a Sand Blasting Business

Sandblasting is the removal of old paint before applying new paints and coatings 

Sandblasting business specializes in various works from sandblasting metal girders to buildings and cars and some even etch designs to create signs or as a grave stone marker.

Starting a sandblasting company is quite expensive due to the fact that it is a large commercial business. But you can start with a budget of $2,000 to $10,000 if you intend to buy equipments as you expand.

200. Open a School Supply Store

A school supply store might be the next big thing as students would always be in need of materials for school.

You can choose to start an online store or a physical store. To start an online store, you would need a website and also pay for the domain name and maintenance.

For a physical store, you will need to rent a space and hire staffs to work with you.

201. Start a Scooter Rental Business

Scooters can be rented hourly or charged per day. Starting a scooter rental business can be quite easy since there is no substantial capital needed, apart from the cost of purchasing the scooters.

A scooter can cost between $300 to $800, and you might be needing to start with at least ten in your inventory. Of course, you need to consider rental space and insurance also.

202. Start a Scrapbooking Business

Reports show that the scrapbooking industry have generated more than $4 billion in a year, because people do not have the time or creativity to assemble a scrap book for their pictures and memories.

They earn money by selling completed scrapbooks or individual pages. Some might even charge by the scrapbook page or hour. Per page fees sometimes ranges from $10 – $40 per page.

203. Start a Screen Business

Screen business owners provide screens for variety of reasons. They measure the windows, sometimes doors and charge for their time and labor, including the materials they used in the installments.

The general cost for installing a window at their shop is between $18 – $45. The price doubles if the installment is done at the customer’s home.

204. Start a Screen Repair Business

A screen repair business helps people fix their phones, laptops that might have broken or cracked.

The costs to start up a screen repair business is not usually much, since as a screen repair technologist, you might have already had all your necessary tools. You might just need an inventory of spare replacement screens.

205. Start a Screen Printing Business

As a screen printing business owner, producing tshirts to schools and businesses might be your best feat, as there is such a high demand for printing of tshirts from such organisations.

Ofcourse, you need a printer which costs $10,000 or less. The other supplies you need to start, typically do not cost for less than $5,000.

206. Start a Scuba Diving Business

Scuba diving might be fun, but however requires training and sometimes a guide. With a scuba diving business, you will be providing divers with trainings and equipments they need to have a fun and safe scuba diving experience.

Budget for starting up one, might be quite high since equipments alone cost up to $1000 per set. To keep start up costs low, you can rent commercial space and the boat.

207. Start a Sea Salt Business

A sea salt business generate profit by selling jars of salts, either individually or in different flavours to wholesale or retail customers.

The sea salt business use extraction methods to mine salts from sea water and because of the complexities involved, you might think startup costs are high but are in fact, very low.

A green house or sun exposed structure will work just fine for the extraction, instead of using expensive extractors.

208. Start a Security Guard Company

Security guard companies charges per hour or a flat rate for the services rendered. You can charge between $10 and $25 per hour, for unarmed security, and the price might increase for armed security.

All you have to worry about is insurance costs and an office space. The rest such as uniforms and equipments is minimal, and probably a website service too

209. Start a Self Defense Training Business

The sole aim of a self defense training is to help people protect themselves, in case of attacks. Due to this reason, your clients might be mostly police officers, and security personnels.

Starting up this business doesn’t require much asides your professional knowledge on self defense. Because you can choose to offer lessons at your home or client homes or public spaces, if you do not have the budget for a rental space.

210. Start a Sensory Deprivation Tank Business

A sensory deprivation tank services, as the name suggests is a floatation tank that gives people a sense of weightlessness. It is typically used for meditation.

It is quite costly to start as such tanks costs about $25,000 and you will be needing more than one in your inventory.

Owners charge clients based on the time spent in the tank, for example $100 for an hour or split into two 60 minute sessions.

211. Start a Septic Tank Cleaning Business

A septic tank cleaning business offers cleaning and disposal services of private septic tanks in the absence of a local sewer system

Start up costs might be a bit high, due to the fact that a truck can cost up to $20,000 to $30,000. You will need a location to dump the disposal. Also some office supplies and a website, if you wish.

212. Start a Sewing Business

The good thing about starting a sewing business is that you can start from home, unlike other businesses mentioned here.

You can start a home based sewing business with very little to no capital. At minimum, you will need a sewing machine, a server, full length mirrors etc.

213. Start a Shoe Line

A shoe line is a collection of shoes from the same niche, usually by a designer.

Some designer shoes can sell for $300 and even higher sometimes. The more you spend on quality materials, the more you sell your shoes.

214. Start a Shoe Repair Business

Some shoe repairers also repair purses and wallets in addition to shoes. They can also go as far as eliminating discoloration caused by harsh chemicals or exposure.

To start up a shoe repair business, you need budget of about $20,000 to buy equipments and materials, excluding a space for work.

You can partner with shoe stores and work within their rental space to reduce cost on getting an office.

215. Open a Shoe Store

A shoe store sells shoes and other shoe accessories. You can have a physical location or start as an online store.

Starting up a shoe store might be quite expensive because you need to stock up your inventory and as shoes can cost a lot of money.

An average shoe cost about $70, but a nice shoe can go for about $10 to $400 for a pair of designer boots.

216. Start a Sign Business

Most sign businesses specializes in different methods, so signs can be manufactured in variety of ways.

Any way, you’ve chosen to manufacture your signs, a general equipment you must have in your workspace is a sign plotted which cost about $1,500.

They generate revenue by charging clients for time spent on the project, material cost etc to produce beautiful, customized vinyl print signs for events or organisation.

217. Open a Silent Retreat Center

Everyone gets stressed sometimes and need a quiet place to connect with themselves and relax, this is exactly the experience a silent retreat center offer

Fortunately, costs to start up the center may be quite low, since you can start one right from your home. Larger retreats will require much more.

218. Open a Skate Shop

The skating community is gaining popularity and a need for a store that caters to skaters needs is high on demand.

Stocking your inventory with boards for all experience level is necessary, also with different prices range.

The inventory would be your greatest expense and can cost anything from $50,000 to $100,000.

219. Start a Skateboarding Lesson Business

Giving lessons on skateboarding might probably be the lowest business to start up, with an initial capital for as low as $2500.

You should already have purchased your own boards and encourage clients to bring their boards when they are coming for the lessons.

220. Start a Skydiving Business

Sky diving business are often known as DZs, and they often quite expensive to start because of the need for a plane.

You might consider investment options but because of the risky nature of this business, investors might be quite hard to find.

They provide services like parachute training, the airplane ride, fully equipped landing site and often times a video production of the jump.

221. Start a Smart Home Business

A smart home technology can automatically turn off the lights at dawn or custom installations.

You might need to attain some educational experience for this business and there are companies who train installers on light fixtures,security alarms etc

Clients spend close to $130,000 on setups and also pay a monthly membership fee for replacement and security monitoring.

222. Start a Smoothie Business

The cost involved in starting a smoothie depends on whether you franchise and the quality of smoothie you’re producing.

Franchising with a well known brand is better since there is an option for free advertisements and brand recognition.

The general price for a smoothie is around $5 for a small and $7 for a large, while juices are around $4 to $7.

232. Start a Soap making Business

A soap making business will require you to explore plenty marketing options to find your fan base.

Soap making isn’t exactly an expensive business to start, however there are some expenses you will need to make like ingredients, soap making equipments etc

A bar of soap might cost from about $5 to $6, but a more premium product might cost more.

233. Start a Snorkeling Business

A snorkeling business is a perfect business idea for all water lovers. You provide snorkeling materials and safety gears for your fellow water lovers.

A snorkeling business budget cost is dependent on the location, for example if you’re franchising with a popular destination location like Hawaii, be sure to spend up to $755,000.

234. Start a Snow plow Business

While snow can be cleared from driveways with a snow blower, many people often hire others to help them clear their snow.

The largest cost in starting a snow plow business is getting a truck, which cost thousands of dollars. The business will also need a plow, snow blower, salt sprayer etc and this should be included in the budget.

235. Open a Sock Store

A sock shop will need a rental space, the inventory, a website and probably some employees to function properly.

Luxury socks can sell as high as $1,000 per sock and a simple novelty pair cost as low as $15 per pair. If you sell an average of 50 pairs a day for $5, you will be earning $250 per day.

236. Start a Solar Farm

As companies tend to invest rapidly in renewable energy, landowners might suddenly become a solar farm business owners.

You need to have acquired the permit to connect and run a solar panel with the local utility grid.

To earn money from a solar farm is to lease the land to a utility company and an acre of solar panels yield $500 to $800 per month.

237. Start a Solar Panel Business

A solar panel business owner’s work is to create a solar plan for potential installations.

They make money through successful set ups of solar units, conduction of on site surveys, maintenance positions that can be priced from $15,000 to $50,000.

238.  Open a Souvenir Shop

A souvenir shop is concerned with selling items of interest to tourist. Your inventory should be stocked with various items ranging from candies, t shirts, trinkets, toys to jewelleries.

For a more sophisticated look, you can sell pricer items designed with stones and gems found in that region.

You have the advantage of selling with a higher markups for items you know can only be found at that location.

239. Open a Speakeasy Bar

A speak easy bar, also known as the bling tiger is a retro-style inspired bar that often sells uniquely blended cocktails and other drinks.

You will need a large space and furniture to give the bar a unique look. You will need to obtain a liquor license and invest in your liquor inventory and glassware to fill up the shelves.

240. Special Needs Coach

A special needs coach offer life coaching services to children and adults with special needs. They often sometimes assist the parents in understanding their children more.

How much they charge clients is often based on years of experience and education. Fees are usually charged by hours and an hour can cost $75-$200.

241. Start a Spice Business

The gourmet food trend continues to expand and quality and fresh spices are soon on high demand.

Since you can start this business from home, costs to get started are very affordable. This depends on the type of spices you’re stocking up anyways.

A regular spice grinder cost about $25, but saffron is incredibly rare, it costs about $10,000 per ounce.

242. Start a Sport Memorabilia Business

This business deals in buying and selling of sports collectibles, such as a card or a used game item to fans and sports lovers.

To find such items, be on the lookout for wholesalers, auctions or some estate sales. The value of a memorabilia varies greatly in such a way that rare pieces can be as expensive as $100,000.

This way, it affects your budget and the quantity of inventory you would be stocking up with.

243. Open a Sport Bar

Sport bars offer food and drinks to customerswhile watching their favourite game.

The startup cost to open up a sport bar can be as high as a million dollars depending on the scope of the business. But the usual budget for a sport bar is estimated to be around $400,000.

You might need a liquor license to get started.

244. Start a Sport Photography Business

If you’re a lover of photography and sport, this business is a bonus for you, coupled with the amazing fact that you need very little money to start.

You might just need to purchase a high quality camera, which is about $5,000 with variety of lenses available.

You will also need a website to upload your images for reviews and simple advertisement for your business.

245. Start a Sport Trading Card Business

A sport trading card specialises in selling sport cards and maybe some non sports trading cards such as Pokemon or Magic cards.

If you have a substantial collection of cards, it is easier to start as you already have the most important thing in the business.

246. Start a Staffing Company

A Staffing company, also known as a recruiting firm helps to connect qualified job candidates with hiring organisations.

They make money by charging companies hiring candidates fr their services rendered. This services includes recruiting, vetting, testing.

247. Start a Stained Glass Company

A stained glass company sells stained glass designs for windows, lamps, jewelry etc. They may also offer installation and maintenance services.

Starting a stained glass business is not expensive to start. The equipments that would be needed at your workspace includes, soldering iron, cutting tools and some gloves and masks.

248. Start a Stationery Business

A stationery business can be started from home, and because of this, your expenses when starting a stationery business will be quite low.

As a stationery business owner, you make money by charging clients for their custom printed or designed paper products used for their events.

You can decide to purchase your letterpress and that costs $4,000 to $7,000.

249. Start a Stock Brokerage Firm

Stock brokerage firms connects retail investors and public companies to ensure trading of securities without hassle.

Startup expenses may vary from $100,000 to $150,000. In addition to state registration, consultants, salaries, deposits etc. At the end, you will be spending up to $200,000 to $300,000.

Stock firms primarily makes money by AUM (Assets under Management), by charging a fee as a percentage to the assets.

250. Start a Stress Management Training Business

Hiring a stress management counselor to provide employees wisdom or tools to survive taxing or difficult situations can boost employees output. This is why employers would forever the services of a stress manager.

Fortunately, starting such business do not need you to break the bank. If you have an advanced education or a professional training in stress management, you can start from home.

251. Start a Stunt Design Business

We see stunt designs everywhere. We are thrilled by what we see but never taken a second thought of how those scenes were even possible. This is the job of a stunt designer, to enact such scenes, and still reducing injuries to a minimum.

252. Start a Submarine Tour Business

Everybody is captivated by the sea, if you can invest in a submarine and give tours to individuals or tourists group, you can generate lots of income.

Unfortunately, a submarine costs over $1 million to $20 million, depending on their size, capacity and features.

How much to charge customers depends on location, tour specifics and group size. Some organisation might charge $800 for a 90 minute shipwreck and reef tour. While some charge $105,000 for an underground tour of the titanic.

253. Open a Substance Addiction Center

Addiction centers offer hope to afflicted patients of substance addiction, and sometimes even to their families.

They generate income by charging patients coming to the center. The price they charge depends solely on the type of medications received and the duration of their stay.

An entire medical care team will be needed, together with other facilities that would be required to assist in patients recovery.

254. Start a Summer Camp

There are different kinds of summer camp, we have the traditional summer camp, sleep away camp, day camps etc. Whatever camp you might be interested in, make sure you are providing enough activities for the curriculum.

Expenses for a summer camp includes, a rental space, amenities needed for activities, staff salaries, transportation etc.

255. Start a supplement business

Supplements business creates market for supplements and not exactly manufacture supplements. Supplements mostly sell for $100 and the rarity of the supplements would increase it’s price.

$5,000 is enough to start this business. The costs includes st least 150 bottles of the supplement, labels, website and insurance. Having $10,000 alone will be able to place larger initial orders.

256. Open a Sunglasses Store

Eyewear is the perfect accessory to complete any look. As a result, a sunglasses store would generate many income.

Your budget would be greatly influenced by the location of your store or quality of your eyewear. Your inventory should be stocked of varieties that would appeal to different customers.

Experienced sunglasses business owners testify that profits made from sunglasses is usually higher than other retail establishments.

257. Start a surfing school

Starting a surf school is a great idea if you live on the coast of a country like Costa Rica, Mexico, Fiji etc.

One of two instructors would be employed to teach surfing to students of various level of experience. If you’re operating on a small budget, you can without a location and hold classes on a public beach.

Students pay per hour for lessons and each lessons might be 8 to 10 hourly long. An hour might cost $20.

258. Start a Survey Business

A survey company analyses surveys for a variety of business of special interests. For example, a survey can be administered to students about their professors.

You can conduct your survey straight from your home, this way a location isn’t much needed. You can even save further by using online sites that conduct surveys.

259. Start a Survival School

A survival school is just right for you, if you have a thing for outdoors and nature. You can assist people in improving their outdoor skills.

You need to consider a location, transportation, certification training, gear, logo, website, insurance and license. Your audience would pay at least $100 per day, this fee might not include their food or transportation.

260. Open a Sushi Restaurant

A sushi restaurant provides it’s cuisine to Asia food lovers and might additionally have a special sushi bar alongside.

The startup costs vary on if you’re aiming for a small and modest eatery or a bigger fancier one. The median assumption cost for opening the restaurant is $280,000.

261. Start a Swim School

A swimming school will do better in communities that have a water park or have more children than adults.

The greatest cost of opening a swim school is the pool itself but you can work out a pool’s rental arrangement from a local school or an hotel.

The amount you charge totally depends on the socio economic status of your clients, to avoid loosing out. For example, $50 will be the low end for some group of clients while $100 can be charged to others.

262. Start a Tailored Apron Business

A tailored apron business provides customizable garments for business organisations or individuals. A design might be as simple as a restaurant logo or print on a fabric.

You might need to undergo a screen printing course which might cost $150-$500. You will also need to purchase a heavy duty sewing machine which would cost around $400.

Clients pay per unit price for one or more customized aprons. A customized apron sells for $40 according to Etsy.

263. Start a Talent Agency

As a talent manager, you are required to grow the careers of athletes, actors, musicians, book paying engagements and enable them gain recognition and success.

To start up a talent agency, you will need a workspace which costs $6,000 to $20,000 per year. Promotional materials, publicity would cost up to $5000.

Your main source of revenue would be commissions gotten from talents you work with. A commission can run up to 20% to 30%.

264. Open a Tanning Salon

Opening a tanning salon would sure make money since everyone loves a tanned and bronzed body.

You can decide to purchase a tanning bed rather than a UV spray tan. Although tanning beds costs about $10,000 more than spray tans.

A tan visit lasts up to 15 minutes per session and each session can range from $5-$20 each, depending on the level of tanning equipment used.

265. Start a Taqueria Business

Taqueria business originated from Mexico. Street vendors sold Mexico foods mostly tacos at local gatherings, and because of that culture, we now see Americans with foodtrucks selling hotdogs.

To startup a taqueria business, you need to $8,000 to $21,000 and have to be mindful of your location and the specifics of your business.

Your price is dependent on the food ingredients used and make sure you are setting your prices between to 30% to 35% of your menu item costs.

266. Start a Tarot Reading Card Business

Tarot readers set up booths at festivals, fairs and private parties. There are now online tarot reading using Skype or video calls.

You can start this business with little to no capital. All you need is just your years of experience. You will also need a computer, phone, internet connection and of course, cards.

A quick 15 minute reading can earn you $20, but for more indepth readings, you can charge $60-$80 per hour.

267. Open a Tattoo Parlor

For a tattoo business, you will need years of experience and very importantly, a workspace. Working from home might be difficult to establish yourself as a professional.

Consider picking a location that has lots of foot traffic that encourages random walk-ins. Generally, several tattoo artists share a studio space.

The more years of experience you have in the business, the more you can charge. But a hourly rate of $100 is ideal.

278.  Start a Tax Preparation Business

A tax preparation business assists individuals, sometimes small businesses by cutting through the haze of tax preparations, filling returns etc.

Starting a tax preparation business doesn’t require much than, a need for an office space, equipment and automation. You will need a tax preparation software that goes for about $400 to $500.

The average fee charged by tax prepares cost around $273, but for small businesses the average price was about $457.

279.Start a Zoo Business

Zoo is a place where different species of animals are kept so that people can see and watch their favorite animals. They also function as a means of conservation for endangered animals.

 The cost of running a zoo business depends on the type of animals you keep and the location you use. An estimated amount of  $12,000 is required for the daily upkeep of a zoo which includes ongoing expenses like veterinary care, license renewals, ground maintenance and staff salaries.

 Successful zoo professionals could use roadkill to feed their animals as long as it doesn’t endanger their safety just to save up cost.

280. Start a Woodworking Business

 A wood working business specializes in producing certain products, carving furniture or other items from wood.

The costs of opening a woodworking business are significant but manageable. An initial startup cost of about $6500 is estimated to be enough.  Business owners can avoid leasing a store space by selling online or at festivals to save up cost and if you already have tools, you can keep costs low by using tools and equipment that you already have.

281. Start a Wine Tour Business

Wine tours are very informative. They educate people more on grape fermentations. These wine tours help promote local businesses by exposing their products to a larger number of people.

Starting a wine tour isn’t exactly expensive if one would be partnering with a few wineries in one’s area. However, if you will be planting your own vineyard, be prepared to buy your own wine, rent a space to conduct tours, some locations may require that you buy a special permit to run tours, you could check your area’s local regulations and fees.

282. Open a Toy Store

Starting your own toy business can be a bit expensive as it requires a considerable amount of startup capital to purchase your merchandise.

 Location is one major factor in determining the exact cost of opening your toy store because certain locations are more expensive to rent. Opening your toy store very close to residential areas is important in attracting your primary demographics.  Other costs include the cost of purchasing the products and the expenses on tax of the shopping center.

283. Open a Wine Shop

Most wine shops are mostly run as retail stores, though a few wine shops are run online. It can be more difficult to run a wine store online because of some inconsistent state liquor laws. Some states ban the importation of wine if it is not done through approved distribution channels.

A good business sense and organization skills to manage what seems to be a complex distribution process is needed in opening a wine store. You might need to get a liquor or alcohol license before you can sell or distribute alcohol depending on the state you are in.

284. Start a Wig Store

Starting a wig-selling business isn’t a bad business idea because most people wear wigs to make a fashion statement or to replace or cover hairs they’ve lost due to a medical condition like cancer.

You can either open a physical wig store or an online one. The ongoing cost for a physical wig store includes rent and utilities, and if you will be opening an online store, be ready for the low cost of the maintenance of your website.

285. Start a Wool Making Business

Wool is used to make a variety of products. Some wool makers spin wools from goats, sheep, while others sell it as raw yarn.

The startup costs for this kind of business vary, depending on the steps involved in the manufacturing process.  You’ll need to invest in farmland, animals and equipment.

Costs depend on the size of the land and the number of animals you have.  You’ll also need to get a production space, and pay the costs for rents and utilities.  The total cost for starting a wool making business has been estimated to be $17,000.

286. Start a Winter Pet Gear Business

Winter pet gear consists of clothing and footwear that help to keep animals warm during the coldest season. Some entrepreneurs make a living from selling or producing this merchandise.

To start this business, you’ll have to order items in bulk or buy materials. The necessary supplies may include wool, thread and canvas.

You can also get a pet mannequin to help display clothes in a shop and help take photos for your website, if you have one. The cost of getting a model is approximately $50.

All other expenses depend solely on how you obtain products, sell products. You may also need to spend money on website creation.

287. Start a Window Washing Business.

A window washing business cleans residential, commercial and institutional windows. It could be on a retained or per- assignment basis.

 Window washing isn’t inexpensive. You have to pay for transport vehicle, basic cleaning equipment and supplies, office or storage space.

288. Start a Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photographers are important because they capture the little moments the couple was too busy to enjoy at the time. Wedding photos take the couple back to that special day surrounded by their loved ones.

Before starting a wedding photography business, you’ll need to purchase all necessary camera equipment and you’ll need to get a backup of most items with you at all times.

Camera equipment have been estimated to be $18,000 which include miscellaneous equipment like camera bags, light stands, reflectors. You’ll also get a well built, attractive website and a marketing plan and also a studio space.

289. Open a Tea Shop

Opening a tea shop is simple. You do not require any additional skill. You may decide to start with a small kiosk then grow it into large scale.

The price of tea varies also. For example, Darjeeling (a brand of tea) costs $58.90 per 100 grams, and another brand might cost $44.80 per 800 grams.

A cup of green tea in New York city sells for $2.85 per cup. If you’re planning to sell fancier teas, then do not forget to increase the price.

290. Start a Tech Refurbisher Business

A tech refurbisher provides services by repairing tech devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, in case of an accident or a malware malfunction.

A tech refurbisher business may be a small business but you can go large scale and repair devices in batches. You will need a strong foundation in a basic repair course, which cost around $1,000.

To repair a single device costs about $10-$100, but you also charge more if the work is more complex and requires more skill.

291. Start a Pure Barre Franchise


Pure Barre is a series of fitness activities for people who do not fancy the typical gym. The activities include ballet, pilates, yoga etc

To open a pure barre franchise, one must consider the franchise fee, the location, supplies and equipments etc. This us roughly up to $168,000.

Franchisees earn money through sales of equipments, clothings. Clients can also register for set membership or pre-order classes, this is mostly how you earn money from this business though.

292. Open a Tennis Shop

A tennis shop sells equipments and accessories to tennis players and may also provide services such as rackets restringing or tennis lessons for shoppers

Stocking up your inventory might be your greatest feat, because you need to find a balance between the brands you want to work with and your customers.

293. Start a Test Prep Business

A test prep business as the name implies prepares students for tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE etc. Alternatively, you may choose to offer online classes via zoom or physical classes at the students house or your house.

There are no real expenses in starting such business, asides a website as a form of marketing strategy. You can set aside $750 to build a library of test prep books that would be needed.

How much you charge depends on the courses you’re teaching, and it is typically an hourly fee. It is acceptable to charge between $40 -$75 per hour.

294. Start a Theatre Company

People still enjoy theatrical productions even though cinema and TV production might have taken over. Some companies own theatres and decide to put up their shows, while others go on tours to different countries and put off performances at other theaters.

Putting up a live performance might require a lot of work but starting a theatre company, often requires lesser expenses assuming performers are ready to donate their time.

A theatre company makes money in various ways for example, sales of tickets, merchandise sales, donations from benefactors etc

295. Start a Timeshare Exit Business

A timeshare exit assists clients in getting out of their time shares, wanting out of a time share might take some time so Timeshare exit business owners charge an high price of $5,000 and above.

The costs in starting such business is minimal, asides from the legal training required. The legal fees can be paid using cash that are collected upfront.

296. Start a Tiny House Business

Minimalist loves tiny house and it seems to be everywhere now. Not only do they build and sell houses, they can also rent houses to small families that needs a small space temporarily.

Construction of these houses is the main cost as building materials can be quite expensive. An office space is also needed where your administrative work is carried out.

The price of a tiny house ranges between $5,000 to $50,000 because of the size, location or amenities that might be in the house.

297. Start a Title Company

Title companies serve as the bridge in the sale and transfer of a house and they generate revenue by getting paid for the sales, acquisition of lands and properties.

The average cost for their services is around $300 but this might fluctuate. Title companies usually target home owners and real estate agents around their local city.

298. Start a Tool Rental Business

A tool rental business offers tools that are required in construction and carpentry works. These tools could be cheap or expensive ones that could not be brought by just anybody.

After stocking up your inventory with quality goods so as to avoid spending money on replacements everytime, get a business license and insure your company.

299. Start a Tortilleria Business

Tortilleria are originally eaten by Latinos but the bread is now eaten by everyone. A tortilleria business will provide all the types of tortillas anybody might prefer from either corn or flour.

Acquiring the equipment needed to make tortillas is very expensive, cost about $10,000. A commercial tortilla press cost about $1000-$10,000.

Unfortunately, tortillas are usually inexpensive, costing around $2 – $3 for a batch. You need to sell a high volume before making solid profit.

300. Start a Tour Company

A tour company is perfect for locations that have a unique story or historical background.

Starting this business costs as low as $2,000 compared to other startup businesses, because it’s an easy business to start from your home.

 If you’re thinking of offering tours that might include transporting customers from one site to another, then do not forget to include a vehicle in your budget.

301. Start a Towing Company

A towing truck transports vehicles that may have broken down to shops where they can get repaired. They also offer other services like emergency roadside assistance.

Many business owners may already have a tow truck so costs of starting up is relatively low, but if you’re just starting out and may need a tow truck, a new truck sells for about $10,000 to $50,000.

302. Sart a Tractor Trailer Business

A tractor trailer business transports large shipments of merchandise for business or large international shipping companies. They can travel via semi truck or the railroad.

A budget of $20,000 and $50,000 will be enough to start this business, including the cost of a truck. You will need to consider vehicle maintenance and tires, business insurance and licensing and other little expenses for a website and some communication tools.

Prices are charged according to distance covered. An average friet company would run between $1-4 per mile.

303. Start a Travel Photography Business

A travel photography company will travel to different locations to take shots of their landscapes. This business work hand in hand with blogs, magazines, websites, television ads.

Your initial start up cost will include a professional camera and accessories. A laptop that can display your images in the highest definition, and the software needed for the editing.

Most of your income will be gotten from selling of your images to websites and newspapers companies. A local newspaper might offer between $20 and $100 for a picture.

304. Start a Tree Service

A tree service provides incredible tree removal service for homeowners. They may also provide additional service like trimming, pruning, removal of roots and fallen tree branches.

Budget for this business includes business license, liability insurance, a warehouse, auto insurance, equipment needs (trucks, safety gear, ladders, chain saw) etc. All these going for $10,000 and $50,000.

Charges for this business solely depends on the complexity of the task. So a job can go for $75 and another going for $1,400.

305. Start a Tree Stump Removal Business

After a tree removal, there are stumps that are still present. Many do not have the equipment needed for the stump removal and will therefore hire the services of a tree stump removal company.

Many people start this business because it doesn’t require much. You can get started with just one truck, a stump grinder, a chainsaw and trailer. All these equipments cost nothing less than $30,000

306. Start a Truck Driving School

Trucks are majorly used to deliver products and services. You must have obtained a commercial driver’s license ( CDL ) before allowed to drive a truck.

Opening school of any kind requires a huge amount of money to start. A location big enough to accommodate enough classroom and students is required. A catalogue for the students, a library of educational materials, trucks and teachers are very essential in starting up

The tuition acceptable for a CDL is around $4,000 to $7,000. If you have 80 students in a school, you will have generated $320,000 in revenue.

307. Start a Water Park

Water parks are enjoyed by both the young and old it’s the best activity for a family adventure.

Your first and unavoidable investment will be in the land. You will need a land regardless of if you’re going large scale or small scale. For example, if you’re going large scale, you might decide to invest in a city that have an airport.

308. Start an Upholstery Company

An upholstery company tends to repair and reupholster furniture for client who wish to not replace a loved piece.

A workspace is probably the biggest requirement for this business and the most expensive. Others include a vehicle for transportation, tools and equipments.

According to HomeAdvisor, an Upholstery service costs $648 which is usually for a larger item. A dining room set may cost $40 and a big sofa may run up to $1,200

309. Start a Used Book Store

Books either new or old would still hold much value to book lovers. Infact, some customers prefer to buy used books to cut down the price of buying a new one.

If you’re planning on a physical store, you would need a rental space. Fortunately, a book store do not require much space. But if you are on budget, then an online store is preferably, you just have to make sure your online presence is strong.

310. Start a Used Tire Company

A used tire company buy and sell pre used tires. Other services that might be included could be installation of the tires, maintenance and repair of the tires.

Drawing a budget plan for such business should include the storage space, the used tires itself and the equipments needed.

311. Open a Vape Shop

Electronic cigarettes are soon replacing traditional cigarettes and this offers a peculiar business opportunity for people most especially teenagers.

In addition to selling vape, a lounge can be provided for the comfort of your customers.

312. Start a Vegan Food Truck

A vegan food truck do not only make vegan food accessible and convenient to buy, they also serve delicious cuisine that are free from animal byproducts and meat.

Starting a food truck is less expensive than starting an actual restaurant. Starting up a food truck costs about $40,000 to $250,000.

313. Start a Vending Machine Business

Your job has a vending machine business owner is to place vending machines in strategic places such as schools, hospitals, malls.

To start up a small vending business is very manageable, it costs nothing less than $1,000. You will also need to purchase the vending machine, a vehicle for transportation and other supplies.

Stocking up an inventory would cost up to $1,500 to $8,500.

314. Start a Veterinary Acupuncture Business

Some pets may not attend to standard medications and changes in their diet and this may cause pet owners to try acupuncture for such pets.

Veteranairy acupuncturist inserts needles into spots that are also known as pressure points to administer healing. It is very successful in treating conditions such as neurologic and reproductive disorders, gastrointestinal issues.

315. Start a Veterinary Practice

Veterinary clinics ensure our pets receive the optimum medical care necessary for their healthy living and long life.

Any experienced veterinarian will tell you the location is paramount to your business success. It is advisable to choose an area that is not saturated with other clinics and vets.

Opening this kind of business can be expensive because you will need to consider a large space for the clinic, medical and surgical equipments, lab equipment, kennel equipments etc.

316. Start a Video Game Company

A video game company designs video games that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. These games can be online games or can be purchased from physical stores in CD formats.

These business requires numerous computers. Computer monitors, specificalized computer softwares, printers, video game consoles would all be required to build a successful video game.

317. Start a Vine Yard Business

Starting a vineyard business might cost you a lot because you will be needing a large expanse of land to grow your grapes.

And also, most vintners do not gain any profit for the first three years. So you have to think critically before deciding to go ahead with a vine yard business.

318. Start a Vintage Maps Store

Collection of vintage maps can be a hobby for some before it to a means of income. A vintage map collector might open a large gallery that house a wide expanse of vintage maps.

Because you might be opening a gallery, you would consider paying rent for the space you’re using. But if you choose instead to do an online exhibition, make sure your website is functional and presentable.

You can start a collection with as low as $2,000. This depends on the size of the inventory. If you’re going large scale or small scale.

319. Open a Vintage Toy Store

A vintage toy store sells a variety of retro toys from old mass produced to rare collections. A vintage toy store might not only be for children but for also adults who are nostalgic about their childhood and want to revisit it.

320. Open a Walk in Clinic

A walk in clinic is not the same as an hospital even if they both provide the same medical care. A walk in clinic is mostly used in case of emergencies to provide quick medical treatment. They treat non life threatening illnesses and accept walk in patients.

This is a capital intensive business, but although costs may vary, your budget will not be less than $750,000 to 1 million. Do not forget a strong customer service is the focus of all urgent care facilities.

321. Start a Walking Tour Business

A walking tour business takes curious tourists on guided explorations of an area. They provide information about the tourist attractions and make the tour generally an enjoyable one for the tourists.

When you’re starting out as a walking tour business, you can start from home. The costs of start ups are very minimal and may only cost you the informational materials you might be offering your tourists.

322. Start a Wallpaper Business

A wallpaper business helps in beautifying people’s homes with wallpaper of various designs. To go far in this business, you should make sure you’re stocking your inventory with varieties of designs.

A wallpaper business unfortunately cannot be started from home because you will need a space for display and storage. You should also make sure you’ve secured all of the legal business paper works and licensing.

323. Start a Watch Business

A wristwatch is an important part of your design and sometimes elevates your look. In fact, there continue to be a steady demand for luxurious watches even after smartphones seems to have taken over.

The cost involved in opening a smart watch business is relatively low and depends on the brand of watches you’re buying. Fortunately, watches small, therefore you do not need a large space. A small office space will do.

324. Start a Water Delivery Business

Water is an essential part of good health and a water delivery services provides a safer and faster way to make sure you never run out of water.

Stocking up your inventory would need you to buy into a water distributor as you are only just a sub of a larger water company. Your budget solely depends on the size and scope of the business set.

325. Start a Water Taxi Service

A water taxi service is an innovative way of transporting tourists around a city and also sightsee at the same time. A water taxi might be owned by the government for tourist or as a private enterprise.

The essential item needed in starting a water taxi business is the boat itself and this should be a large one that can contain as many passengers as possible. A large boat sells for about $250,000.

326. Convenience Store

Convenience stores are often characterized by their late hours, which is convenient for patrons who could also be passing through the world as they travel.

Some of the first ongoing expenses for a shop include your monthly lease and therefore the cost of utilities. Beyond that, the biggest chunk of your expenses comes from inventory (which some research estimates may be up to 70 percent of your monthly spending) and labor.

327. Copywriting Business

These businesses are usually companies that are hired by other companies for marketing projects. They craft content like blogs, social media posts, industry reports, and more.

Most copywriting companies charge clients a flat rate per word or a flat rate per project. However, some companies charge tiered rates counting on the quantity and sort of labor being performed

328. Coral Farm

Coral farming may be a rewarding and profitable business endeavor, which, at certain levels, supplies beautiful living additions to fish tanks of all sizes.

Coral farming requires the upkeep and periodic replacement of water tanks, pumps, and filters. It also incurs utility fees for water usage and electricity to run tank lights.

329. Corn Maze Business

A corn maze may be a large labyrinth made entirely from corn stalks. Customers pay an admission for the challenge of creating their way through.

A corn maze business will charge people to enter the maze supported operation costs, or they’ll charge a flat fee for personal parties.

330. Corporate Immigration Consulting Business

You can activate the news at any given time and listen to about immigration struggles, both on a private and company level. The entire process takes time

In addition to the quality overhead costs of rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, website management/hosting, and marketing, you’ll got to maintain a gentle income to hide payroll.

331. Corporate Retreat Center

Many companies take employees on retreats for training, development, and team building experiences. Corporate retreat center businesses offer an area for holding these company-sponsored retreats.

Corporate retreat centers primarily make money by hosting company-sponsored retreats. Retreats may last anywhere from a couple of hours to many days.

332. Costume Rental Business

While there’s a greater demand for costumes during the Halloween season, many consumers have a requirement for costumes throughout the year.

Aside from the quality operational expenses, your biggest overhead expense are going to be payroll and inventory.

333. Counseling Center

A counseling center can consist of one counselor in private practice or multiple counselors involved in the same practice. It assists the members of the community by offering psychological state services to those that want to steer better lives.

Counselors make money by charging for their time. All entrepreneurs need to set their fees based on the therapist’s experience, as well as the overhead costs of the business.

334. Countertop Business

Countertops are difficult to install. More importantly: They’re heavy. It takes professional skill, planning, and tools to put in , remove, or repair a countertop.

On average, you can charge clients between $20 and $100 dollars per square foot of high-grade material installation.

335. Coworking Space Business

As the pace and structure of the workplace changes, businesses small and enormous are trying to find new office solutions that meet their evolving needs.

The ongoing expenses for a coworking space generally run several thousand dollars a month.

336. Craft Store

Craft store businesses provide the required supplies for creating unique handmade items for shoppers preferring originality over production .

Costs for craft supplies vary consistent with demand and manufacturing costs. Buying popular items in bulk at wholesale prices allows you to extend your margin of profit .

337. Creative Agency

A creative agency helps businesses choose a branding strategy to present to the general public . From logos to slogans to blog content, creative agencies give a company a strong and consistent voice that will appeal to their target demographic.

It all depends on the scope of the project. Much of a creative agency’s billing is trial and error as companies determine just how much work it actually takes to finish a project.

338. Credit Repair Agency

Credit repair agencies assist consumers in repairing their credit and increasing their credit scores.

When developing your business plan, carefully research competitor pricing and fee structures, also as your cost per acquisition.

339. Crematorium

As an alternate to the normal casket funeral services, many consumers are choosing cremation for themselves or loved ones.

Your clients will often contains other funeral homes, who are using your facility and equipment. Many established funeral homes are not equipped for cremations on site and must turn to an outside service.

340. CrossFit Gym

A CrossFit gym may be a fitness complex which hosts CrossFit training and exercise. CrossFit, itself, is exercise which mixes weightlifting, high-interval training, gymnastics, and bodyweight exercises.

A CrossFit gym makes money in gym-goer memberships. Normally, gym memberships are purchased for a flat fee. Then, they’re paid on a subscription-basis.

341. Crowdfunding Consulting Business

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money to fund a project or business venture by raising small increments of money from a large pool of people.

Much like your startup expenses, overhead costs to run a crowdfunding agency can be kept at a minimum by managing your business out of a home office.

342. Cruise Line

A cruise line has one or several large boats designed to accommodate numerous fun-seeking individuals. This business is centered on providing guests with a good time. Cruise liners are a place for relaxation, socialization, and romance.

The cruise ship must be purchased or rented. Most ships are purchased. However, some cruise ships cost upwards of a billion dollars.

343. Cryptocurrency Business

Blockchain technology has given rise to a new digital currency: cryptocurrency. The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but there are hundreds of other “altcoin” cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies currently make most of their money through initial coin offerings (ICOs), which are akin to initial public offerings (IPOs) of stocks. An ICO can bring in a one-time influx of cash through the sale of coins.

344. Cupcake Business

Cupcake shops can be structured in a number of different ways, depending upon the goals and business plan of the entrepreneur.

Ongoing expenses include cupcake ingredients, packaging, and promotional items. If you have a storefront, you’ll also face the standard overhead costs of rent and utilities.

345. Currency Trading Business

If you’ve ever traveled outside the country, you know exchange rates can kill you, but only if the foreign currency is worth more than your home country’s currency.

Ongoing expenses for a currency trading business include a fast internet connection and computer maintenance,

346. Custom Car Shop

This business is needed because of the large demand for vehicle customization. Since all jobs are customized or fabricated on-site, the complexity of each job varies with the customer and request.

Custom vehicles appeal to the automotive enthusiast crowd, which is a subset of the general population.

347. Custom Doll Business

The demand for dolls has fluctuated over time, but they do continue to withstand the test of time.

Most people can get started without a lot of money. Ragdolls may cost only a few dollars to make, which can be a good way to get started for those who don’t want to take out a loan.

348. Custom Engraving Business

In today’s consumer world, we can have anything at the touch of a button. Amazon and other online sellers make gift-getting fast and easy, and many people want to go the extra mile to provide custom gifts to people they care about.

A custom engraving business makes money by charging a price that’s fair for customers while still allowing the business to profit.

349. Custom Phone Case Business

If trends hold steady, there will be an estimated 6 billion smartphones in the world by 2020. This is an incredible opportunity for those who want to break into this market, as there will be increased demand for products

The market has made it easy for you to charge large profit margins, but it will depend on the type of materials you use and the phone cases you manufacture. Battery cases will cost a lot more to produce than a slim case.

350. Custom Players Business

Outdoor garden pools, kitchens and rooms are now more in demand and very popular and more grand in recent years, and this trend of suburban outdoor living has now reached the playset industry.

A custom playset business makes money by selling playsets. Sometimes an installation fee is charged as a separate cost, and sometimes it’s included in the price of a playset.


Brian Chesky once said, “We couldn’t come up with a good idea if we tried. You only need to find a solution to a problem in your own life.”

If you’re like Brian and have already considered a solution to a problem in your life — or are on the verge of doing so — then starting a small business is a good idea.